Chapter 2 Jaydelle

"Wow, you shouldn't encourage him Vera, it only makes him bug you more," I say.

"I know," Miss Vera, my sister says. "He's cute though, you'd like him."

"Yeah, yeah, you say that about all of them," I say rolling my eyes. "Just give me my schedule so I can get to class Miss Vera."

"Fine," she says and walks to her desk. She hands me a white piece of paper with all of my classes on it. "I still think you'd like him." I stand up and walk to the door. Before I leave I look over mym shoudler.

"I don't date horny teenager boys," I say and then leave the room. I walk down the hallway and see the boy, Landen and a boy with bleach blonde hair that's spikey, leaning on some lockers. They both smile flirtatiously and I give them my "sexy" smile and keep walking.

"Did you see that? She likes me!" Felix says and smiles a smile of lust.

"Yeah sure," I say laughing histerically. "I saw her in Miss Vera's office."

"Lucky, did you catch her name?" Felix asks excitedly as we head to class.

"Jaydelle," I reply. I follow Felix into our first hour, Geography. I sit down in a seat in the back and Felix sits next to me. The bell rings and students rush into the room. Then the late bell rings and walks into the room. looks to be in her thirties and today she is wearing a pair of black dress pants and a white blouse. She has shoulder length black hair and soft facial features. She's my favorite teacher to mess with.

"Good morning class," says. A couple people mumble hello, but most don't say a word.

"Mornin' !" I exclaim and wink at her. She smiles slightly and shakes her head.

"Today we will be starting a partner project," says. "We will be mapping out the United States, including all of the mountains and the most popular bodies of water."

"Pst, Josh," I whisper as I throw a wad of paper toward a boy sitting two seat in front of Felix. The wad hits him in the head and he looks over. "You're ugly," I joke.

"That's not what your mom said last night!" he whispers and flips me off. Felix starts cracking up.

"Yeah well, while you were with my mom, I was fucking your sister in your car," I whisper. A few people who can hear us laugh.

"Go to hell Peters," Josh says. Before I can say anything clears her throat.

"Is there something you want to tell the class boys?" she asks.

"Just that Josh thinks you look nice today," I say. Josh looks at me with a grimacing stare.

"Can I continue teaching, or do we have to keep waiting for you three to stop fooling around?" she asks.

"Naw, you can continue," I reply. She turns back around toward the marker board. After ten minutes Felix leans over.

"Hey, would you rather fuck Janice Stuart or ?" he asks. Janice Stuart is the ugliest girl in school and all the guys are scared of her.

" , definately ," I reply. Everyone starts to laugh and turns back around.

" , is there something you'd like to share with the class?" asks.

"Yeah sure, I think I'd rather have sex with you than Janice Staurt," I reply. Everyone laughs again and just gives me a blood curtling stare.

"Landen, get up and come up here please!" she says. I stand up and walk to the front of the classroom. "Stand over there." She points to the corner of the room next to a map of the world. I walk to the corner and turns back around to finish explaining the class project.

I look at the map and put my finger on a country. "I didn't know that Kazakhstan was a real country!" I exclaim loudly. The class laughs again.

"Landen, get out of this room and go sit in the hallway," says . I smile in spite of myself and walk toward the door. I open the door and walk out of the class and slam the door behind me. I stand against a wall to the left side of the door. I see Miss Vera walking toward me.

"Landen," she says with a sigh. "You got kicked out again?"

"Yes, just for you baby!" I exclaim. Miss Vera laughs as she rolls her eyes.

"You better be good Landen, or I'll be forced to give you an inschool suspention," Miss Vera says. I smile and she walks away down the hallway.

"Hey Miss Vera!" I call to her. She stops and turns toward me. "What kind of underwear are you wearing?"

"That is really none of your business!" she exclaims and continues to walk down the hall away from me.

"I love you!" I exclaim, but she keeps walking. I then see the new girl walking down the hall. She looks at me and slightly smiles.

"Hey honey, looking for a good time," I ask jokingly and I give her a wink.

"Yeah, know where I can have some?" she says.

"Yeah, in my pants," I reply. She stops in front of me and smiles. She steps forward and then the next thing I knew I was on the floor and I was in great pain.

"Pervert," Jaydelle says and walks away.

"Don't you know it's cruel to knee a boy in the nuts," I ask in a whiney voice. "Besides, I was just joking."

"Well I guess I don't have a sense of humor huh?" she says and keeps walking.

"What a bitch," I whisper to myself in agony.

"You know it!" she exclaims and then turns a corner. I finally stand up, as the bell rings.

"Dude, what's wrong?" Felix asks, joining me in the hallway.

"That Jaydelle girl kneed me in the bad place," I say. Felix starts laughing. We turn the corner and start to follow a group of kids up a flight of stairs.

"See you at lunch," Felix says and walks in the opposite direction as me. I walk into my second hour classroom to see Jaydelle sitting in my usual seat in the back of the room.

"You're in my seat," I say, standing next to her, with my hands over my crotch as protection. She looks up at me with mocking eyes. "Can I please sit here?" She smiles and stands up. I flinch and step back. She starts to laugh and sits in the seat in front of mine.

"Thanks," I say. I sit down just as the late bell rings. Everyone fills into the class again, the teacher following them.

"Quiet!" exclaims , the english teacher. Everyone stops talking. "Okay, now you all need to pick a partner for this assignment." People start to chatter excitedly. "And I'll be choosing them!" Disappointment fills the room and everyone stops talking.

"We'll start with you , who do you want as your partner?" asks me.

"Miss Vera," I say, as Miss Vera walks into the classroom.

" , don't forget about the meeting after school today," Miss Vera says then leaves the room again.

"Very funny Landen, out of the students please," says in an aggrivated tone.

"Well, I would pick Jaydelle, but she's mean, so I guess since I hate just about everyone in this class I'll have to say Janice," I reply. "She's smart."

"Though it might do you some good, I'm sorry to tell you she has been chosen for someone else. Since you and Miss Parker seem to know eachother you will be partners."

"What a crock," I say. "I'd rather shave your back." Some of the students in the class laugh.

"Well I'm sorry to disappoint you Landen," says. "Kelly, who do you want as your partner?"

As talks to the other students Jaydelle turns around.

"I won't bite," she says. "Hard."

"Can I please have a different partner!" I exclaim. "She's going to kill me!"

"Be quiet Landen!" yells. He turns away.

"I was joking," Jaydelle says. "Don't you have a sense of humor?"

"No, you stole it when you attacked me in the hallway," I reply.

"Oh whatever," Jaydelle says and turns around. Her hair falls over the back of the chair like a black waterfall. Then she turns back around. "You know, you shouldn't harrass girls you don't know, you might just get your ass kicked for it someday."

"Or kneed in the groin," I say. She smiles and shrugs.

"Maybe you enjoy getting kneed in the balls by girls. It probably turn you on or something."

"Oh yeah, of course I love having pain there," I reply jokingly. "You know it just excites me."

"I know, maybe that's why I did it," Jaydelle says and then turns around as goes to the front of the room.

"Okay, now everyone, your assignment is to write a two-thousand word essay on Hamlet," says. It's due at the end of the month. The books are at the back of the room. Get to work."

Jaydelle stands up and goes to get the book. Then all of a sudden something hard hits me in the back of the head. A book falls on my desk and Jaydelle sits down and looks at me.

"Oops, sorry partner," she says and winks. She then turns back around.

"Whore," I say to her quietly.

"Dickhead," she says back.

"How, you're the one being mean to me?" I ask.

"I'm only being mean because you're fun to pick on," Jaydelle laughs quietly.

"So then how does that make me a dickhead?" I question.

"You call me a name, I call you a name, that's how the game is played," Jaydelle says. "Get used to it."

"What if I don't want to?" I ask.

"Then I guess you lose," she says.

"What are you two talking about?" asks.

"We're making study plans," Jaydelle says. nods and then looks away again.

"This is going to suck," I say just as the bell rings. I quickly get up and race out of the door. I walk to the gym and into the boys' locker room. I open my locker and start to undress. I put on my gym clothes then go back out to the gym. Three other boys are already changed. I stand on the grey line next to one of them.

"Hey, I heard that you want to fuck !" one of the boys exclaims. The three boys then laugh.

"No, no you got it all wrong," I say. "I said that I'd rather fuck than Janice Staurt."

"Oh, yeah I think I'll have to agree with you there," says one of the other boys.

"Hey partner!" exclaims a voice from behind me. I turn to see Jaydelle walking toward me. She is wearing short shorts and a black tank top. "What do you know! We've got gym together!"

"This is some bullshit!" I exclaim.

"How man, she's hot?" says a boy beside me with light brown hair.

"She may be hot, but she's evil," I say.

"Isn't this weird?" Jaydelle asks. "Another class together. You must be stalking me."

"I don't see how, I had these classes first," I say. "Maybe you're stalking me."

"LANDEN!" someone exclaims from the other side of the gym. I look to see Felix running toward me from the locker room. "They switched me to third hour gym!"

"I don't think you would be worth stalking, but your little friend might be," Jaydelle says looking over Felix. Felix slows down when he sees Jaydelle and smiles widely.

"Hi," he says when he reaches us. "I'm Felix."

"Jaydelle," she says.

"Landen," I say. "Now that everyone knows eachother, can you go away!" I glare at Jaydelle.

"Uh. . .Naw," Jaydelle says checking out Felix again. Felix smiles even wider at the attention.

"She doesn't have to go," Felix says.

"Fine, then I'll go," I say and walk away. I walk as far as I can get from them, which is the corner of the gym. I sink to the floor, deep in thought. How infuriating! My best friend is crushing on my newest mortal enemy!

I watch Jaydelle say something to Felix and then start to walk over to me. I can't help but stare at the way she walks. When she reaches me I glare up at her.

"Am I really that annoying?" she asks.

"Do you really want me to answer that?" I ask.

She smiles and crouches down next to me. "All you have to do is ask politely and I'll go away. Yelling never gets anyone anywhere."

"Look, I'm just in a bad mood right now," I say. "I walked away, so problem solved. Unless you keep following me!" I get up again and walk to the opposite side as her.

She laughs and walks over to a group of girls. Then Felix walks up to me.

"Dude! What the hell is wrong with you! She's the hottest girl in school and you don't want to be anywhere near her!" Felix exclaims.

"She doesn't like me," I say. "She's mean! She hit me in the head with an efing text book!"

"Well what did you do?"

"Well, it all started in the hallway, which I'll admitt I probably deserved getting kneed in the balls," I say. "Anyways, she is in my second hour and made us be partners. I didn't want to be her partner because she's scary. She said something and then she hit me in the back of the head with an english book. I called her a whore, then she called me a dickhead. That just about sums it up."

"Uh. . .Did it ever occur to you that she might be flirting?" Felix says.

", son of a bitch!" I exclaim. "So I'm just a little slow okay!" Felix starts to laugh.

"Yeah, and I think she was hitting on me," Felix says. I smile at him, then the gym teacher comes out of her office with a clipboard in her hands.

"Okay everyone, please line up on the grey line so I can take attendance," says . I line up on the line next to Felix and I glance down the line at Jaydelle. She looks at me and winks and I quickly look away. "Okay, today we are going to play dodgeball. Felix and Landen are captains since they always seem to win this game. Pick teams boys, while I take attendence."

"Okay, I pick Josh," I say, as Felix and I walk out in front of everyone. Josh follows and starts a line behind me.

"I choose Jerry," Felix says and a short and bulky kid jogs over to Felix's side. We take turns choosing teams until there's only the girls left. "I'll take Rose." A tall brunette walks over to Felix and stands next to Ricky Jones, the soccer team captain, A.K.A., her boyfriend.

"I'll take Becky!" I exclaim. A slender, attractive girl with golden hair walks over and stands behind me.

"Carie," Felix calls and another girl runs to his team. We once again call off the names until only one girl is left, Jaydelle. She just stands there with a smile, not embarrassed that she's the last to be picked. I count my team members and then count Felix's. An even twenty each.

"You can take her Landen," Felix says smiling slyly.

"No, you take her, your team is going to need as much help as it can get," I say sarcasticly. "You know I'm way better at dodgeball than you."

"I don't want her, and you are the one that's going to need the help buddy," Felix says.

"Ha, I don't think so!" I exclaim. "I don't want her, she's mean to me!"

"Boys!" exclaims . "One of you choose her now!"

"Fine, I'll take her," Felix says and walks to his side of the gym. explains the rules and then blows the whistle for us to start. All of the guys from both teams run to the half court line to retrieve the red dodgeballs. I grab one and three other guys on my team grab one. Five guys on Felix's team grab balls, including Felix. The girls stay behind the guys as the balls are thrown toward people.

I throw my ball and watch as it is caught by someone. My jaw drops in awe and everyone stops for a second. I'm out for the first time in years, Jaydelle caught my ball. A few guys look at me with wide eyes, as I stupidly stand in place.

"Um, that's a first," says Felix. "Good job Jaydelle!"

"Landen, you're out!" exclaims . I slowly walk to the side line.

"What a crock!" I exclaim. "I'm the first one out!"

After a few minutes Josh catches a ball.

"I want Landen in!" he yells. nods and I hurry back onto the floor. About twenty minutes later it's down to four people, two on each side. I have a girl who must really be good at dodging and Felix has himself and Jaydelle. Jaydelle stays in the back and so does my girl. Felix picks up a ball and chucks it at the girl. At the same time I throw mine at him and it hits him in the arm. I hear the girl behind me scream as the ball hits her. I watch her and Felix walk to the sidelines and then look at Jaydelle.

"She stands no chance against you Landen!" exclaims Josh. Felix's team looks like someone just died.

"I don't know about that Josh!" I exclaim, never taking my eyes off of Jaydelle. "She was the first person to catch one of my balls."

"Too much information man!" Josh laughs and the rest of the team laughs too. I smile and shake my head. Jaydelle picks up a ball and smiles at me. Then everything gets quiet.

"You're not afraid to lose to a girl are you?" Jaydelle teases tossing the ball up and down.

"That really depends on which girl," I reply. I throw my ball towards Jaydelle's legs. She jumps out of the way as I run to pick up a ball a few feet away from me. When lift my head I see a ball coming right for me and fall backwards to dodge it.

"Now this is dodgeball!" exclaims. Jaydelle smiles again and picks up another ball. I stand up and pick up a ball. I throw my ball and Jaydelle dodges it again. I run to pick up another ball, but just as I bend over to pick up a ball, a ball hits me in the face. I can hear everyone laughing, including Jaydelle. I can feel my face starting to get hot with embarrassment.

"Alright everyone, good game!" exclaims . "Now everyone go get dressed. You've got ten minutes." Everyone races toward the locker rooms. I walk into the locker room and go to my locker. I take off my gym clothes and walk to the showers with a towel wrapped around my waist. I turn on the hot water and quickly rinse the sweat off of my body. It's kind of funny how I am still the only one who will use the showers. I then rewrap myself in the towel and walk back to my locker. I quickly get dressed and walk back out to the gym to wait for Felix and the bell.

I stand by the door as I hear Felix's annoying laughter come from behind me. "Wow, told you you should of taken the girl! But nope! You were too afraid and then you got your ass whipped! HA!"

"I know! I know!" I shout. "Can you just shut up about it."

"Woah, calm down man!" Felix says taking a step back. "Don't get so offensive, jeesh."

"Well, it's bad enough everyone in this gym class saw what happened, but you don't have to keep rubbing it in my face," I say. "I would have taken her, but something about her is-" I cut myself off as she walks out of the girls' locker room. "I'll tell you later."

The bell rings and I rush off toward my fourth hour, Math. I walk into the classroom, to see a substitute teacher sitting in the seat where my math teacher usually sits. The substitute is a guy with shaggy black hair and blue eyes. He is wearing a black suit with a red tie and his skin is a porceline white. I quickly sit down in my seat and watch the strange man look over the attendence sheet.

He smiles at me, when he notices me staring at him. He doesn't look much older than Miss Vera, maybe even a year younger. "I bet you are Landen," he says. His voice is smooth and connected. It's like the perfect pitch, not too deep.

"How'd you know?" I question. Something about this man gives me the chills. I get the same feeling everytime I'm around Jaydelle. It's hard to explain it. It's like I can sense something different about them, but I don't know what.

"I guessed," he replies. "You look like a Landen."

"Well, you must be a good guesser, because my name isn't that common," I say. "In fact, I'm the only Landen in this school."

"Maybe I am a good guesser," he says. Just then the bell rings and students fill the room. One of those students just happens to be Jaydelle. She walks into the room and as soon as she notices the substitute, she stops dead in her tracks. The substitute smiles at her with a very sly grin.

She then turns and quickly leaves the room. I stare at the doorway, puzzled. Why did she leave in such a hurry? I look back at the sub and see him laughing quietly to himself.