It was a warm spring day. People were walking around with their loved ones, friends, family. All of them were talking amongst each other. I, on the other hand, leaned against a store, arms crossed, one booted foot balanced on the building behind me as I watched everyone around me. A man like me never put his back to anyone. A man like me was no one's prey. A man like me was the predator. And people say a man like me is dangerous, a bad boy, mysterious and rebellious. Saying I'm innocent of all four charges would be a lie.

As I watched the people pass, they glanced in my direction. The women smiled and giggled and the guys looked away. I was attractive and was aware of it. I was also intimidating even though I wasn't overly muscular, just the right size with a full six pack, and I was 6'4". My long black hair added an air of mystery around me angular face and blue eyes. I wore a blank expression at all times.

My eyes scanned the crowds and landed on one in particular. The girls stood in front of a book store. They were all attractive. The tallest had dirty blond hair, curly and shoulder length with baby blue eyes. She was tall and had a curvy body in a pair of white jeans, pink tank top and matching sandals. Her nose was pierced. The nose ring sparkled in the afternoon sunlight. The next tallest looked a little like blue eyes but this one was a tiny bigger, not fat though, had green eyes and light blond hair that was layered. She wore a blue t-shirt, jeans and Etnies. But it was the other one who held my attention. She was so out of place, so different from the other two. Instead of being tall, she was at least 5'1" with wavy brown hair that fell a little past her shoulders. She had a petite figure wearing a black wife beater, dark jeans and black Vans. Her brown eyes sparkled as she smiled up at her friends. Her skin was tan. For lack of a better word, she was absolutely beautiful.

It was as though my eyes were drawn to her because I just couldn't look away. What would it be like to touch her, smell her skin, taste her, hear her moan my name as I made love to her? Whoa, there, boy. You're getting ahead of yourself. But I couldn't help it. She was so small, so innocent looking. She wore no makeup to obscure her beauty like the other two did and her hands were tiny. Her small fingers were wrapped around a blue slushy and the other held a bag from the book store. What would those hands feel like wrapped around my...Okay, time to look away. I was getting hard just looking at her, making my jeans very uncomfortable.

Before I did, her gaze came to mine as if she felt it on her. That's not the only thing I want to put on her. Her large, brown eyes held mine for a moment. She was no longer smiling but curious. She looked me up and down, taking me in. Oh, how I wish she would. Hmm...really must look away. Then her eyes came back to mine and held for a few more seconds before she turned back to her friends. She was smiling again, such a beautiful smile. What had she seen when she looked at me? A frightening stalker? A tall, good looking guy?

After a few more minutes, the walked away. My eyes never left her. Her backside was just as nice as the front. What can I say? I'm a man. And there was something about that girl that made me feel drawn to her, unable to look away. I hope she hadn't seen what liked her so much down below. I bet she'd get scared off. I doubt she'd talk to me and I wouldn't talk to her either. I make it a point not to speak to others. But if she talked to me, I would speak. What I would give to have her in my bed.

If possible, my erection grew harder. Now, it's time to go. Take my mind off her, that's it. But how? No woman had ever made me this hard before with only a thought or glance. As I walked to the parking lot where my car was, I got in and shifted until I was comfortable enough. I won't lie, I'm nowhere near small but I'm not huge either. I'm just big. Right now, I felt like I had traded dicks with a horse. It was official.

As soon as I get home, I'm taking a cold shower.