Lady Suicide

I had this dream I died today!
I was sent to rest beneath the ground.
The savage insects wriggled inside
Leaving scratches on my skull.
Their tiny teeth can puncture
The shield I hide behind.

A whisper of a nightmare,
The barest glimpse of a dream
Crimson tethers of insanity,
Dull the ache of reality.
Frigid blade, like morphine
Drowning out the pain.

The dark of everlasting midnight
Has blotted all light from my world.
Bittersweet tears spring forth
a river of mascara is left in its wake.
I abandon the light.

In this realm of anger and confusion
Passion cuts like a knife
Leaving its scars upon my heart.
A voice calls out, the sweetest melody,
Offering serenity in the guise of sleep.
Jealous suffocation, mindless intoxication
Liberating peace intertwined with blood and death.
She is the advocate of my final release.

If tomorrow never comes
I think it would be for the best
I'm in a waking coma, barely even alive.
I long to see the end of this plethora of sin.
My dominant thought tonight is
Of Lady Suicide.