My Cats

I can see myself in my cats.

There is Duchess,

She is friendly

She is lazy

She also has a big tummy,

Just like I do.

She can also be jealious,

Seeming to be fine,

But just standing by,

Watching with green envious eyes.

She doesn't do any thing to fix the problem,

She just glares at it for hours,

She just watches with that glint in her eye.

Then there is Chomi,

he is curious,

he is young,

he is also nervious,

He is easily frightened,

he hides from the problems,

never facing them.

I see myself in there eyes,

in thier qualities.

Both good and bad in each of them,

both good and bad in me.

They say that owners and pets are often times alike,

this time it goes farther then even that.