The Father of Lights

By Jave Harron

Epilogue: The Last

Paris burned over the distant hills as the boy fled. The soul within his body was not merely his own. The Marquis had borrowed tomes on Samsaran body-sharing thaumaturgy from the late Queen Elizabeth's library during their alliance. As his enemies said, after all, "Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est." Foreseeing the obvious use of the space-weapon on himself, he had created a backup plan in case he ever was killed in one body. The reason he raised kids was not just because he was altruistic. The Marquis had to ready his potential host bodies somehow.

Instead, it contained the displaced soul of Marquis de Sade. The boy-Marquis being cursed the Mechanist invaders that had destroyed his plans. They had slain his master, destroyed his empire, and sought to keep down the glory of France. For now, the boy, reasoned, it would be best to hide and lay low. In the coming decades, they would become complacent and weak. It was their nature, as always. During that time, he would be rebuilding his army and empire in forgotten corners of the world. Strategy, thankfully, was one of things this boy was proficient at. His skills were worthy enough to make him the first child-soul Marquis de Sade assimilated. The boy's name was Napoleon Bonaparte, and he would one day destroy the enemies of France. When the day came for his vengeance, no science or political system would spare them from the doom that awaited them.