What do you do when it all goes wrong and there's no one to blame?

Party one, the beautiful girl.
She doesn't do anything, just talks.

The second party, the guy.
He held so much promise, but then,
being the male he is, beauty draws him.

The third party, the most important it seems, is you.
The one that is friends with the girl, and wants the guy.

The guy dated the girl, and you where the third wheel, forced to see the two together, seeing the guy trying for something you knew wouldn't work. And the girl wasting her time on someone she didn't want.

You where there, actually interested, and he, was too at one time. What happened to those feelings? They seemed to have just fluttered away like a butterfly.

But now, he is heart broken, and so are you. You share missery.
And he still thinks nothing of you.

Who's to blame?
No one,
but yourself for introducing them to each other.