"It's been so great to finally see you again…"

"Can't you remember the music, the dances we had together, and the parties we went to? Remember when we went to Venice, where I fell off the gondola into the water and in France-" He was talking, but I wasn't listening. I was too busy contemplating how I would kill this SOB once I got free of him.

"O Sarin, I can't believe you don't remember… We were so…"

Suddenly, he let me go. I was surprised and just stared at him. The look in his eyes was dark and nostalgic as he backed away from me into the shadows. As soon as he had appeared, he was gone.


I WAS FREE! I began to run as fast as I could home, but I stopped and turned around to glance behind. There was no speeding bullet behind me. For some reason, it made me slightly sad, but I quickly forced it to the back off my mind.

I arrived at home to find my fat cousin Lari passed out on the couch. I leaned over the back, to check on him. He smelled of alcohol, cigarettes, and B.O. I wrinkled my nose as I yanked a half-empty bottle of Sam Adams from his weak grasp. I threw it in the kitchen sink, and stood over it, glaring down the drain as I washed the broken pieces away.

(BTW…Don't do that; it'll mess up your drain!)

After storming over to my room, I promptly passed out. Then I had this really weird dream. I suppose it was an out of body experience, for I swear I saw myself

Walking slowly through a midnight coated field. I, well the girl, was wearing a long amber cape that just seemed to brush the tall grasses. There was crescent moon, waxing I think, and it was clear save for a few dark clouds. As the girl looked up and I saw her face, a face that seemed to mirror a deep longing and sadness. A soft wind ruffled her cape and I gasped as I spotted a silver glint beneath it. Suddenly a strong draft flew down and we both looked up at the moon. From within the glow, a dark figure fell toward us….

I woke with a start, sitting up in bed. I was breathing hard, and dizzy. I fell back, exhausted. I'd always had weird dreams, but usually they had to do with joyful things like burning my school and penguins taking over the world. Never like that... It was so real… The air felt still in my room and I felt something... I wasn't sure what, but sleep wanted me back again. So, I went.

I awoke again, after a brief dreamless nap, and stretched with a mighty yawn. A small itch on my stomach helped me realize that I was shirtless. (Of course I had a bra on you perverts…) but still, that was strange. I'd remember if I took my shirt off to sleep. Suddenly, my mind flew to that… really hot… but creepy Jace person who kept popping up. Uh oh… was he stalking me? Did he have a key to my house, not Lari? Did he come violate me in the middle of the night? WAS HE DOING THIS EVERY NIGHT AND I JUST DIDN"T KNOW?!

My head hurt as the bad thoughts raced through it, so I instinctively curled under the covers and growled. Here... no one could find me. And I could think.

(I know that's not practical, because he actually could find me here, but don't ruin my thought.)

After several minutes of visualizing the many ways how I'd love to kill him, I slipped out form under the sheets and jumped over to my fuchsia robe, which I promptly put on and sauntered through my door to the kitchen. To my absolute horror, there on the counter was Jace, eating a bowl of Frosted Flakes.

"Mornin" he mumbled through a full mouth.

I calmly grabbed the phone off the kitchen table and dialed 911. He watched me silently as I did this, still munching away.

" Hello…. Operator?"

"Hi... I have an intruder in my house. Eating my Frosted Flakes. Can you please send the police over here?"

".. Uh Huh...Yah. Sure thing. Thanks."

I put the receiver down and smiled. He was still munching and looking at me, with his eyebrows raised.

"You called the cops, Sarin?" Jace said swallowing, putting the bowl down on the counter.

"No duh jerkoff."

He glared, jumped off the counter and tossed the bowl and spoon in the sink.

"Why'd you do that?"

"Because… I have an intruder in my house, who possibly VIOLATED ME WHILE I WAS SLEEPING and I want him gone."

He paused, and smiled a big, Chesire Cat smile.

"My Dear….. For one, you already know me and while I would have loved being the person who took your shirt off while you slept, it wasn't me. I imagine it would have been quite a lovely sight…..

At that he closed his blue eyes and smiled a dopey smile as he thought of the scene, which enraged me even more.

"STOP IMAGINING MY CHEST YOU PERV!" I roared, slapping him on the side of the head.

"Ow!' He said, and sniffled at me. "Why'd you do that, Pookie..?" He pouted and looked at me with his big... adorable…. Puppy dog eyes…

(insert soft dreamy laugh…)

AH! NO! I thought shaking my head.

"YOU…. PERV… NO SHIRT... POOKIE…." I grunted and then proceeded to yell, clenching my fists by my sides for effect, "YOU ATE MY FROSTED FLAKES!"

Suddenly another voice piped up.

"Sarin… for Pete's sake if you want to fight with your boytoy then go yell outside!"

And with a loud yawn the mysterious Lari was down and out again.

For a minute or two, neither of us spoke, but rather stared (rather, I glared) at each other. Finally, he spoke first.

"He called me…your boytoy."

He looked shocked, and then a smug smile crossed his… soft lips…


I was still speechless and blushing from the outburst, so he continued.

"So… that means… you've talked of me… to.. him!" He grinned widely, .showing all of his perfectly white teeth.

I could feel my face turning a bright crimson.

"No… I didn't. He just sup-"

"Yes you did! You told him we were…. In love!" he murmured happily, putting his face on my shoulder.

I started to turn round to smack him and suddenly heard the sirens. Thank God they were here.

"Jace now you're—" But he wasn't there. Instead on my shoulder lay a tiny note,


Don't trust these cops. They aren't real.

Meet me tonight at the Nightclub Thrill.



Your eternal boytoy, Jace

I crumpled it in my hand, and shoved it in my robe sleeve. I was going to go only to get some answers. AND KILL HIM OF COURSE.

By the time the door had crashed to the floor, I was already making myself a small bowl of the remnants of the flakes. The milk had just about reached them when I was roughly grabbed and thrown against the wall. The milk jug fell against the cabinet and splashed everywhere, drenching the cabinet, the floor, and me. Stunned, I watched it drip from the cabinet, and quietly breathed in and out as I tried to pick at my sodden clothes. But my arms and torso were pinned but my attacker. Looking up at his face, I found his eyes hidden by dark glasses and a thin smirk on his lips.

"GOT HER CAPTAIN" he bellowed, making me wince in pain.

My ears ringing, I found my eyes drawn to the downed door, where a shadow appeared. From the shadow came a suited man with slick blond hair. He too wore glasses, which illuminated his ice blue eyes. He grimaced as he stepped over the door, and walked towards us. My thoughts weren't on him though… Where was Lari?

"Ah… Miss Clement. Sorry for the intrusion but we heard an intruder was on the premises. And we take those calls very (cough) seriously. I am Captain Frederick Vousoo"

I was unfazed.I managed to wriggle my arm free and pointed my finger at him saying,

"Ya know Fred, you're really stereotypical."

There was silence in the room as everyone seemed to look stupefied at me. The man's nose twitched as he glared. Suddenly, he tore his glasses from his face. As they shattered against the ground, he yelled, "WHAT ABOUT NOW?!". He stretched out his arms and pointed to his face, his face scrunched up in fury.

The man who was currently pinning me against the wall barely stifled a laugh. The men following him turned their faces away. I simply snorted.

The man was furious, his face bright crimson. He silenced his men with a stare, and then turned toward meagain , his face now light pink. He fixed his tie and coughed again.

"Excuse me, but I think my commander is requesting our presence back at the…station. Quite sorry my men tackled you. It's a nessecary precaution."

With a wave of his hand, the guard released me, and I smacked him in the arm and moved away to the other side of the room giggling. He attempted to get me back, but Fred pulled him away, pushing him through the door.

"We'll be watching you for the next couple of days for your protection. Of course, it you have any questions or have the 'intruder' bother you again, don't hesitate to call." He threw a cream colored card on the counter, and practically flew out the door. The roar of engines sounded and they left as soon as they had come.