Back then, he and I were inseparable. Always together. In our classes, we sat with each other. Passed notes in the hall. Skipped lunch together (even though he and I had separate lunch periods). Senior yearbook proclaimed us most likely to get married. We never dated.

Looking back though, I wish we had.

I wish we'd had more time together.

My best friend. My most faithful companion. My first love.

My most haunting tragedy.

I loved him then. I love him now.

I will always love him.

A.N.: I was searching through my school bag when I found this 3 An old story I'd started one night and never followed through. But I love the idea so much I don't want to bury it away. I'm hoping others will enjoy this as much as I have, because I like to think the idea rather hauntingly, devastatingly beautiful. Don't forget, please R&R.