A/N: Written for a little "introduction" paper for one of my newer classes I am taking. The teachers asked us to write a bit about ourselves, so I did. I found myself thinking, "Well, this would give my readers on Fictionpress a bit of insight on some of my poems." So, here we are now. I had to work on my last name. Only close friends and family are to know that.

Fallowed by a poem I recently wrote when I was a bit enraged at what humanity has let happen.

My name is Erica Sky B- and I am 15-years-old. What a cliché' way to start a page about me! So, let's make this interesting to make up for that. I consider myself different from most raging bags of hormone (a.k.a. teenagers) my age. Don't get me wrong I still worry about how I look, school, internet, etc. but I try to stray away from the drama now-a-days. I have a bit more of insight on life. I can thank my great-grandpa (R.I.P.) for that! I'm actually thankful for what I have and don't get upset at things I can't. As the great Mick Jagger and Keith Richards wrote, "You can't always get what you want – and if you try sometimes you find you get what you need."

My family is pretty big. Not in the sense of children from two parents type of big, as much as a "Wow, that girl has a lot of family; you can't go anywhere without her running into a relative." type of big. I recently got into contact with my biological father and half brother for the first time. It's been pretty interesting learning a bit more about myself. So, along with them I have an adoptive father, my mom (whose my best friend), a little sister who is 10, and a 2-year-old baby brother.

I write and I draw mostly. I love any type art! (ballet', pottery, sculpting, painting, sketching, singing, poetry, short stories, just all of it!) Ever since I was little we couldn't really afford for me to go to too many art classes. Which brings us to the main reason I want to become an art teacher and build my own art school free to small children who's parents cannot afford it or for 'troubled teenagers'. My dream is to change the world through art. If everyone could just lose their ego-trips and learn to look at the good, the world would be a better place. My main fund would be graphic design. I plan to go to school for that as well. It'll take tons of money, a lot of time, and hard work; but I love it.

I suppose I should tell the world
"I'm the same; it's okay."

I suppose I should tell the world
"I'm fine today; just look away."

Good thing I wont,
Or else I'll never get heard.

So I'll shout from
New York, New York
Tokyo, Japan

so with hands on my hips,
perfect posture,
head held high.

I'll look the world right in eye
and say:

"I'm not the same. It's not okay.
Have you seen yourself lately?
Do you know what you've become?

You think this what Gahndi wanted?
How Martin Luther King Jr. pictured it?

I'm not fine today, turn around

see what your throwing away."