Here it goes again.

One thing led to another.

We were together.

But now we are not.

We both know it.

Just don't want to move.

Our feet are stuck.

As each tear falls down our face.

Our eyes become unclear.

Its something we both have always feared.

An end to it all.

We let it fall apart.

We broke each others heart.

Walking away.

There's nothing to say.

I took this chance.

But I couldn't get you to dance.

You left me here.

You didn't even care.

I am over you.

Oh so through with you.

With this lie.

With this us.

Why did I even give you a try?

Leaving all this behind me.

You're in a new time.

A new life.

The world has never come to such an end.

As to this one between my love and my friend.

New love.

New life.

I am ready to move on.

To find my own love song.

I wish you the best.

I live with no regrets.

Regrets are the worst.

I hope you chose the right course.

Good luck and good bye.