As I Slit My Wrist

As I slit my wrist

I clench my fist

And watch the blood flow out

They say I'm a cutter, but they don't know what cuttings about.

I cause myself pain, just like everyone around me

But it's a different pain, the pain caused by me

A pain that nobody understands or sees

A pain in which I set myself free

People see me as some kind of freak

But they don't see the pain I seek

I had a dream that I cut too deep

And quickly into everything my blood began to seep

The room filled with red

And yet I still wasn't dead

But slowly I watched my life fade

And all my family said was, "look at what a mess you made"

Nobody cared that I was lying there dead

They only cared that the room was red

Then the dream went to my funeral, everybody all dressed in black

And my family was sitting in the back

In the front I saw my friends, eyes filled with tears

Tears of sorrow for our lost years.