The phrase "as cute as a button" comes to mind when I think of Randy. He's one of the many kids I baby-sit, and let me tell you, he's adorable.

He is, however, the horniest 5 year old I've ever met- not so adorable. That's most likely thanks to his older brother, Philip.

Philip goes to my school and is one of my—kinda sorta—friends. He's gorgeous. Almost every girl wants to date him—some guys too. But really, who could blame them? Let me explain: He's got dark, dark, dark brown, almost black hair and really cool looking eyes. They're blue and… white? I'm not sure, the outside is a really dark indigo and the inside is so light it's almost white. Very hot. And he has a great body. I get to enjoy said body everyday at track when he gets hot and takes his shirt off.

"Hey Doll," Oh yeah, and he calls me "Doll". That's hot too. My name's really Delilah—Yes, I like the Plain White T's—but most people call me Delly. "You baby-sittin' the kids tonight?" The kids are his brothers and sister. Yes, Randy, that little horn-dog, is one of them.

"Well," I sighed, "Yes. Since you are too lazy, I am." I know, I know, I'm such a drama queen. The pay is actually really good. More than minimum wage (Phil's kind of rich).

"Cool. My girlfriend-"

"Her name's Shelly," I reminded him.

"Yes. Shelly canceled on me for tonight. So, lucky you, I'm staying home and helping you baby-sit." I opened my mouth to say something but he cut me off. "Well, I won't be helping, but I'll watch, and make sure Randy doesn't dry hump you." He smiled. "Then when they're all asleep we can watch a movie or something."

"You would wanna watch a movie with lil' ol' me?" I faked a Southern accent.

He smiled. Oh my God he's gorgeous, I thought. "I guess you'll do…" His smile grew and I just about melted. Why does God love him so much? Why not me? Just kidding. I'm not that bad looking. To be honest, I'm kind of pretty. I have blonde hair a little past my shoulders, almost to my boobs. Which are a B cup. My eyes are a really dark brown, almost black, and I'm short. But I still managed to—somehow—stay slim.

Philip gave a quick wave before running off to practice the high jump. Lance—my best friend and the most popular guy in school—came over to me then. "Hey babe," he was joking of course. We're friends. Just friends. "You goin' to Blake's party?"

"Er—another one? Does he have a party every Friday?" Yes. The answer is yes. He does have a party every Friday. "Well no. The answer is no. I'm not going. I'm baby-sitting."

"Horny kid?" He snorted. "That sucks. Why are you baby-sitting them anyways? I know for a fact that Philip'll be home I heard Shelly canceled on him"—he bent down to whisper in my ear—"to have sex with your brother."

I couldn't help but laugh. It was probably true, though. My brother's a major player, and Shelly's a total slut. I don't know what Philip sees in her. Not that I care really. He's just a friend. Gosh, a girl can have guy friends can't she? Everyone seems to want to make it a big deal that I don't have any friends that are girls. Hm.

"But really," Lance said, totally serious again. "You should tell Philip's parents you're busy tonight. They'll understand, right?"

"Wrong." The would be pissed if I canceled on them for a party. "I would totally lose my job. And do you know how much—"

"You get paid an hour?" He finished for me. "Yes. You get ten dollars an hour and youwill never let me forget it!" He faked outrage. "But really, are Philip's parents rich or something?"

"They sure are," I heard a smug voice say from behind me. When I turned around I was met by none other than Philip and his infamous smirk.

"Philip," Lance greeted him coldly. I don't know the whole story of why he doesn't like Phil. All I know is that last year he (Philip) said something about me and Lance just freaked out. I know, flattering right? But I still don't know what it is he said about me. Whenever I think of that I get really annoyed.

"Hey Lance!" Phil was either oblivious to Lance's cold shoulder, or just really liked pissing him off. "Whatcha guys up to?"

"Nothing" –insert deep, dramatic sigh— "Just trying to convince Delly here to come to Blake's party."

"That's tonight?!" Well there goes my company for the evening. "To bad poor Doll here has to baby-sit." I could see Lance stiffen at the word "doll". He always hates when Philip calls me that. Apparently it means he wants to get in my pants. Weird? Yes.

"Yes. That's tonight."

When track was over and I was drenched in cold sweat (yes, I finally started running) Phil offered me a ride.

"Sorry," Lance didn't sound sorry while slinging his arm casually around my shoulder. "I'm driving her home." Then he flashed Phil a fake-cheery smile.

Philip seemed annoyed. Maybe he still hadn't forgotten about getting his ass kicked last year… Or he just didn't like the "smile" he got from Lance. I didn't really think Phil was that stupid, but I guess he was, because he gave Lance the same fake, cheery smile before saying, "I wasn't talking to you Fucktard. I was asking Doll here."

Wow. That was stupid. I mean really stupid. Have you met Lance? Ok, that was a stupid question, of course you haven't. He's really tall and buff, not someone you want to pick a fight with. While I'm describing his muscles, I might as well tell you about the rest of him.

There's no doubt as to why he's popular. The man is hot. I mean, on fire hot. He's hotter than Philip. But he's just a friend. Now, back to the superficial stuff. His hair is a dark blonde, and it's in between shag and clean cut. His eyes are a really pretty hazel. They, like, glow or something. Or at least that's what it seems like. Maybe I'm bias because I've been his friend for so YEARS BABY!

Now back to the current predicament. Lance was pissed, that much was certain. But he tried controlling it, for my sake I guessed.

"She's not a piece of fucking plastic," he was trying so hard to stay calm. It was almost cute. "So don't call her 'doll'. Her name's Delilah."

The only logical explanation for Philip's reply? He must've been suicidal. "Yeah, maybe for you! But people like me? Her friends? We can call her whatever we want!"

And then there was this really hot guy-on-guy fight that was just a joy to watch!


They did get in a fight though. Lance punched Philip so hard in the jaw I heard a 'crack' and Phil got Lance in the nose. Then it bled. Ewwww. Nose blood is gross. Trust me on this one.

Soon they were rolling around on the ground trying to pin the other one down. Lance was on top most of the time, but every once in a while Phil got on him.

I already know what you're thinking. You think I sat there and watching, wishing I had popcorn, huh? Well you're wrong. I screamed my head off. Then I decided to kick them. Hm. It didn't really work. I wonder why.

Eventually Blake and Tyler Booney (brothers) heard my screams and came down from the track to help.

"What the hell?!" Blake demanded.

"Don't ask me!" I'm totally innocent, I did nothing wrong! "Just break them up!"

After a few vulgar comments from Lance and Philip, they were finally separated. Blake was holding back Philip and Tyler—how I'd hate to be him—was in charge of keeping Lance back. And geesh, Lance was scary looking. His eyes were wild and his jaw was clenched. He had a bloody nose and a black eye was forming, but that was nothing compared to Philip.

Philip's lip was split in two places and he had scratches all over his face (Lance was wearing a ring). His eye was bad, really bad. I'm not sure how to explain it. It was just bad. And his jaw was set sideways. I felt kind of sorry for him. But really, he was totally taunting Lance. Or am I just taking sides?

"Umm… Let's go." I grabbed Lance's arm and tried to pull him to his car. He just stood there, staring at Philip. Tyler was still holding him back, but it seemed unnecessary.

"Lance?" I asked. He still just stood there, not moving, not talking, just standing. I waved my hand in front of his face and he finally seemed to break out of his trance.

"Ok, get in the car." I obeyed, quickly walking towards his car, but not before hearing him say to Philip, "We'll finish this at the party."

I sighed. Maybe I should go to the party, I thought, just to keep them in line. And to make sure Philip's okay. Then I decided I could at least be honest with myself. I really wanted to go just for the sake of going. I mean, I had a good excuse. Or at least that's what I was telling myself while trying to mentally choose an outfit for the party.