As all restrictions left my sight, it came.

The depths of all darkness flowed through my veins.

The formal dress of the feeling was too much.

It went too far.

The feeling of servitude overtook me

And comprehension of the situation flashed through my mind.

It wasn't all right.

The level of power was too much.

But there was no alternative.

This was it.

This was the end.

AN: this was another assignment in writing class. We had to use 5 words from our wordskills unit. Obviously, you can see that our wordskills book isn't that advanced, or we would be learning more complicated words but whatever. Our school's messed up in the way of teaching anyway. I mean seriously, they put slackers with High Honor Roll students for group projects. How messed up is that? our school does have a good curriculum, but the delivery of it could be better.

Sorry. I'm ranting. But please review and criticize. It would be much appreciated