Terra's eyes were wider than ever as she quickly pulled the blanket up to cover her exposed chest. Her body still hummed from the orgasm that Damion had given her. It had been the most amazing thing she's ever felt! Then why did it feel so wrong? Because lust was a sin and he was the son of Satan. Standing on shaky legs, Terra wrapped the blanket around her body and walked to the bathroom. She stared at herself in the large mirror surrounded by a golden frame. Her face was flushed, lips swollen and eyes still glazed from the pleasure she had received. Damion knew what to do to get her to scream. And that made her nervous. She swallowed and turned on some cold water to splash her face with. The door to the bedroom opened. Surprisingly, she half hoped it was Damion, coming to finish what they had started. Instead, she saw another demon but this one was different.

It was tall and slouched over a little. Its wings were smaller than Damion's. Instead of red skin, he had bluish-gray skin and black eyes. You could see that it was bony but also muscled. Long fingers had unbelievably long and sharp claws. Its feet also had claws and were bony, too, like its hands. It looked as though it were standing on its tiptoes but if it were, the heel of its foot came up far and its knees were bent. Its face was angular and horns protruded from his head, black and sharp. Fangs flashed when it spoke from a mouth that barely moved.

"Hello," it said in a deep, raspy voice. In its hands were big, fluffy red towels. "My master said to bring you these."

Cautiously, Terra grabbed the towels. "Um...thank you."

He bowed to her. "You are welcome, my queen. I am your servant." My queen? Well, what did he mean by that? She was certainly not going to marry Damion. "Is there anything you will need? Are you hungry? Thirsty, maybe? Whatever you need, let me know."

Terra nodded numbly. "What's your name?" she asked, voice low and nervous, not sure if this little demon would kill her or not.

It blinked its black eyes at her. "My name is Uphir and I am the demon physician. My master has commanded me to be your servant until he can find someone else for you." The demon, Uphir, linked his hands together. "Will you be needing anything, my queen?"

She shook her head. "No."

"But you have not eaten, have you?" he asked. She shook her head again. "Then I shall summon someone to bring you food. Enjoy your bath." He backed out of the room, bowed and closed the door behind him. Terra sat heavily on the side of the tub, setting the towels on the tiled floor. Taking a deep breath, she turned on the water to lukewarm and let the blanket fall, stepping into the tub as it filled. It was a huge tub, fitting for at least six people. It would take awhile for it to get even halfway full but she would wait. While she did, she needed a plan of action, some way to get out of here. But how? It would be impossible. How could she get out of Hell? With her faith. That might be some help.

As she bathed, she sent multiple prayers to God, asking Him for help and guidance. She whispered those prayers with her eyes closed, holding the cross at her neck loosely as if it would help. She prayed for strength and courage. She wanted to go home so badly that it made her ache. How could this have happened to her? Was she being punished for a sin she had committed? What sin? She has never taken God's name in vein. The worst she has done was curse. God would not punish her for no reason. He was more merciful than that.

As she thought that, the bathroom door busted open. Terra squeaked in surprise and fear as she grabbed one of the towels and wrapped it around her body. The water darkened the redness of it to an even darker shade of crimson. Her eyes raised to see a pissed of Satan glaring at her. She hid her body from the neck down as best she could. He snarled at her, walking further in. Damion and Uphir came in behind him.

"What is the meaning of this?" Satan demanded of her.

Terra was confused. "What are you talking about?" She wanted to be strong but the devil put fear into her as his black eyes bored into her green ones.

"You said His name in my home!" Satan boomed. "You do not speak of Him here!" He turned to Damion and Uphir. "Damion, you make sure to tame her! Uphir, you already know your orders until I find someone else." His sinister gaze turned back to her. "Watch yourself and never repeat that name again!" He stormed out of the bathroom, leaving a trail of fury in his wake.

Damion glared at Terra. He had a golden box in his hands, setting it on the sink. "You will put that cross in here."

Terra narrowed her eyes. "I won't put it anywhere."

He took a dangerous step toward her. "Then I will rip it off and melt it in the fires of Hell." By the look in his black eyes, she knew he was serious. She did not want to lose this cross. It means so much to her. Damion tried not to feel anything as he saw the sad look in Terra's eyes. Her shoulders drooped as she lowered her head. She looked so vulnerable. "Uphir, I believe someone else needs to be tended to. You are our physician after all and there is bound to be a demon or two in need of your assistance."

Uphir bowed. "As you wish, my lord." He bowed in Terra's direction. "Milady." He shut the door behind him, leaving Terra and Damion alone. She was suddenly nervous. At least he was wearing a shirt this time except it clung to his muscles, leaving nothing to the imagination especially since she had already seen what lay beneath. Heat crept up her cheeks as she looked away from him.

Damion crossed his arms over his chest. "Problem?"

"Not at all," she said sarcastically. "I would like to finish my bath now." When he did not move, she looked up at him. "Alone." He smirked at her, leaving her alone. Terra sighed with relief. But, surprisingly, some part of her wanted him to stay.

What was wrong with her?