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It had all finally come to a relative conclusion. I had Ricki with me, I was kissing Ricki, and she wasn't running away. It felt nice, it felt perfect, and now I sound like a cheesy romance novel. The kissing had gotten heavier; we had leaned back on the bed. This was what all the tension had been building up to, what the months of drama had concluded in. Hard to say, but I think it was pretty much worth it.

"Why were we so stupid?" Ricki asked pulling away slightly.

I smirked at her. "Don't you mean why were you so stupid?"

She slapped my arm playfully, but couldn't hold the smile of her face neither could I actually as I leant down and kissed her again. Ricki smiled again, and then pushed herself up of the bed.

"I should probably go out and find your sister?" She said and went to stand up.

I pulled her down again, and ran my nose along her neck. "Why do you want to find my sister?"

"Because." She started. "You only just broke up with Rhiannon, and I don't want to be the bitch that got with you the night of the break up. And of course the fact that Cameron will really want to know. We can save the rest for tomorrow, it's not like I'm going anywhere."

I sighed and let her stand up. "Why do you have to make sense?"

Ricki laughed, "Because someone in this relationship has to be smart."

"Thanks." Was my reply, before she pecked me on the lips and made her way out of the room.

Once she was gone I fell back down on the bed, I still couldn't quite believe what had happened, and it was more than a miracle. My life had never been filled with so much teen drama before, and now it was finally sorting itself out, I got the girl, and damn did that feel good.

Standing up I made my way out of the room, and in to the main area where people were dancing. I took a look around but didn't really expect to see my sister, or Ricki, they weren't really the dance it up type of girls; well my sister certainly wasn't.

There was a doorway that led out into an adjoining living room that was filled with couches and such, more an area for people to talk or make out or well whatever. I looked around and immediately caught sight of Cameron; mainly because she was jumping up and down squealing. I then noticed Ricki, and a smile came to my face; and I actually really didn't care if anybody noticed, to hell with them all.

The couches were positioned in such a way that it was almost impossible to find my way through them, but I eventually found there was a system to the madness and began my journey forward. Cameron was the first to notice me, and literally jumped over the few couches between where I was and where she was standing; receiving a few angry remarks from the occupants of said couches.

She finally crashed into me and through her arms around my neck, almost succeeding in choking me. "I can't believe it!" she yelled. "I am so proud of you."

"Need to breath." Was all said in return, to which she immediately let go of me.

"I'm serious!" she said "it's about time the two of you got your acts together; I'm already planning the wedding."

I shook my head at her. "And here I was thinking Ricki was weird, but you my dear sister nee to visit a shrink. We only just got together; I don't think Marriage is anywhere in the near future."

Cameron just smiled slyly. "Don't worry it will be, I'll make sure of that."

"Yeah yeah whatever." I replied rolling my eyes at her.

Cameron laughed and then grabbed my arm pulling me forward towards the others, and I let her, even though she was dragging me over the couches rather than around. And again there was more than one angry occupant swearing at us, though I don't think Cameron even really noticed.

Upon reaching the others Jasper put an arm around my sister's waist and gave me a nod in greeting. I nodded back, and then smiled at Ricki who smiled back before turning toward my sister, though I could tell her attention was really still on me. It was nice knowing that things were settled, that she finally belonged to me, I didn't have to worry anymore and hopefully we wouldn't screw anything up like we had over the past months.


I felt butterflies in my stomach every time I so much as thought about Tyler and me kissing; I was kind of surprised I hadn't blushed or something just as embarrassing. It felt completely surreal, like a dream, and that at any moment I would wake up and we would still be awkward and not talking, but I knew that wouldn't happen; and that was why I was smiling.

When I told Cameron I thought she was about to have a fit or something, her reaction was unbelievable, and kind of like I had just told her she won the lottery. In a way I can kind of understand, after all Cameron had been there when everything had happened, she had seen the entire drama unfold, she had a right to be happy it was finally over. And now she could all her attention on to her perfect boyfriend and there completely uncomplicated relationship. I think she really deserved to have that, especially after putting up with my crying and Tyler's moodiness, actually I think she deserves a medal of honour or something.

Just watching Cameron and Jasper together was amazing, they fit so well, they just made absolute sense being together, something about the two of them just worked. Seeing them two so happy gave me a sense of hope for Tyler and me, that maybe we could work and never have to worry about the complications.

I wanted nothing more than in that moment then to wrap my arms around Tyler, and hold for the next two hours, actually I probably wouldn't want to let go. I knew however, that I couldn't do this, after all people talk. I knew what they would call me if I did that, if Tyler and me made it official tonight, nobody would care about anything but the fact that he had only just broke up with Rhianna; and I would not be that girl, no matter what.

I hoped that Tyler understood that, I mean the guy in a situation like that never really got that much shit for it, everything was put on to the girl like it was all her fault; a situation that should be avoided at all times.

"So when are you two official?" Cameron asked, leaning her head onto Jasper's shoulder.

"I don't know." I replied before Tyler had time to answer. "I think we have to talk about that."

"Well don't wait to long." Cameron said. "I mean I'm so brining with excitement that I want to scream it to the world, it's absolutely fantabulous."

"You seem more excited than us." Tyler commented shaking his head.

Cameron nodded. "Of course I am, I had to put up with the both of you bitching and crying over each other. I mean you can't blame anyone for wanting all that drama over."

"No I can't." I replied while Tyler shrugged.

"You were awesome." I said, giving Cameron a hug, which she returned with just as much enthusiasm.

"I'm just wondering how you are going to tell mum and dad." Cameron stating something neither Tyler nor me had really thought about.

"With great difficulty."Tyler said grimacing, as if imagining his mother's reaction.

"I think it will be a shock." I said, thinking about my dad, he thought we were friends.

I wasn't sure what he would think, considering it meant I had lied to him which was something that I had never done before. It felt wrong to lie to him, and I knew he would be disappointed that I had done so, but really what else could I do. At that point it had been too complicated, and I had in no way really wanted to explain all that had happened between the two of us. I didn't know how much they would understand, and who really wants to tell their father they made out with a boy, there is a word for that; embarrassing.

Oh dear! Then I would have also had to explain the whole Jed thing, which would have been awkward. Actually were was Jed?

I looked around and realised I hadn't seen him really at all tonight, which was weird. Jed always seemed to turn up, but tonight he hadn't.

"Where's Jed?" I asked finally, voicing my thoughts.

Cameron looked around after I said it, and shrugged. "I have no idea; I haven't seen him at all."

Tyler shrugged. "If he's here, he's probably just off with some girl. You know Jed, he never can resist a good time."

"And what do you mean by a good time?" I asked, crossing my arms over my chest.

"I'm not saying I think it is." He stated giving me a smile. "But Jed can't resist the beautiful girls, you should know that."

I pouted at him. "That wasn't fair."

He smiled wide at that. "Yeah. But it is oh so true, you are beautiful."

"Sweet talker." I replied back lamely, and had the weird urge to kiss him.

Cameron coughed at this point, and smiled at us both. "You two are so cute." She cooed, then jumped up and started waving.

Both me and Tyler looked behind us, and immediately noticed Jed. Who was running through the crowd of people.

He jumped over the couches, and came to a stop in front of Tyler and me.

"Hello beautiful." He said kissing my cheek. Then he moved on to Tyler, who got almost tackled. "And you, I am happy to notice that you have finally taken hold of this girl."

Tyler shook his head at Jed, who was more than obviously drunk.

"Having fun?" I asked him, with a laugh.

"Course I am my darling." He answered swinging his arm over my shoulders. "There is plenty fun to be had, and you know me, I can go all night."

"Sure." I replied laughing at the expression Cameron was giving him.

"Looks like you have been having a little too much fun." She commented dryly.

"Just because you're boring." He stated, while Cameron glared at him.

I laughed at her face and a glare of my own, though her facial expression was absolutely hilarious. Jed raised an eyebrow at my laughter, but then poked me in the cheek.

"You're so cute." He stated, then dropped his arm and stumbled backwards. "Well I'm off to shake it, Tata." He said as he waved, then made his way back over the couches and off into the throng of dancing bodies.

"He was certainly excited." I stated laughing at the looks on everyone else's faces.

"Well that's one way to put it." Tyler stated.

"Not quite how I'd put it." Cameron said, pouting, obviously about the line about her being boring.

"You're not boring." Jasper said, wrapping his arms around her, and then kissing the top of her head.

I smiled at the display and looked over at Tyler, who was staring at me.

"What's up?" I asked him.

"You don't like him, do you?" He asked, grabbing hold of one of my hands.

"Not in the same way I like you." I said, smiling at him. "Otherwise I'd be with him, not you."

"Good." He said simply, and then looked up at his sister. "Hey Cameron were going to go."

Cameron looked up for a second, and then waved us off. "GO! Have fun; don't do anything I wouldn't do."

I laughed at her. "Yeah sure." Then let Tyler drag out away from the people, and to the front door.


I watched as my brother and Ricki left, and let out a sigh. "I am so glad they are finally together." I said to Jasper, who smiled.

"I'm glad you can stop thinking about them, and finally concentrate on us." I kissed him lightly.

"Me too." I said and then grabbed on to his hand. "Let's dance." I stated and pulled him away from where we had been standing and on to the edge of the make shift dance floor.

The reason I wanted to dance, was to concentrate on Jasper and me, and as a way of celebrating my idiotic brother and Ricki finally getting together. It was finally an end to all the drama of the past months, and that was definitely a cause for celebration.

It had been a while since I had actually danced, but I was having the absolute time of my life. And Jasper seemed to be enjoying watching me jump and shake, and then make him jump and shake. I was going crazy but I didn't really care, dancing was more fun when you weren't serious and you made it into a game rather than anything else.

I was having a great time, and I wasn't caring about the people I was running in to, or the strange looks I was getting, they didn't matter.

"You are so amazing." Jasper said whispering in my ear.

"Why thank you." I replied, smiling at him, the full force of my white teeth flashing.

Jasper grabbed hold off me and kissed me. It wasn't as sweet as some of the other kisses, but didn't mind in the least. I wrapped my arms around him, as he pulled me closer, until there was no gap between our bodies. I got completely caught up, almost to the point where I couldn't even remember my name. His lips where amazing, and didn't even faze me that it was getting more heated as the seconds passed.

I had zoned out all the people around me, and didn't even notice them when his lips moved from my mouth, to my neck, the underneath of my jaw, up near my jaw then back down toward my collarbone. I didn't want it to stop; it was amazing in every way possible.

As fate would have it, someone ran into us. "Oh shit, I'm sorry." The voice said, before recognising me.

"Cameron, good thing you're brother didn't see that." I looked up and saw Jed.

Just great, I make out with my boyfriend, and my brother's best friend see's me. "Well he's already gone, so it doesn't matter." I replied, fighting back my embarrassment.

"Hmm he's probably with Ricki then huh?" he asked, laughing at an inside joke, that only he seemed to know.

"Yeah, well they did leave together." I said, feeling Jasper wrap an arm around my waist.

"And you're not worried." He stated raising an eyebrow.

"Of course not." I said indignantly. "I trust Ricki, and I trust my brother."

"Ok if you're sure."Jed said, and then waved as he followed a pretty looking brunette of the floor.

"Trust it to be Jed." I said turning to Jasper.

He laughed and pecked my lips. "Well it could have been worse; it could have been your brother."

I shuddered. "You're right; I would die of mortification if he did."

"Well, after that are you over dancing." I thought about it then nodded my head.

"I think I'm done doing anything." Then sighed in a very melodramatic way that made Jasper laugh.

"Ok well I suppose we can go."

"Yeah I suppose. But only if you really want to." I said, making sure I wasn't forcing him to leave or anything like that.

"I only came here for you remember." He replied grabbing my hand, then leading out of the dancer's circle, which I had somehow gotten in the middle of.

"Ok then, let's go Jeeves." I said, laughing at my own lame attempt at a joke.


We arrived home at around twelve, and noticed that no one else was up, which was definitely a good thing. I love my family, but they sometimes just ask way too many questions, and I wanted to have some time with just me and Ricki.

"That was quite eventful."She stated while jumping out of the car. "I mean I never would have thought that we would have sorted everything out tonight." I looked up at her. "But I am glad we did." She finished with a small smile.

"I don't think I could have lasted another day without sorting it out." I told her truthfully, then grabbed her hand and kissed it.

"For what it's worth, I am sorry for all the stupid stuff I did." I turned to her and smiled.

"You weren't the only one going for an idiot award."

"I know." She said. "But if I hadn't of freaked out, and if I hadn't of kissed Jed, we wouldn't of had the same problems."

I laughed. "Yeah. But I'm sure we would have found others."

Ricki was about to say something else, but before she could, I swooped down and kissed her. "No more doubts." I said, then kissed her again, to which she complied, and kissed me back.

It seemed like we would stay like that forever, and to tell the truth I wouldn't have minded in the least. Even though the kiss was so simple and sweet, it didn't matter, it was one of the best kisses I had ever had.

Ricki wrapped her arms around and then buried her face in my chest, and it felt right, it felt perfect, this was what it was all meant to be from the start. If we hadn't both royally fucked things up.

"This is the best moment since I came here." Ricki Whispered up to me.

I smiled. "Well I'm glad it's me and not someone else."

"So am I." She said then squeezed me once more.

She let go then grabbed my hand, pulling me toward the house.

"We have to get some sleep." She stated. "Lots of talking to do in the morning."

I laughed, but let her drag me. She really was one of the most adorable girls I had ever seen in my life, absolutely gorgeous. And at that moment I couldn't even bring myself to feel guilty about Rhianna.

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