Hate to Love

Oh this hating love and oh this loving hate

The will that loathes us true is the very will that we create

For better for worse, 'till it be death that bid us part

In health and in sickness, do I give unto thee my heart

Oh this spiteful affection and oh this affectionate spite

May haven guide you to the path that is known as right

In daybreak and in dusk, in light by star or sun

Evermore will soon be here though we have not yet begun

Morrow that be future and yore that is now past

The days will try to claim us but we shall still outlast

The doleful night that comes will bring the weeping days

But twill be us that progresses on even as life fades

Oh this odious love, that our hearts did once despise

Is now welcomed thither and shines unhindered by our eyes

Always it persists now that it be known nothing but true

This now honest tender love that was meant for me and you