Kairow packed up his things and emptied out his desk, "Well after tonight I will be able to go home." He did a little cheer; he had missed sleeping in his own bed and even returning to his small dank room. He smiled and through away the work he was marking. In his mind there was no point in finishing it. He was tired and working as a teacher, teaching was for adults. "This is it; I will be able to rest easy for a month." He smiled and turned off the bright lights. When Kairow closed the door he stuck a letter of resignation and the key onto the top left hand corner of the large wooden door. "They should get that on Monday."

When he walked through the dorm door in which he was staying he saw young Terrie sitting on the bed writing on a small piece of paper. "Hey, so you decided to take up my offer I was starting to think you were going to go back to you room, getting a bit worried you see, cause most people in this type of despair usually commit suicide." He smiled sweetly and walked over to the shower. "Make yourself at home." He called over the sound of rushing water.

Terrie felt like an intruder like she wasn't supposed to be there, 'I shouldn't worry he passed the test' her thoughts were interrupted when a small cat rubbed itself against her leg. "What the hell!" she was a bit freaked cause the cat hadn't been there a few seconds ago.

Kairow laughed and called out "I see you found Fluffy."

She tried patting the small cat but for some reason she could never touch it, she put it all down to Fluffy being too fast for her. Kairow walked out of the bathroom with only a towel covering him. Terrie quickly averted her eyes but she had to admit he looked cute. Even though she knew damn well that he was 21 he reminded her of an 18 year old with his hair all wet and messed up. He didn't look like a sophisticated teacher any more. "Mr. Kai, that is kind of inappropriate."

Kairow looked down and realized that he was wearing nothing more than his wet bath towel. He laughed and quickly said "sorry, forgot." He walked back into the room slightly embarrassed.

"Hey Mr. Kai there is a cool show on, come watch."

Kairow walked out with a toothbrush hanging loosely out of the side of his mouth. "Seen it already, but I will watch it with ya when I'm done Kay."

He amazed her even more now he now looked like her brother when he walks out of the bathroom, not even bothering to brush his mop or take the toothbrush out of his mouth before coming to breakfast. "Hey Mr. Kai, how old are you exactly."

He walked out once again sitting next to her on the small couch, "21, why?" his face was slightly stern like he didn't like what she had asked.

"It's just you looks so much younger." She laughed and turned back to the television.

Kairow turned to the pale faced girl and whispered softly, "You know, you're cute." The words just slipped out of his mouth he had no control over what he was saying, 'what the hell is wrong with me, shut your emotions down, shut them down!' he was fighting with himself not knowing what was coming over him.

Terrie looked at him feeling a bit uncomfortable about what he had said. She wanted to say something, but the only thing that her body and mouth would let her do was kiss him. They both pulled away quickly and looked shocked at one another. "I am so sorry." She quickly got up and started to make a bolt to the door. She turned around quickly and bowed her head. "I am so sorry; I'm going to get you fired."

Just before she turned around, Kairow found his voice, "Don't worry about it. No one needs to know."

She stopped and walked forward a bit. "This is so wrong."

Kairow got up and walked over to her; he nodded and said "I know" before bending over a bit and kissing her back.

Terrie awoke with a start, "it was all a dream," she muttered to herself she believed it until she felt an arm tighten around her waist. "It wasn't a dream." She turned around and there was Kairow, he was sleeping soundly not making a noise actually she couldn't feel his chest moving. He wasn't breathing. She leant over and touched his neck, nothing. She poked his head and his moved slightly. 'His still moving, but he has no heart beat.' She slithered out of the bed hoping she wouldn't wake him. She searched the room and found her bag she pulled out a long shirt and placed it over her naked body. "I knew there was something odd about this guy." She whispered as she picked up her cross. She climbed back onto the bed and dropped the cross onto his chest.

It lay there for about three seconds and, "fuck, that burns!" Kairow jumped up swiping the cross off of his now burnt chest. "Bitch." His emotions had left, now all he felt was sheer bloodlust.

Terrie's eyes filled with tears and she started to sob. She pushed the struggling Kairow down and shoved the cross into his mouth. Sitting on his stomach she held his mouth closed. She took one hand off and started to rip up the sheet. She tied his hands to the bed head and jumped off quickly, the cross still in his mouth made him weaker and occupied, he couldn't remove it, the cross had now travelled from his mouth to his throat burning on its way down. Terrie rummaged quickly through her bag and pulled out a shiny silver knife, remembering back to the story he had told her she stabbed him on the right side of his chest. Kairow stilted with pain and looked quickly up at Terrie, it was a quick gimps before he dusted into a grey powder but she knew it was a look of sheer hatred.

She looked at the ceiling and let out a silent tear, "That is it, from this day forward I am shutting down, I will never trust another soul until I die!" she walked over to her bag and packed everything into it, she walked out of the room and then the school. Not looking back for a moment. Her heart was broken and the only way to fix it is to kill every Supernatural mother fucker coexisting in this world.

Four days later Jackal went to the school not hearing from his mate for a while he thought he would check everything out. "Jacklan I am sure everything is alright."

Jackal looked at the young girl walking beside him and frowned, "Kairow was never late, he always rang at the same time I haven't heard from him for four days, something's wrong and don't tell me otherwise." Jackal was not pleased his sisters failed attempt in comforting him had failed and made him even angrier. The both walked through Kairow's dorm room door and were shocked by what they saw. "Quick, Liela get a plastic bag and a dustpan and broom." After a minute Liela came back with a small plastic bag and a dustpan. Jackal climbed onto the bed and started to sweep up Kairow's ashes. When he poured the last of Kairow into the bag he said softly, "Don't worry buddy you will see your revenge."