Ok, here I am again not sure of what I'm doing. I know what your thinking but no I'm not doing anything illegal. Actually I'm on a plane headed towards my aunt and uncles house. which so happens to be in another country. well actually, technically their not my aunt and uncle because I am not blood related. But I was actually adopted, and now said adopter cannot take care of me, due to unforeseen events and am now leaving everything I know and love. DAMN WORLD! everyone is against me. So I look around me and to my left there is an overweight bald man, who by the way smells like he does not know what a shower is. Then to my right is an extremely snobby looking women with so much perfume on that I might just gag. This is also getting on my nerves. Why? You ask, well maybe because both said people are asleep and I can't move, and I REALLLY NEED TO PEE! Could my life get any worse?

So after way to long on a cramped plain, sitting next to the most annoying people in the world, holding onto my bladder for 5 hours I am finally landing. I look outside the window and am suddenly struck with the fact that this place is not home. I feel like I am about to cry. No stop it I don't want to cry, I can't cry, I need to keep focused, I need to breath. In out, in out, in out. Shut up brain I know how to breathe.

It's weird but I am actually scared. The last time I met my Aunt and uncle was when I was ten, and lets just say I was naive for my age. I still didn't know what sex was, or kissing. Shut up, I know what your thinking, but it wasn't my fault I was extremely sheltered. Anyway that is when I also met my cousins Cameron and Tyler. Cameron is a girl by the way and she when I last saw her covered my hair in green paint. I know it doesn't sound so bad, but I have blonde hair and when I was young it was really blonde. So I ended up with a green tinge to my hair for three weeks. Tyler when I met him was a lot like his sister in that his favourite game was torture Ricki. Yes that's my name! Guess I forgot to tell you... anyway, lets just say he made me cry a lot. I know things change and know I'm seventeen. Seven years is along time you say, well you may be right, but that does not change anything at all. I know that now they have another sister she's like six or something so I am not worried about her. But I'm going to live in a new house, in a new country, go to a new school, that doesn't even have the same system as my old one damn it. I was in year 11; I'm not even sure what they call that in America ahhhh life sucks. So anyway I am hopping of the plane and hoping against hope that they are waiting for me when bang I run into someone.

" Sorry" I say quickly. Then look up to see one of the hottest guys I have ever seen in my life.

"That's alright" He quickly replied then walked of with a smile. Damn! We don't have boys like that in Australia, well none that I've seen anyway.


I was not looking forward to this. My damn Cousin who is not really my cousin is coming to LIVE with us. Like the bathrooms weren't packed before. Also from what I've heard she is one of those girly girls, great! Just what I need, Don't get me wrong I like some girly stuff and I am no way a tomboy but I really can't be classified as being a girly girl in anyway shape or form. I am not excited like my Mum seems to be. She even cleaned the whole house even my room, which is shows just how excited she was. Ok also since she is going to be living with us, we now have no spare rooms in our house to dump shit we don't want. I am also angry because my brother got out of having to come along to pick up the devil herself. I know you probably think I'm being unfair but really, I don't like to share anything EMINENTLY MY LIFE! So do you see why this frustrates me? I am so dreading this.


I grab my bags and my suitcase and then sit there and wait for them to come and pick me up. 20 minutes later their still not here and I'm starting to think that maybe they forgot and now I have to wait here by myself, with weirs thoughts running through my mind I mean what if a serial killer came and killed me. Shivering I pulled out my coat and slipped it on, it never got this cold back home. I was about to give up hope and call a cab when I saw four smiling faces running at me.

"Sorry were late" My Aunt called, pulling me into a hug. I was shocked but allowed it.

"Aunt Ellen it's so good to see you again I mean it's been too long" she smiled and turned to Uncle Joe.

"Would you listen to that accent, my things are going to be different at home"

I looked over the rest of the group when I met the eyes of a teenage looking girl, who I guessed had to be Cameron. The first thing I noticed was that she didn't seem too pleased to have me there. I mean the resentment towards me was practically oozing out of her. I smiled at her as pleasantly as I could. She smiled back and I could tell that it was strained. I thought that she would look really pretty if she actually genuinely smiled. She had light brown hair that was straight and looked smooth and shiny like on a hair add, she had very soft features that matched her hair, and she was skinny without looking like too thin. I knew she didn't like me from the moment I saw her, I don't know why it's not like I could be a threat to her I mean I wasn't even very pretty, I mean I guess you could say that my hair colour was nice but it was so wavy and frizzy that it took me forever to straighten it. Then I'm not really much to look at, don't get me wrong I'm not fat or anything, but was never thinking of myself as being desirable in anyway at all. Now I lost in my thoughts when something barges in to me. I look down and there is a little girl attached to me.

"Hi" I started "I'm Ricki" She smiled at me showing her dimples.

"I'm Chloe" she smiled back, her rosy cheeks glowing. She had to be one of the cutest kids I had ever seen. Her reddish hair was a deep colour that was absolutely beautiful. I then turned back to Cameron.

"It's been so long since I've seen you," I said with the sweetest smile I could muster. Although she smiled back I could see the daggers her eyes were sending my way.

Ok I get it, God why on earth does this girl want to murder me. I mean I haven't done anything to her. STOP STARING AT ME! GOD! If I could tell her to stop I would but I think that my Auntie would not be too happy if I did that so I'm fighting back the urges it was frustrating (Frustration The feeling you get when you fight the bodies urges to beat the living shit out of some person who really deserves it).

We walked over to the family car and placed my stuff in the back, and although Uncle Joe didn't want to admit it my bags were extremely heavy. Hey I am a girl I had to bring everything, I'm not going to find Billabong or Roxy and I cannot live without it mmmm. Ok back to reality anyway, we got into the car and started the long drive back to their house. I was the whole time trying to ignore the looks I was getting from Cameron.

"So did you have a nice flight Ricki dear?"

"Yes I did, it was pretty cool, I mean I haven't really flown that far before but there's a first time for everything"

"So what do you think of this fine country?"

"I haven't made my mind up yet, although it's a lot colder then home, I mean it was summer when I left"

My Aunt nodded then just kept driving. We got to the house and I was shocked to see it, it really looked like one of the houses that you see in the movies. We entered and I was shown to were I was to be staying. My room was gorgeous, Like HOLY SHIT! It was huge. I feel right at home I tell you, I could really get used to this.

I set up my CD player putting on the Veronicas. I got so wrapped in the music that I couldn't hear the knocking on my door 'Tell me what do you do when it all falls apart?'. It got louder, and then I turned around shocked to see someone standing in the doorway looking at me.

Can it be easier, can I just change my life.

Coz' it just seems to go bad every time.

Shit, Shit, Shit. How could I not notice someone standing there, what am I completely mentally challenged. That's the blonde coming out, Shut up brain. The person standing there happened to be a guy and he was absolutely HOTT!. he smirked at me.

"Who are you?" he asked smirking again.

"I'm Ricki, who are you?" He looked shocked.

"Ricki! my you have grown! " He said while looking me up and down. That's weird, really noone has looked at me like that before.

"Yes I have, coz you know that's what happens in life you grow" He laughed.

"Your cute, still" He said that with a wink, then it hit me...

SHIT! how could I be so stupid. This was my cousin, eewww I can't believe I just said he was hot. need to clean out brain, need to clean out brain. Oh shit now he's smiling again, why does he have to smile. He does look cute when he smiles, OH GOD I need to stop.

"So how do you like it here so far?" I looked up and put on my thinking face.

"hmmm So far I'm not so sure, haven't seen enough to make a fair judgement" He smiled again. I wish he'd stop doing that.

"Well hopefully I can help you to like it" He said then walked out.

I just sat there for a second thinking, god how things change I mean, I know seven years and all but hey I didn't think people would change that much Damn!. Ok I need to stop thinking even my brain is against me.

I sat in my room for a long time, not being bothered to get up and unpack anything. Then I heard a yell that was announcing that dinner was ready. I walked down the stairs dragging my feet realizing how tired I was, you know the jet lag thing. I felt weird being in this house it's so clean and well kept. Nothing like how it was Dad, But I couldn't think about that I mean he couldn't take care of me anymore. Not since Mum died and then he got called away on business somewhere else. I loved living in Australia it was made for me, and all of a sudden I felt alone and I missed my friends and my boyfriend.

I sat at the table next to Tyler, he smiled at me giving that look he had before. I smiled back then turned towards Cameron who was glaring at me, jeez what the hell was her problem! I hadn't even really talked to her.

"Are you excited about school?" my uncle asked breaking my train of thought.

"I don't know... actually kind of nervous I've never been to any schools but mine, I don't even know how the system works here" My uncle gave a laugh.

"Don't worry I'm sure Cameron or Tyler will take care of you!" he said

"yeah I'll take care of you" Tyler half whispered then grabbed my leg making me jump. he then laughed. I looked up seeing that nobody noticed, not even Cameron who was playing with her food. I don't get that girl, she doesn't talk to me, treats me like I've got some disease, when she hasn't even bothered to know anything about me. I got lost in my thoughts when I remembered why I had looked at her in the first place. So I turned back to Tyler, who now had a massive smirk on his face.

God I just want to go home, I want to go back to my school, in my town, in my country. I really don't want to be here.


God she is hot I mean when I first saw her I was like damn who the hell is this girl. Then I found out she is my cousin. Ok I know what your thinking, don't judge it's not like were blood related. I am a guy and she does live in the same house, how can I not think bad thoughts. I know you don't want to know what exactly them bad thoughts entailed, but lets just say my mum would not be happy. But who cares she wouldn't be happy with half things that I do, But I still do them. That's why it was so funny to see her reaction when I grabbed her leg, I mean damn could she be any cuter. Ok so the last time I saw this girl I was eleven, and I can definitely say a lot has changed since then. I could tell that Cameron wasn't happy with her being here, but she never did like change.

When everyone went of to bed I decided to talk to my sister, I know she doesn't like talking but hey someone has to talk to the girl.

"hey sis, how are you?"

"I'm alright" she replied.

"yeah then why are you acting like Ricki is the plague"

"Oh I'm surprised you noticed with how much you were checking her out"

"Hey what did you expect from me" she smiled.

"well thought that maybe you would try to control yourself for like five seconds" I smiled.

"Me control I don't think so" she hit me then went to bed. For my sister she is very touchy.


God could my brother be any more annoying, not only did he want me to like this girl, but he also wanted me to sit around and watch him try to flirt. I mean how pathetic can one person get. I know she is really pretty and she has that whole, 'I'm from another country and have a accent' thing going on, but damn who cares. It really is frustrating to think I have to live with this girl. Please god kill me now and spare my sanity, ok fine don't leave to my doom. Wasn't serious anyway. Anyway back on topic. I was lying there in my room pondering all these thoughts when my phone goes of. Shit.


"Hey Cameron what you doing?" I look at the ID.

"Shit Jed, I was trying to sleep" I could hear him laugh.

"Sorry I was just wondering how you were"

"Well I am fine, I think"

"Yeah and how is your new housemate"

"Well she has already managed to get Tyler's attention" I heard him laugh even louder.

"So I'm guessing she's hot then"

"I guess" Ok truth time I am totally dreading going to school because I know that she is going to be straight away in the snob girl group. The girl is blonde, with a nice height, and well she slightly reminds me a model I once saw in a magazine, and then there's me I could not compare to this girl.

"Hey Cam you still there?"

"Yeah I'm still here"

"God you just went quiet"

"Shut up I was thinking"

"Yeah ok well I gotta go I'll see you tomorrow"

"All right bye" then I hung up. I am not looking forward to school on Monday.


I could not sleep all night, and just kept tossing and turning. I look at the clock it's still to early. Shit what am I supposed to do, I live in anew house with people I barely know and god my whole life is different. I miss my boyfriend and I miss my friends, to top it off I have to go to some crappy school in which I don't know anyone whatsoever.

I eventually got up after about 3 hours, ten minutes and 38 seconds of lying there in the dark with my thoughts. I crept down the stairs not wanting to wake anyone up, sat down on the couch and turned the TV on. My god I never realized how much crap was on American TV, every single channel was just some sitcom that I had never heard of. I finally found one that did not look that bad and sat there watching hoping that it would take my mind of everything. I wish it didn't take my mind of off anything, stupid brain don't you ever stop working for like five seconds. I was just sitting there when all of a sudden someone grabbed me from behind, I went to scream but they covered my mouth, holy shit who was this and why were they grabbing me. Next thing I hear is a laugh, and I turn around to see Tyler. He was laughing, I mean full out hysterical laughter.

"You jerk" I yelled, "you scared the shit out of me"

"I couldn't resist," he said between laughs " you just looked so cute there in your thoughts" I glared at him then turned away, ignoring him.

"Awww don't ignore me, come on it was just a joke" he sat down next to me so I turned my head in the other direction.

"Come on Ricki, you know you wanna look at me"

"No I don't know that" I said then realised that I had spoken, he smiled.

"See I knew you couldn't ignore me for long"

Although it might sound weird, I didn't feel as home sick when he was around. I walked out of the room noticing that he was looking at me, how strange huh. Well I walked up into the study where the computer was and decided that I could check and see whether I had any emails. I logged in and there where four unread messages.


Hey babe you know how much I miss you right now. Ok well you probably don't, but life sucks without you being here sugar pop. Anyway Alex has been moping around like he's missing a limb. LOL. Who could lame him, he lost his girlfriend. So have you met any new friends that are better then us? Like that's even possible, anyway all the girls send there love mwa, mwa, and mwa.

Love from Claire bear xxoo


Ricki I can't say that I'm happy you're gone, because I am so not I miss you so much. I know we decided it would be best if we broke up, because of the whole living in another country thing but god, you do not know how hard it is to live without you; anyway I can't wait to hear from you.

Love always Alex

P.S no one is as hot as you.


Hey sugar pop, remember me your best friend. Well I have news. Oooooh, I am going out with Damon (YAY!) so anyway please write back because you make my life complete. Mwa

Love always Em


Do you miss me, I bet you do, lol ok well I just want to tell you that I want you to write to me every single day. If you don't I'll kill you. Everything is boring without you. I can't read Dolly or Girlfriend the same. Not without your input. Well anyway mum is going mental at me to clean my room so gotta fly sweetie pie.

Love always Kate

P.S sugar pop you're my angel lol

I replied to them all wishing I could say everything I wanted but to do that it would take hours and hours. I then turned and walked out going back upstairs; I got changed into my yellow Roxy shirt that reminded me of daisies and my Jeans west hipsters. I then ran down stairs hoping too have something good to eat. I ran into the kitchen when I saw someone I didn't know, he looked up at me and smiled.

"You must be Ricki, the cousin"

"Yeah I am and you are," I said tilting my head slightly, this guy is cute I mean hot.

"I'm Jed or Jeddah but you can call me Jed" he then put his hand out and shook mine

"And it is a pleasure to meet" he then said looking me up and down.

Why on earth do people keep doing that? God there is something up with that. Before I could react though Cameron walked in and gave me an evil look, I rolled my eyes at her. Really she has a massive problem; if looks could kill I would be dead about a thousand times over.

"God Cameron you never told me that your cousin was hot" Jeddah said then gave me a wink. This time Cameron rolled her eyes sitting as far away from me as possible.

"Do you always have to be such a sleaze?" she said glaring at him. He only smiled and patted her on the head.

"You know I can't help myself" She glared again, and I couldn't help laughing.

That's when he leaned in and whispered in my ear.

"You have a really cute laugh you know that" I smiled.

"Thanks" he winked then walked over to Tyler helping him pour a drink. I grabbed some bread and put it in the toaster, and then the thought hit me they wouldn't own vegemite or Tim tams, dear god I think my life is over.