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Warnings: twincest (later), mpreg, and language, they're teenagers what do you expect?

The Whispering of Fate

Chapter 2

At Seventeen

The next morning, Adam awoke to the noise of Nickelback's 'Animals,' coming from the next room. Groaning he pulled his pillow over his head and thought 'Aly really needs to lower her radio in the morning, because some people are trying to sleep.' Hearing the shower running he remembered that it was a weekday and quickly sitting up he looked at his alarm clock to see that he should have gotten up half an hour ago. "Shit" he said as he stood up and headed towards the bathroom.

The shower had been turned off and the door was ajar, allowing the steam to escape from the small room. Peeking into the bathroom Adam saw Brandon standing in front of the mirror, drying his hair, with a towel loosely wrapped around his waist.

'Shit,' he thought as he saw the drops of water slowly, tantalizingly, drip down his brother's firm chest and six-pack, before disappearing in the towel. Adam licked his suddenly dry lips as he watched the water slide over the tanned skin and, before he knew it, he was finding it hard to breath. He could feel his boxers becoming tighter. He quickly turned around and started to head back to his room before a voice behind him made his stop.

"Adam?" He heard his brother's deep, sultry voice call.

Adam desperately tried to calm himself down. He took a deep breath before shakily answering, "Y-yeah?"

He could feel his brother draw nearer, although he wasn't facing him. "Are you alright?" Brandon asked curiously.

Adam could tell he was concerned for him, but he could never tell his brother why he was acting weird. "Y-yeah, I-I'm fine," he stuttered. When he felt himself calm down he turned around to face his elder. "Why?"

Brandon seemed to be studying him intently. Adam felt so vulnerable, he felt practically naked under that hard gaze. The thought of standing naked in front of his twin made him blush.

After a long silence, Brandon finally answered, "no reason," before turning and heading in the opposite direction, towards his own room. After he shut the door, Adam quickly ran into the bathroom, closed and locked the door, turned the shower on cold, stripped, and jumped under the spray, allowing the cold to wash away his heat.

While in the shower, Adam started to cry, his tears mixing with the ice cold spray. He could feel his legs start to shake, before he leaned against the wall and slid down it. He drew his knees to his chest, and wrapping his arms around his knees he buried his head in them and he let the tears fall.

"Why?" He asked to no one in particular. "Why does it always have to be me?" While he was questioning himself, Adam was completely unaware of the girl standing right outside the door.


After he had collected himself, Adam came out and got dressed before heading downstairs for breakfast. On his way down the stairs he came upon a Siberian Husky stretched out across the step. Adam stopped on the step above the dog and asked in exasperation, "Keary, could you be more in the way?" The dog looked up at his master before letting Adam pass and following him through the house.

When they entered the kitchen Brandon was already sitting at the counter eating a bowl of cereal and reading the paper. Sitting next to him was a girl with shoulder length brown hair with blonde and blue streaks. She wore a pair of dark jeans, pink and black New Balance sneakers, and a black t-shirt that across the front read 'Autopilot Off', while the back read 'I hate fashion. I hate trends. I love music.'

The girl looked up to reveal dark brown eyes, so much unlike his and his brother's. In that instant Adam remembered all of the events that led to that one moment.

x Flashback x

Adam and Brandon hadn't always lived in that house. They had previously lived in the house across the street, but two years ago, when they were 15, it had all changed. Their parents and their older sister had gone out for the night, leaving Adam and Brandon at home, and were on their way home when they had stopped at a red light. They were then hit by another car from behind, but that didn't kill them. The car had pushed them into the intersection, where they were hit on both sides by oncoming traffic.

Adam and Brandon found out later that all three of them died instantly. The two were devastated; the only family they had...were gone. They both became detached from everyone and everything. While Brandon submerged himself in school work and soccer, to keep himself from thinking about his feelings, Adam broke off from everything, becoming completely withdrawn, refusing to talk unless he absolutely had to.

The twins had been taken in by some neighbors, a family of three: Daryl Brinton, his wife Silvina, and their daughter Aly. Aly tried to get them to open up, because she wanted to help, but the two were just too far gone, Aly was surprised that they weren't resorting to suicide or bodily harm.

The two were supposed to stay there until a permanent place was found. But they later found out that none of their relatives wanted them, for reasons they didn't know of. So, the problem arose that they might have to be adopted by a family that didn't live in the area, in the middle of their sophomore year of high school.

But then one day, they and Aly, who was in 7th grade at the time, came home from school to find Darryl and Silvina with a surprise. They handed Adam and Brandon a bunch of legal documents while the two adults had little grins on their faces. The twins skimmed over the papers, not sure what it all meant. But at the end of the last page they came across their names, only now they read:

Adam Raul Brinton (Lothartio) and Brandon Angelo Brinton (Lothartio).

"You're adopting us?" Adam asked in disbelief.

Darryl nodded. "We are. My wife and I are not as young as we once were, and Aly has no siblings."

"Plus," Silvina said, "now you two can stay in the same school and don't have to move any more than you already have. How does that sound?"

"It sounds great!" Said Brandon as they stepped forward to hug their new parents, glad that they had a place to call home again, for good.

"This is gonna be so cool!" Said Aly from behind them. "I am not an only child anymore!" Everyone laughed.

"There are a couple more things," said Silvina. "We didn't know if how you guys would feel about changing your last names, so we left that decision up to you. Also," she took a paper off the counter and handed it to Adam. "That's the information dealing with your house. We are willing to help you keep it in shape until one, or both, of you decide to move in. Or you can put it on the market."

"So," Adam said tentively, "It's up to us?"

"It's up to you," replied Darryl. Adam and Brandon looked at each other, unsure of what to do.

In the end they decided to keep their last name as well as the house.

Later, the two remembered some rumors that had gone around earlier in the year, about Aly having a huge crush on them. They were a bit unsure about this, so they asked her.

"That used to be true," she said. "When I was, like, ten I had a major crush on you guys. But it faded after a while. I still like you guys, but as brothers now, because that's what you are."

That same day the twins finally opened up to her about how they felt about their parents' and sibling's death. After that, the three of them became closer, and people actually started to believe that they were siblings.

One thing that was different in this family was the religions. Darryl was an atheist, and Silvina was Jewish, and the family celebrated Christmas, Chanukah, and all of the major Jewish holidays. They never went to church, but Silvina and Aly occasionally went to Synagogue. Adam and Brandon were also Jewish and had gone to Synagogue because they had to, not because they wanted to, so they fit right in with the family.

It only took a couple of months for Adam and Brandon to get used to calling Darryl and Silvina mom and dad, and even shorter for them to call Aly, sister.

x End Flashback x

'And now,' Adam thought looking into those dark brown eyes, 'here we are, two years later and seventeen. And our life is pretty much perfect.'

"Morning Adam," Aly said cheerfully.

"Morning," he said as he sat down and grabbed a box of cereal, Keary lying down behind him. "Where's Mom and Dad?"

As if in answer Darryl and Silvina walked in. "Morning everyone," Silvina said kissing each one of her kids on the forehead.

"Morning," they all replied around mouthfuls of cereal.

"In a rush?" Darryl asked.

"Not really," Brandon said getting up to put his dishes in the dishwasher, Aly following. "But I need to see Mr. Sekou before school starts, he wants me to help him with grading some of the freshman math tests, since he has a meeting this morning."

"If you see mine let me know what I got," Aly asked.

"You already know what you got," Adam said, "You're a math whiz, you have never gotten anything lower than a 97." Aly shrugged, so Adam turned to their parents and said, "Now, we would go in separately, but we have two drivers and one car." Adam was talking about the silver 1999 Subaru 2.5 GT Legacy , that Darryl had gotten for the two on their sweet sixteen.

"Oh, I see," their father replied. "Are you picking up any hitch-hikers on the way?"

"Actually, we are," said Aly, who was looking through her black and red messenger bag/backpack, making sure she had everything she needed. "We're picking up Gabbie, since Justin's sick today." Aly was talking about one of her best friends and said friend's boyfriend.

"Oh, well, ok," said their father as he and his wife headed out the door. "See you guys later!"

"Oh, wait!" Aly called after them, "The band is coming over this afternoon, so they'll probably be here when you get home."

"Thanks for the warning!" Silvina called as she got into the car and drove off.

Aly turned towards the window looking out over the back deck. "Hey Adam, Gabriel's here," she said before heading upstairs, Brandon following.

Adam got up to put his dishes in the dishwasher, and he looked out the window to see a lone grey wolf sitting on the lower deck. Adam smiled before heading towards the door leading to the deck. He opened the door and let Keary out, before following the dog down the steps. The wolf stood as Adam approached.

The boy kneeled as the wolf walked over to him, and he reached out a hand to pet the animal's head.

"Hey Gabe," he said, "long time no see."

'It has indeed been a while,' the wolf replied, Adam being the only one able to hear him.

"How's the pack? Everyone good?"

'Yes, there have been no problems this year, and the avians have been most helpful in the hunt. You must thank your brother for us.' Gabe replied.

Adam's face fell slightly at the mention of his brother. Gabriel, as if realizing the affect his words had on the boy, gently nudged Adam's hand with his muzzle. 'I am sorry. I did not know tensions existed between you and your mate.'

Adam blushed furiously at the wolf's words. "He's not my mate, Gabriel," he said sullenly.

'But...you have feelings for him...do you not?' The wolf looked at him curiously.

"I-I do, it's just," Adam tried to explain it to the wolf , "humans are different from wolves. We...it's hard to explain...I mean, I love him, I really do, but-" Gabriel sat there, quietly allowing the boy to ramble on. "He has a girlfriend, though he is the only one who actually likes her, and even if he didn't have a girlfriend, we wouldn't be allowed . Humans aren't as accepting as wolves when it comes to same-sex relationships. And the fact that we are brothers, twins even, makes it worse! That's considered incest, or twincest actually."

Gabriel nudged him gently, and Adam patted his head.

'This is very stressful to you,' the wolf said. ' But, wouldn't your family accept you?'

Adam sighed, "I kinda doubt it."

'Really?' Gabe sounded appalled. 'I thought that they would be very accepting, considering the fact that they have two gay uncles.'

"Yeah well, that's different, they're not twins!"

'Adam,' Gabriel said a looking of absolute knowing in his eyes, 'things will get better, trust me. Just be patient.'

Adam stared at the wolf for a long while, wondering how he was so sure that everything turned out alright. But he just shook his head, he was never one to second guess the wolf, especially when the creature had that look in his eyes. "Okay, I trust you." He hugged the wolf before standing up. "Oh, our group is going to the ranch this Saturday, before we all leave for that wrestling competition in Philly. We have to check up on the animals before we leave."

'We'll be there,' the wolf said before turning and heading towards the woods behind their house.

Adam watched him go before calling Keary and heading back into the house, almost tripping over the dog on the way in. Once inside Adam headed up the stairs to finish getting ready for school.


Once all three of the teens were in the car they headed off down Asbury Lane, to pick up Gabbie. They pulled into the driveway of a two story stone house, only slightly smaller than their own, and honked the horn.

A girl of 15 came out of the house. She had brown hair that went slightly passed her shoulders, and brown eyes. On her slim figure she wore a tight black shirt and low-rider jeans. Around her neck she wore a silver cross on a chain. She also had on black eyeliner and black nail polish, which only added to her...sensual appearance.

As she walked towards the car Brandon, who was driving, whistled and honked the horn. Adam, Aly and the girl all laughed.

"Hel-lo hottie," he said as she climbed into the backseat with Aly.

"You're an ass," Gabbie responded.

"Hey, it's who I am. You either take it or leave it," he said looking at the two through the rearview mirror.

Aly and Gabbie looked at each other before Aly responded, "I would rather leave it, wouldn't you Gabbie?"

"Yeah, totally," Gabbie said a big smile on her face. The two laughed and Adam joined in, while Brandon pouted.

"Aww, you're mean Adam," Brandon said turning his pout to his brother. "You're supposed to be on my side."

"Sorry, bro, but it's funny."

"Yeah, well...whatever," Brandon responded, not able to think up a comeback, and so he just put the car in reverse and pulled out of the driveway.

About halfway to school Aly remembered to ask Adam, "So what did Gabriel have to say?"

Gabbie, hearing that he had received a visit form the wolf, suddenly became very excited. "Gabriel's back? Really? How is everyone? How's Dante? And Angelo? And Gawain? How's Brietta? Oh, how's Sobiast?"

Gabbie was talking about only part of Gabe's pack. Sobiast was Gabe's mate, and Dante and Brietta were orphan pups that the two had taken in. While Angelo and Gawain were their blood-pups (1).

The speed at which she had asked about the pack, and the excitement she was showing were so un-Gabbie-like that it made Aly look at her as if she were crazy. "What drugs are you on?"

Gabbie thought for a moment before replying, "none, why?"

Still looking at her as if she were insane, Aly responded, "No reason."

Adam, ignoring his sister, answered Gabbie's question, "Gabriel said that everyone was fine. I didn't really ask for specifics. Oh," he said turning to Brandon, "he wants me to thank you for him. He says the birds have been very helpful."

Brandon smiled, "tell him he's welcome."

"You whisperers (2) have it so easy," Gabbie said from the back pouting.

"Hey don't blame us, blame your genetics," Aly told her, finally done staring.

"Huh?" Gabbie said confused.

Aly just rolled her eyes. "Never mind, you'll find out in bio today."

"Why, is Mr. Davis having that talk on whisperers today?" Adam asked.

"Yep, I can't wait," said Aly.

"Why?" Gabbie asked. "You already know everything there is to know about them."

"No I don't."

"Yes you do."

"No I don't"

"Yes you do."

"Yes I do"

"No you don't"

Aly smirked in triumph. "Your right I don't know everything about our kind."

Gabbie nodded, "Thank you- hey!" Aly laughed, as did Adam.

Brandon just shook his head as he pulled into the school parking lot.


The group of four entered Riegler High through the side door and started heading down the hall towards the auditorium, where everyone had to go before homeroom. They said their goodbyes to Brandon about halfway there, as he went off to Mr. Sekou's math room.

They once again resumed their walk until they heard behind them, "who let scum walk this hallway?" Aly, Adam, and Gabbie all immediately tensed up.

"Cordelia," Aly growled.


(1)- In this story I'm making male wolves able to have pups, so they will be referred to as "blood-pups."

(2)- This will be explained in a couple of chapters, but some of you will probably figure it out. Take a guess if you like!

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