Y In The Lines

And as the months fade out there own days.
Were waiting for it to come and fade us out.
It never works anyway.
I swear...
Its not the first time but its the last time.
I do, however, wish that this could wait,
But the dawn is breaking andnd your still restless,
And my hands still trembling in yours.
So just close your eyes,
It'll hurt a bit this time.
Just a bit.
My love struck agony now dangle loosely from your wrists.
You never said you were a saint but you never said you were a liar love.
Coy, calm, and cautious you head straight for the door.
I'm not crying anytime soon,
Its been such a long night love and its ending now.

... And after the best day of our lives,
How can we ever see eachother the same way again?

Unconditionally Yours