Sindhlot sat in the colossal throne, his six feet of height dwarfed by its eleven. His careful posture prevented any loss of blood flow from the uncomfortable skull designs that were etched across its dull, gray stone surface.

He shook his head twice, trying to clear his eyes of his black hair. He failed both times. The messenger who stood before him read off his message.

"The lieutenant also requests a test of leadership for promotion. He believes that his commanding officer does not respect his abilities," the messenger droned on.

"Hmm? Sure, send him here. When is my next available time?" He turned to his organizer, who sat in a chair to Sindhlot's right, napping with a notebook as a pillow. Sindhlot flicked his wrist, and a razor-edged disc appeared in it. He threw it precisely, slicing the back of the organizer's neck. The organizer jumped and screamed, his hand shooting to the shallow, nonfatal wound.

"I'm s-sorry, Emperor, I'm sorry!" the organizer stammered. "Uh, w-what did-did, uh, you wish to, uh, know?" Sindhlot sighed.

"I want to know when I'll next have enough time to oversee a test of leadership for someone. A certain…" Sindhlot's eyes narrowed as he thought. "What was his name again?" His head jerked back towards the messenger. The organizer sighed with relief.

"Kazuki, milord. His name is Kazuki," the messenger replied. Sindhlot perked up at the name as though remembering something.

"Right…. When can I next see a test?"

The organizer flipped through several pages of the notebook, then stated the time: two days from the present, almost exactly.

"Schedule it," Sindhlot commanded simply. The organizer obeyed. Sindhlot waved dismissively at the messenger, who walked out noiselessly; the silence itself seemed to echo off the circular room's metal walls. He turned to his personal messenger. "Bring me the Lab Fourteen Head Researcher. I want to check something…." His voice trailed off as the messenger walked out the door.