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Auditions were being held in Tokyo's Suntori Hall as a StarSearch-type show for "I Wanna Be An Idol", a yearly quest for an up-and-coming J-pop star broadcast all throughout Japan.

The musicians in the background tuned their instruments to play for the next act. Onstage, the multicolored beams of light were centered on yet another young boy in a crazy outfit with typical Japanese black hair.

Lucien Gines, a girl with a boy's name, was watching streaming Japanese video in her father's computer room that night, tired of all the American stuff she was fed at school. Typical thirteen-year-old computer geek.

An instant message popped up on her screen. It was from one of the slightly perturbing animé freaks at her school.

: It's "IWaBAI" tonight!

-: iwabai?

: "i wanna be an idol". japanese starsearch! just go to channel 2545 on our stream

She did, tuning in at a silent moment with the spotlights on a boy with an expression that reminded her so much of herself.

And after a few minutes, she didn't care that it was in a language she couldn't understand.

It was ten-year-old Hoshikawa Marise at the focus of attention, microphone grasped in both hands, staring at the expectant audience without a sound. He looked like he was about to faint.

The crowd's mumurs reminded him of oh-so-many bad memories with stage fright. He had been told he was a wonderful singer... but only when he wasn't really singing.

"Ma-ri-se kun!" He heard some girls from his grade school shouting from the rafters.

Tonight he promised himself he'd change.

He was going to win this thing.

Marise inhaled sharply.

Lucien stared, praying for the sweet-looking boy with the soft features to succeed.

Succeed he did, using his vocal pyrotechnics to sing away.

-: Who is that boy?

: think his name's ma lee say

: isn't he adorable?

: i think hes only part azn

-: what's he signing?

-: sing

: no idea

: dunno that much japaneze

The crowd was becoming frenzied. A good thing, Marise could tell, making them wave their hands in the air when both his hands weren't firmly gripping the mic. The melody was inspired by both American pop and Japanese space-techno; the result was inspiringly fantastic.

With sweat dripping down his neck after a dance number, Marise bowed. The bustling sea of faces screamed and clapped for more. In that moment of light and heart-thumping shadow he knew that this was what he was destined for.

A red rose was tossed onto the stage. The young boy picked it up and smelled it in that popstar way, eyes half closed.

END of Garasu (Glass), -prelude-