Why is he looking at me? Sixteen year old, Terra Locke wondered as she sat in her Math class, trying to pay attention to the teacher but could not seem to. This wasn't the first time she had been distracted or stared at by those eyes so dark they were black. His hair was equally black and he was the most gorgeous guy at her school. She was not anything special to look at with her straight brown hair, dull green eyes and average face. She was not ugly but not beautiful either. Just average. So why was he staring at her?

Terra glanced at the boy again. His hair fell into his eyes, adding an air of mystery around him. He was a bad ass, rebel and did what he wanted when he wanted. No one told him otherwise. Unlike Terra, who was shy, good and did nothing wrong, he was completely opposite. She was good where he was evil. She was an angel where he was a demon or so people would describe them. He had a neatly trimmed, thin goatee gracing his firm, strong chin. Also unlike Terra, he wore dark clothes all the time. Today, he wore a tight black t-shirt, showing off all his muscles, baggy black jeans and boots. Terra was wearing a yellow t-shirt, jeans and white sneakers. Nothing about them was alike. So why was he staring at her?

Terra played with the gold cross necklace she wore, trying to tear her gaze from his with difficulty. Succeeding, she swallowed hard and paid attention to the teacher, all the while feeling that dark gaze burning a hole through her. Stop staring at me, she silently pleaded. But he did not.

Damion Lucius stared at the girl with a smirk. She was too fidgety, too innocent. His smirk grew. She was perfect. For several months, he has been watching her, the desire in him for the girl growing more and more each glance. Especially when she looked back at him, his insides churned. Sure, she was not as beautiful as the girls he usually fools around with, though she had a curvy body, but that did not matter. She was his but she did not know it yet. In time, things would change and so would she.

Damion snarled as he watched her small hand start messing with the cross draped around her slender neck. That would have to go. Other than that, she was perfect for him. Her innocence attracted him. He knew for a fact that she was a virgin, had never done anything sexual, not even been kissed. Virgin Mary, eat your heart out.

The bell rang, breaking him from his thoughts. He collected his things and stood while watching as the girl did the same. Her movements were shaky and he was the cause of her nervousness. Satisfaction swept through him. Nervous would not be the only thing she would be when he was done with her.

Terra glanced at the boy again when she stood. Like before, he was watching her. Her eyes widened as she clutched her belongings to her chest, where his gaze was looking this time, and walked out of the class room, not looking back. Kids pushed past her rudely as she went to her locker. One boy, a tall, built one who was on the football team, decided it would be fun to knock her book out of her hands. They fell to the floor with an echoing thunk. The same thing happened everyday. You think she would get used to it and she was but why could they not leave her alone?

Biting her lip, nervously, Terra began to kneel down, picking up her fallen items. The boy and his friends teased her, calling her ignorant names, ones that brought tears to her eyes. She was so weak, that is why they hurt her. One day, she would teach them all. Even as she thought it, she knew that was highly doubtful.

"Leave her alone," a deep, mesmerizing yet threating voice commanded from behind her as the hallway became only her, the football players and the deep voice. Terra froze. Was he sticking up for her? Who was the idiot who dare stick up for her against the best players on the football team? Terra's head whipped around and she gaped at the boy who always stared at her.

Damion raged inside as the immature boys taunted the girl. It made him furious to watch them do this to her. But when she looked at him, her tears made him even more angry. If they were not in school, all of them would be up in flames at this very moment.

"What are you gonna to do?" one boy asked.

Damion smirked. "Touch her or her things again and you'll find out." His black eyes swirled and it looked as though the very flames of Hell leaped into his gaze. The boys became scared and started backing away slowly.

"Sorry, man," one said.

"Yeah, it won't happen again!" They all tucked tail and ran in the opposite direction. Where the fuck were the teachers when you needed them?

Damion squatted beside the girl as she wiped her tears away, trying to hide them. "Why...why did you do that?" she asked, her voice shaky and hoarse.

Damion helped her pick up her books then stood. The girl stood, too, having to crane her neck. He was 6'6" where she was 5'3". He was big where she was small. He was hard where she was soft. He was dark where she was light.

"Why wouldn't I?" he asked, gazing down at her.

Terra looked down only to have the boys large, rough hand cup her chin and lift her eyes back to his. A shiver ran down her spine and her skin tingled where he touched it.

"Don't look away from me," he said, slightly commanding. Suddenly, his hand dropped. "I'll protect you, Terra," he promised. He walked away but Terra shouted for him.

"Wait!" she yelled. He turned a little. "How did you know my name?" She did not even know his.

"I know more than you think," he said, smiling.

"What's your name?" she asked, hesitantly.

"Damion," he answered then walked down the hall. Terra could not stop the smile from growing on her face as she repeated the name of her hero.