I got a rather surprising email...


Congratulations, Kyobouryuu Arashi! Your story, Gatekeeper, has been nominated to win the Best Slash (complete) section of our awards site. Keep up the great work!

Kamilah Judge

www-freewebs-com/skow/ (Replace - with ..)


Now this really is a surprise to me because this is the last thing I expected. Looks like someone from fictionpress nominated me. The voting looks like its a poll... So if any of you wish to you may vote for me there... Hopefully I will not lose by a landslide. Apparently the voting period is 4 weeks and a vote may be submitted once a week... If not... shruggs... moving on! As I said, I was rather surprised to be nominated in the first place :D You click on the vote link on the right side to do so...