Chapter 10


John walked into his office that morning as he put his briefcase down and turned on his computer. He looked up at the blonde and quirked an eyebrow in question, and the man took one look at him and grinned.

"Someone got lucky last night!" he exclaimed.

"Shut up and close the door, you big dope!" Cam sighed with a shake of his head.

John complied with the order and then gleefully danced over to one of the client chairs in front of Cam's desk and sat down expectantly, like he was waiting for the whole story.

"First of all," Cameron grunted, "you don't know that!"

"I do NOW!"

"Shut up!" Cameron hissed. "No you don't, and I didn't … so, yeah."

"Liar!" John accused him, pointing a finger. "You did something!"

"I … I didn't!"

"You did." Now the blonde folded his arms and glared.

Cam tried to think of more protests, but none came to mind, so he gave up and glared back. They entered into a staring contest of sorts, which Cameron already knew he would lose. "How did you know?" he finally asked grudgingly

"You had a certain bounce to your step," John replied coolly. "And you smiled at your boss as he handed you a stack files on your way in," John smiled knowingly. "That's the first time I've ever seen you smile at him as he did that. Incidentally, why don't you just ask him not to dump work on you on your way in, while you're holding your briefcase and a really hot coffee. Better yet, you can cure him of that habit by casually spilling the hot coffee all over him."

"And find myself out of job," Cam smirked. "Besides, it beats him following me in every morning."

"Touché!" John out his feet up on the desk and leaned back. "So … you and Patrick took things up a notch?"

"What did I say about details?"

"That you won't give me any," John pouted. "But you could at least confirm my suspicions."

"I feel like your pet project!"

"You are!"

Cam narrowed his eyes at friend and shook his head ruefully. "We did … something. Not everything, but something."

"That's a start!" John clapped. "Things are good then?"

"He's my boyfriend," Cam shrugged feeling his cheeks turn a little red, especially as his mind zipped back to the prior evening, when Patrick had him writhing and begging. "Things are good."

"That IS a step up!" John grinned. "Can I meet him now?"

"Yes," Cam said in a singsong voice. "He's coming with me to the bar tonight."



"You're calling your boyfriend?" Deanna squealed. "Oh, Patrick, that's great!"

He nodded as he logged into his computer and pulled up his email and work files for the day. It would be a hectic morning, at least, as two ads were set to be delivered to magazines, but his afternoon should be lighter, so he couldn't complain.

"So when can I meet him?" she asked hopefully, ignoring his furious typing.

"How about sometime over the weekend?" he suggested. "Maybe for brunch on Sunday?"

"That would be perfect!" she said as she did a little dance. "We wouldn't have to rush, I could chat with you two over mimosas!"

"I'm limiting you to two." He gave her a pointed look. She was about to protest when he interrupted. "Dee, I already told you I really like this guy. It took me until last night to get him to admit he's my boyfriend. You on a bender would throw a rather sizeable monkey wrench into my plans." She looked a little hurt, so he added quickly, "You're my best friend and you know a ton of embarrassing things about me. And you're not known for your discretion when you're smashed."

At this she stopped and nodded. "True." Then she brightened. "He's your boyfriend now?"

Patrick laughed. "I said I just got him to admit it. He's been my boyfriend for pretty the whole time."

"How can you tell?"

"He's very shy," Patrick shrugged, trying not to feel too smug about it. "He'd been seeing me in that Starbucks off and on for a little over two months before we met. That's not a guy who will suddenly decide to two-time you."

"Fair assumption," she nodded. "Okay, brunch on Sunday! Two mimosas and a hell of a lot of cappuccino!"

He chuckled as she marched happily away.

Patrick and Cameron

Patrick sidled up to the bar behind Cameron and smiled. He was alone and looking around anxiously. His suit jacket was draped over the back of the barstool to the side of him and his hair was a little mussed, likely from running a nervous hand through it. Patrick knew it was unfair of him for not moving into the man's line of vision, but he liked seeing Cameron's reaction to surprises. He leaned in close to the man's ear and settled his hands on Cam's hips.

"You kind of look like my boyfriend," he whispered huskily.

"Patrick," Cameron chuckled and leaned back into him. "You're here!"

"I said I would be," he grinned, happy that Cameron wasn't any less comfortable with his affection in public than he was in private. He kissed the side of Cam's head and turned him around. "How was your day."

"It could have been worse," the other man shrugged. "But it's much better now."

"Glad to hear it."

"I leave you alone for five seconds, and you already get picked up," grunted a really tall and well-built blonde guy. "What's your secret?"

"I have a hell of personality?" Cam quipped.

"I'll second that," Patrick grinned, releasing on of Cam's hips to hold his hand out to the behemoth. "Patrick."

"John," the giant said gripping his hand firmly and smiling. "Nice to finally meet you."

"Likewise." John pulled his hand back and picked up Cam's jacket from the stool. "I scored us a booth in the back so we can sit. Cool?"

"Great!" Cam nodded and took Patrick's hand.

John and Patrick seemed to share a smile at that as Cam pulled his black-haired boyfriend behind him. They settled in and ordered a round of beers and some wings. Cameron sat close to Patrick on their side of the booth, while John watched, clearly amused.

"You're not going to ask me how we met, are you?" Patrick teased.

"Nah, I read the Cliff's Notes."

"You wrote the Cliff's Notes," Cameron interjected.

"Someone had to give you a push," John pointed out.

Patrick sat back and watched the two interact with a small smile. John seemed nice enough, and he had a lot to thank him for, knowing he likely wouldn't have met Cameron, at least not for a very long time. But he wasn't sure yet he was comfortable with how influential the man seemed to be to Cam. John, apparently sensing his pensive stare gave him a look and a lopsided grin.

"Sorry about the emails," he offered. "I tried to get him to write them himself, but he kept saying he couldn't think of what to write."

"No worries," Patrick shrugged as he put an arm around Cam's shoulder and pulled him in for another kiss on the cheek. "It all worked out perfectly."

John nodded and smiled. And then Patrick understood there was nothing to be worried about. He was genuinely happy his friend was in a relationship … just like someone else he knew.

"You're okay with us being affectionate then?" he asked.

"Fine with it," John raised a challenging eyebrow.

"Don't even!" Cameron glared at John. He turned to Patrick. "He's been trying to get details out of me all day. I swear he's worse than a women."

"Not worse than Dee," Patrick shook his head. He gave Cam a pointed look and quirked up an eyebrow. Cameron looked confused for a minute then pensive."

"Is this Dee your … 'hag'?" John asked.

"For lack of a better term, yeah."

"Just like you're MY hag," Cam chuckled.

"Hey! I resemble that remark!" John barked.

"You bet you do!"

Patrick and Cameron

"I had a lot of fun tonight with your friend," Patrick said as he walked Cam to his subway station.

"You did?" Cam asked hopefully. It was really important to him that his best friend get along well with his boyfriend. After all, Patrick had indicated he was in it for the long haul, and Cam really wanted the relationship to work well. So harmony was key here.

"I did. And you're okay with having brunch with Deanna on Sunday?"

"Yeah, I am. It's probably about time we met each other's friends now, right?"

"Mmm. I'm still leaving Tony for later, though," he grinned cheekily. "Don't want to spook you."

"You wouldn't," Cam laughed. "Besides, you told me about him."


Patrick pulled Cam in for a long kiss goodnight when they reached the stairs he would have to descend to get to the train. Cam soon lost himself in it and leaned into the man again. Patrick felt really right to him, more and more lately, actually. When Patrick's tongue gently prodded for permission to enter, Cam sighed happily and let him in. They kissed for a long moment before Patrick pulled back.

"Get home safe, babe."

"You, too."

"And rest up," Patrick added as he walked away backward to keep Cam in sight. "You'll need it for Sunday."


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