Just wanted to start the day off right, for everyone out there making something of it today. To let you know, I go to an out-patient rehab, and I technically can't smoke. But one thing i've always said that was special about 420, is when people who don't normally smoke, or can't smoke, take a nice toke. So...I realized I can't go against my own beliefs. So burn a nice one for me, and i'll do the same.

Smothered by gasious reef, that smells , and makes my eyes water.
I live in the tomb of reds and greens,
And crystals that won't shatter
Noxious as I smirk and spew my small talk
Lay me down, because I won't be getting up
Its been 3 months of urine in a cup
Todays just one of those days
I really don't give a fuck

Happy 420
It's just one of those days