The ground was saturated with blood, to start. Though the strong stench of the blood was much worse. Maura felt nausea infect her stomach. Skin-crawling growling wallowed in the air as Maura caught her fist glimpse at the horrific monsters that were known as Bliermorphs.

They stood to be at least 8 feet tall, but were hunched over. Maura calculated that if they stood up straight, they had to be around 10 or 11 feet. Long spikes ran down their naked backs; many were covered with scraps of what used to be clothing. Their large faces were similar to that of a warthog: with a long, flattened snout and piercing gold tusks at the sides. Their mouths were enormous with razor-sharp fangs similar to those of a sabertooth tiger. Their bodies were full of muscle. Hands as large as medicine balls ended the bulging arms that spewed out of their sides. Their skin looked like rubber and was a dark brown. The Bliermorphs' feet seemed almost human-like but were flat and had claws at the end of each stubby toe. Claws could also be seen at their fingers.

Maura stared in horror as the demons grabbed fighting men and ripped into their skin like it was paper. She saw one bite into the ribcage of a warrior and tare it out with ease, while another began peeling skin off limbs as if the corpse was a banana. As the creatures gnawed on the blood-soaked flesh, bones were scattered across the grounds below. Maura was speechless.

"Ah! It's terrible!" Quidly whimpered, hiding behind Braeden. Maura glanced at Braeden's face.

"I told you we had little chance when they came here." His voice was quiet but stern. "Quidly, go and inform the men to return to the castle immediately."

"Y...yes, Master!" Quidly bowed and ran down the side of the cliff. Braeden pulled out his sword. The silver edge gleamed in the moonlight.

"I dislike doing this so soon. You haven't adapted here yet and you know so little..." Braeden said. Maura looked into his eyes, losing herself in the endless green.

"What do you mean?"

"Please forgive me," Braeden whispered before penetrating Maura's chest with his blade. Maura screamed in agony as her hands fell upon the sword, trying to pull herself off of it. Blood poured out of her like water, staining the beautiful gown she wore. The young woman fell to the ground as Braeden slammed the sword in deeper. Every inch felt a hundred times more painful. Blood seeped through Maura's quivering lips. Her eyes filled with pain and sadness as she tried to conceive what Braeden was doing. Pain surged through her entire body.

He slammed the sword one last time; the edge poke through her back and slipping into the ground. Maura felt dizzy as her blood formed a pool around her shaking body. Her fingers twitched around the blade but she was too weak to move.

Braeden fell to his knees beside her. He extended a hand and reached for her lips, where he wiped some of the blood away. Retracting his hand, his examined the blood with his eyes before opening his mouth and licking off the blood. Maura's vision began to blur. Braeden stood back up and held out one of his arms. With his other hand, he scrapped it across his flesh, ripping a gash among the skin. Blood seeped through, dripping onto the ground. Maura's sight started to dim as he placed his arm over her wound. The blood from him fell upon hers. As Maura began to pass out, a bright silver light burst from her chest.

Braeden's sword flew out of Maura's body as if it were shot from a cannon, landing on the ground over 50 feet away. The blood on her gown disappeared as the blood on the ground seemed to rewind, reentering her wound. Within moments, her wound was fully healed. The bright light flew into the sky. It looked like it was daylight. The demons screamed in anguish as the light hit them. Their skin began to char and burn from it. Booming screeches came from their bloody mouths. The Bliermorphs then huddled into a group and scampered off angrily but in fear. Maura's body fell to the ground. Slowly, the light faded above them.

Maura opened her eyes slowly and gazed into Braeden's. She felt him pick her up and hold her tightly against his chest. She tried to utter words but was too weak. As he started to head back to the castle, Maura lost herself in a dreamless sleep.