Cameron kept checking Craigslist throughout the day to see if his ad got any response. Well, a response from the targeted party, that is. He grunted in frustration when his only reply was from an obvious poser. Shaking his head, he minimized the screen and went back to work on his spreadsheet. All the numbers melded into each other though, as he kept spying the Craigslist name on the bottom of his computer screen. A short rap on his door brought his dark brown eyes up to it in question. He breathed a short sigh of relief at the sight of his friend, John standing there … rather than his team leader. Reynolds would probably not have knocked in warning though.

"So, Cam, any word yet from your mystery guy?" the corner of John's mouth quirked up in amusement as he asked the question. The lean but muscular man then sauntered into the office, closed the door behind him and sat in one the chairs before the desk.

"Not yet." Cam leaned back against his chair and eyed his friend in irritation. "And you being in here is bound to attract … unwanted attention."

"Fuck, Reynolds!" the blonde man sneered. "I outrank him. Pretentious snob!"

"Yeah, but I don't!"

"Well, I told him I have you working on a side project for me for the next few weeks, so he can't question you about me being in here occasionally." He looked inordinately pleased with himself, too.

"Side project?" Cam rolled his eyes. "I guess that's one way to put it."

"Come on," John replied, putting his hands behind his head, his blue eyes dancing in mirth. "You can't seriously say you've been able to concentrate on anything for any length of time since you posted that thing! I've known you since we started here. You never logged off."

Cam shook his head then took a swig from the water bottle he had in front of him. John always could peg him … that was for certain. It was at his friend's insistence that he finally try to meet the cute guy he'd seen on and off at the Starbucks for the last few months. He'd tried to strike up a conversation, but the guy only gave him short replies and jetted out of the coffeehouse as soon as his latte was done. Though Cam did notice he had checked him out after answering his request for the time. That was a positive step, Cam decided. He'd finally gotten the guy to notice him, at least. But John suggested that now was the perfect time to follow it up with a Missed Connections post. He reasoned that if the guy didn't answer him, Cam was in no worse off a position, and could still make contact again at Starbucks at some point.

Cam was more nervous about what would happen if and when they actually met. John been the one to actually write the ad, and Cam had nowhere near that much confidence. This guy would likely see that in the first five minutes they sat down, and it would probably be the last time they did so … which depressed Cam even further. This was the first time he'd ever approached another dude. It took a lot more nerve than he'd previously imagined. Women seemed much easier to strike up a chat with. Well, it didn't hurt that he'd learned the fine art of flirting with the opposite sex from his father at an early age, as he watched his old man woo and philander around right under his mother's nose. It was the family's ill-concealed secret, though, as his mom also sought affections outside of her marriage, though she was more discreet.

He'd always known he was attracted to guys. That wasn't the issue. His conservative parents might be oblivious to it, but he'd acknowledged it to himself a long time ago. He'd never acted on those attractions, though, believing that since he also liked women he could ignore that side of himself. But his denials only made the attractions stronger and now that he'd lived half a country away from his parents for the past five years, he'd finally decided it was time to explore that side of him. Just why John was inserting himself into the situation wasn't exactly clear yet, but Cam was pretty sure he had the best intentions.

"What if he doesn't want to meet a 'bi-curious' guy?" the brunette asked.

"Well, you gave him an out with the 'no strings attached' line."

"You mean you gave him an out."

"He won't be answering me," John chuckled.

"Who knows if he'll be answering me!"

"Maybe you should check again," the blonde prodded, grinning again.

"I just did as you walked in," Cam groused. "The only replies I've got so far are from the wrong people."

"Are you sure?"


"Maybe he doesn't read Craigslist," John mused.

"Or maybe his job requires his actual attention," Cam smirked with a raised eyebrow. "And he won't answer me today."

"That would suck!"

"Tell me about it."

Cam finished up the spreadsheet he'd been working on for most of the day just as his supervisor loped into his office. Reynolds was a quiet kind of man with an intelligent, though normally scowling gaze. He was about five years older than Cam and John and had a short, skinny build with dark brown hair and huge glasses that had thick lenses, making his watery gray eyes unnaturally large. Cam really didn't hold any animosity for the guy, though. They got on well, so long as Cam did his work well and on time. And though he did take longer on the spreadsheet than he normally would, he knew he'd made Reynolds' timeline.

"I need that spreadsheet," he said without preamble.

"I'm emailing it to you now," Cam smiled.

Reynolds nodded in thanks and exited as quietly as he entered, leaving Cam to shake his head at his retreating back. The poor guy has the worst social skills, he thought, momentarily relieved that he wasn't, in fact, the hermit Reynolds seemed to be. Since it was the end of the day, Cam was ready to pack it up and go home. But he decided to give his ad one last look before he left acknowledging that he probably wouldn't have time to look at it later since he was going to a Knicks game that night. He maximized the screen and clicked the refresh button to get the newest messages. His jaw nearly dropped at the last reply his ad received, which was so obviously from the guy he'd been looking for.

Re: Starbucks – Chelsea, 22nd & 6th

Never posted on this before either, though I read it all the time. Like you said, what the hell? U were pretty cute, even if that gray suit and matching tie looked constrictive. Love the deep brown eyes. Send an email to the reply address above so we can connect. –P

Cam licked his lips nervously as he stared at the screen, rereading the message again. And that was how John found him moments later when he walked by his office. He didn't say anything; just walked behind the desk to read his friend's screen over his shoulder.

"You sure that's him?" he asked, jolting Cam out of his stupor.

"Don't sneak up on me!" the brunette hissed.

"Pay better attention then," John laughed. "We're still in the office." He ducked the swing Cam playfully took at him and stood up straight. "So, are you sure it's him?"

Cam looked behind him at the gray jacket draped over his chair and glanced at his blonde friend pointedly before nodding. "I just can't figure out what to say in my email."

"Well, move over then," John smiled, reaching for the keyboard. "Cyrano is here to save the day!"