Pure Angel
Chapter 1- Escape from Religion

A small girl, no older than 8, sat on a dungeon floor, head down. Her silver hair was dull in the darkness that surrounded her. The place was cold, with a high humidity and rats. Not just any ordinary rats, these rats were huge, as big as a dog, and would eat anything that came to them. Surprisingly, the girl stayed alive. Angel Chastity, as she was called at birth, sat still, eyes that were normally a light blue, closed. Memories came rushing back at her.

When she was 2, her mother had done some horrible deed, or so the 'lawmakers' of her world told her. After she was caught and burned at the stake by the angry townspeople, they had locked the girl in a dungeon.

"You shall rot here for all eternity," they told her. "The sins of parents are carried to their children. Suffer and torment child, suffer and torment!"

She had stayed there for six years, getting bread to eat, and water to drink from a very hateful guard. He stood at a watch post every day and night, guarding her as if she were some crazed maniac going to destroy the whole city that she lived in.

Angel didn't understand it. How could a city like hers, brought up in the year 2115, be as cruel as it was? Ever since a man by the name of Alexander Hervak came into power of the United States by Presidency, the country had been turned to chaos. There was no way out of the madness. Scientists were stripped of their research, the lawful ones saying that it was unholy to think of anything but God. That was what her mother was, a scientist. She remembered once, watching her mother as she built the finishing touches on a machine high up in the Rocky Mountains.

"If you ever need this, you'll know where it is," the woman said, before giving the small girl a quick hug and kiss.

Because of her hair color, the 'lawful ones' as they liked to call themselves, thought her to be a demon. She didn't understand why until they came to visit her a few weeks ago and had started whipping her back. The pain had been so unbearable that she almost blacked out by it. Then, they had the gall to trace their fingers along the marks they made, making it burn more.

"It's your fault!" they screamed. "It's all your fault! The demon that resides within you brought your mother to rebel against our forces! It's all your fault!"

Then they started whipping her again. After they left, the pain subsided quickly. It always did. Before an hour had passed, the wounds had disappeared from her back, something that would have caused others permanent scarring at such a young age. She never told anybody, of course. She couldn't tell anybody, considering that there was no one to tell.

Angel sighed and opened her eyes. A pair were glaring at her from up close. She was suddenly kicked from behind and flew a few feet.

"Get off your lazy butt! The President wants to have a word with you before we kill you, once and for all!" the guard said, sneering.

Angel stood up, slightly frightened, but mostly angry. Angry tears clouded her vision and made the back of her throat sting a little, threatening to appear and roll down her cheeks. She said not a word and followed another, slightly younger, man with a goatee and long red-brown hair. The guard walked behind her, punching her at every wrong move he thought she made. She whimpered at this, and the younger man looked angrily at the guard.

"There's no need to roughen her up, guard," he said to the other man. "She's to be executed, but she's still human... it says in the Bible that-"

"OH, SHUT UP!" the man roared.

The younger man didn't like this, and glared furiously at the guard.

"You dare defy God's word?" the man asked.

The guard spit on the floor, causing the younger man to grimmace in disgust. "I don't defy God's word, I just don't like the way that Alexander is interpreting it."

The man's head shot back, as if the guard had punched him.

"Alexander is our savior, don't you forget it!" he yelled.

"Yeah, whatever," the other man said, then kicked Angel again for good measure.

She moaned, burying her head in her hands, trying to stop the fury that was starting to take over. She did, successfully.

"How dare you say such words! You could be killed or tormented!" the younger man said.

"Heh," the guard said, "I've got enough torment, and she's walking right behind you."

The younger man turned to the forgotten girl and looked at her with disgust. She raised her head from her hands and looked at him innocently, cocking her head.

"I see," the man said after a pause.

He continued walking. Angel looked at him with a hard expression on her face, as if she were reading his soul. The guard looked slightly shaken by this. Then, the girl glared at the young man. He didn't notice.

"Girl," the guard said, using an angry voice, although he was literally shaken inside.

Both Angel and the man, whose name was John, turned around. The girl once again had an innocent look on her face, and cocked her head. The guard, named Joseph, almost trembled before her. Then she smiled and turned back around. Joseph was very nervous.

"Joseph," John said, "I'd like to know more of this... torment that you say she gives you," he said, grinning.

Angel blinked. Joseph stiffened, and she once again turned toward him. This time, her gaze a little angry. Joseph trembled as he could litarally FEEL a sort of power coming off her. The thing was, he had no idea if it was good or bad. He had felt this before, and it deeply shook him. Angel smiled once again, but he could feel the power, it was there. John also looked toward Angel, but for a different reason. Unlike Joseph, he couldn't feel any power coming from her. He merely looked because the guard was looking.

Joseph didn't know how he could sense it when the other, "holier" man didn't. Maybe it was staying cooped down here too long. Maybe it was starting to get to his head. But then why did she heal so quickly? Whenever there was an assult on her, he was supposedly to put a kind of ointment on her bruised and bleeding back. However, whenever he did so... it was never bleeding or bruised. In fact, it looked like she had never been hurt in the first place. Another thing was, why didn't the rats eat her? They were starving, and mutated from WW3 in 2030. Yet they never touched her. They never even went by her, almost as if, they were... terrified. He shuddered.

"I don't see anything wrong with her, other than her hair," John sneered.

Joseph glared at him. "I've had enough," he said softly, "I'm not watching over her ANYMORE!" and with that, he turned and left the way they had come.

John looked frightened. He hadn't meant to make the other man leave. What was he to do if the girl suddenly turned into a demon? He looked down at the girl, who suddenly found some sort of interest in her feet, because she wouldn't look up at him.

"Girl," he said.

Angel looked up.

"We have to get into the hovercar now, understand?"

Angel didn't speak. John sighed.

"Just my luck, she probably doesn't even understand me either."

John lifted Angel up, her white robe soft beneath his hands, then set her down inside the backseat of the car. He then walked over to the other side of the car and jumped in, also in the back. A cheufer was in the front, turning around and grinning at Angel. She grinned back. He was a balding man, with brown, twinkling, eyes, and a small wisp of black hair mixed in with a lot of gray. He was of medium height, and was a little overweight, but he still looked happy.

"How old are you?" the man asked her.

"Daniel, she can't-"

"Eight," the girl answered in a heavenly voice.

John gaped, speechless. He glanced between the two, who were grinning at eachother.

"I have a granddaughter who is eight, her name's Alexia. Awefully pretty too, awefully pretty.

"What does she look like?" Angel asked.

Daniel started the engine of the car. "Well, she has black hair and brown eyes. He black hair's so silky and shiny, just like my daughter Christine's."

Angel put her hand on his shoulder, almost as if sensing his great torment.

"I'm sorry," she said. "She was a good person."

Daniel sighed heavily, not noticing that she had actually guessed that Christine had died. John had.

"How did you know that she died?" he asked Angel.

She looked at him and cocked her head, silent once more. He was enraged.

"ANSWER ME!" he yelled.

She blinked, then glanced outside the window in wonder at all the builings and skyscrapers of New York City. People were flooding the sidewalks. There was so much noise and excitement. A cab drove by, still an old model, considering that only the rich could afford hover crafts. She gasped as she saw and ice cream vendor.

"Ice cream, ice cream, get your ice cream!" he yelled.

Since it was a convertible, she heard every word. A few people were purchasing ice cream, whatever that was. A small boy let out a cry as he dropped his ice cream. His mother was trying to calm him down. He looked at the car as it came by. Angel waved, he waved back. Then, he found a new ice cream in his hand. He grinned and lapped it with his tongue while his mother fainted.

Angel turned back around in her seat, happy. John glared at her. Then he started massaging his temples, trying to calm down.

Daniel stopped at a red light. "Hey, eight year old," he said pleasantly.

Angel looked up.

"What's your name?"

"Angel," she replied. "Angel Chastity Skalia."

He looked surprised, but quickly hid it.

"Well then, Angie," he said, grinning, "I haven't formally introduced myself. My name is- drum roll please-" he drummed on the steering wheel, making her giggle, "Daniel Jacob Smith!"

"Green light," John said, agitated.

Daniel grinned sheepishly as cars started honking behind him. Angel or 'Angie' glared at John.

"Stop looking at me, ANGIE!" he yelled harshly, trying to scare her.

She didn't even blink, but turned her gaze back outside as they came to the Empire State Building.

"That there's the Emire State Builing on your left, and on your right, you'll see... I don't remember, but oh well! It's a building!" Daniel said, mimicking a tour guide.

Angel smiled.

"Thank you for telling me," she said.

"You're welcome, Angie!" Daniel said, grinning at her fondly.

John groaned.

"Must I remind you that we're going to KILL her?" John asked.

"Hey, here's a place that looks like an abandoned warehouse! This is our first destination, Angie!" Daniel said, ignoring John completely.

John glared. Angel looked out the winshield. The building was huge to her, about 2 stories tall. The word Warehouse was faded. Daniel drove around to the back. The Warehouse looked like any other old abandoned building. It had boarded windows and rotting wood on the outside. The structure itself looked as if it was about to cave in. A faint breeze brought in the disgusting smell of mold and decay. John made a face. Angel cocked her head at him.

"What are you looking at?" he asked, annoyed. (that phrase reminds me of Vegeta)

She didn't say a thing. He shuddered. Although he hadn't felt it before, he felt it now. It felt as if his soul was exposed to her, and she could see every evil act he committed. Daniel stopped the car and hopped out. He opened the door for Angel. She grinned as he held out his hand for hers, and put her hand in his.

"M'lady," he said.

John glared.

"Put a sock in it!"

His phrase snapped both the old man's and the child's attentions. Daniel sighed and hoisted Angel up, carrying her as if she were a small child. John made a low gutteral sound, but didn't say a word as he opened up a cellar door, and ushered Daniel inside. Then, glancing around, paraniod, he shut the door behind him. The rest of the city just carried on with their own lives, not caring about the three that had entered the building, not wanting to get involved.

The cellar door had masked what was an underground subway of some sort. Angel looked around, startled. The lights gave it a slightly eerie look, and the door to the brightly lit subway car was open, revealing a brightly lit interior. Although small, it was well armored and had bullet-proof windows. (I know, boooorrrriiiingggggg) John led the way until an agent with brown hair and eyes, wearing a black tux stopped him. He showed off his badge, and the man let him pass, looking at Angel with eyes full of hate.

"That her?" he asked John.

"Yes, Agent Q, it is..." John said, shuddering.

"We should just kill her now and be done with it," he said, taking out his automatic.

John grinned.

"I like your style, but no. For some odd reason, the President wants her kept alive for the time being. Nobody knows why..."

Agent Q snorted then glared at Daniel.

"Cheufer, you can put her down! She can walk, can't she?"

Daniel glared at the man, but Angel put a reassuring hand on his arm. One glance at her serene face, and he deposited her carefully, as if she was made of glass. Then he took her hand and led her into the subway.

"There's something wrong with that..." Q said. "I thought that after... well, you know, he'd be devoid of all emotions of love and pity for others. But her... why would he choose someone like her?"

John smirked.

"She reminds him of his granddaughter..."

"The bitch?"

"None other."

"We took care of her with ease, and had a little fun, if you know what I mean."

"I know, I was there."

The two men continued to talk. Meanwhile, Angel stood in the doorway, Daniel making a little 'restroom break'. She heard every word exchanged between the two. Her eyes narrowed with anger. Something horrible had happened to Alexia. Daniel returned and found her looking angrily at the two conversing men. He couldn't hear what they were talking about.

"Hey," he said.

She turned around.

"How about if we go sit down. John'll be here any minute now. He's probably just clearing up some things with Q."

He ushered her confused figure to a leather seat. She sat, but looked at him, confused. He just grinned at her. Then she asked a question that shook him to the very core of his being.

"Where, exactly, is Alexia?" she asked, cocking her head.

He looked ashen.

"They took her from me. They said that God needed her more than I did, and then, they tormented her beyond belief. I can still hear her cries, her screams, to this day. They did some very bad and dirty things to her. One being that they cut off her tongue. They said that they were looking for a very 'special' child. She wasn't the one. Then, they burned her body, and thew the ashes into the wind. That was the end of her."

Tears ran freely down the old man's cheeks. Angel looked terrified.

"And... Christine?" she asked.

He grinned despite his tears.

"Ah yes, Christine... They took her from me before all this. They made her one of... theirs. She stood there laughing as they tortured her daughter. Poor Alexia had been crying, hoping for her mother's embrace, pleading for her mother to call an end to all the pain. Christine was the one to cut off her tongue...," the old man paused with a shudder. "And I was there when it happened. You see, they had bound and gagged me, showing me what could be done with those who didn't follow their words. I was a d-doctor. I didn't follow their code. Instead, I saved thousands of lives, and for that, my granddaughter and daughter got my punishment."

"Daniel, when you said that it was your punishment, what about the 'special' child that they were looking for?" she asked.

Realization struck him.

"When's your birthday?" he asked in a rush, desperation struck him.

"October 15th," she replied.

He shuddered.

"That's the same day as my granddaughter was born."



"What exactly happened with Christine? Why would she sacrifice her daughter?"

He let out a laugh clouded with bitter irony.

"Yes, why would she... She was taken from me. Her and I, we built a machine called The Gemini, along with about ten scientists. We wanted to send her away to a better place. The main scientist, oh her name was Amber Skalia... your mother. She told me to protect you, of course, I never would've dreamed that playing possum to the Government would've led me to you... Unfortunately, she was... killed... brutally. However, her work had been finished. The Gemini is-"

"I know where it is, but don't say it out loud," Angel said desperately.

Daniel smiled weakly.

"Right," he whispered. "They could have this thing bugged. Anyway, back to the past... Not long after your mother, Christine's best friend, was brutally murdered, Christine decided to go after them by herself. She went to the Government Agency with guns and other weaponery. We thought for sure that she would... return. Well, she did,... only not like we had thought. She was brainwashed, Angie. After they got Alexia, they killed her, for she wasn't there when we had stored away the Gemini. She was at the office, saving an old woman's life. Of course, with no knowledge of the machine that they wanted to have in their posession, they no longer had any use for her... so, they slit her throat and wrists. She died in agony."

Angel looked deep in thought. When she finally spoke up, she made Daniel jump.

"That still doesn't explain how you got into this..."

"Ah, a change of identity can go a long way... My real name is Maxwell Jacobson. Alexia is really my granddaughter's name, but it's very popular nowadays. Also, I changed the name of my daughter, whose real name was Kayla. Even if this subway is bugged, I had to tell you. You had to know the truth, Angie... strange enough, I was there on your birth, when you were brought into this world with a shock of light and a deadly calm. At first everyone thought you were a mute, because even when we slapped your bottom, you still didn't make a squak, but when you were put down, and opened your beautiful eyes up wide, you cooed, and made everyone's heart melt. Even with that shock of silver hair and those eyes, you still made everyone feel at peace, almost like an angel. That's what your mother named you... Angel."

Suddenly, voices were heard coming closer. Daniel hastily wiped his eyes, and stared straight ahead. Both men entered and sat across from the man and child. Q was studying Angel, as she was him. John just stared out the window as darkness went by in a blur.

"So," Q said, "you must be Angel."

She simply stared at him.

"What's wrong, cat got your tongue? I know you can talk, so start talking..." Q said, angry.

She cocked her head. Daniel smiled. Q hit his fist on the handrest on his seat.


She glared at his outburst, but yet stayed calm. Then, he made an involuntary shudder.

'God,' he thought, 'it feels like she's reading my soul.'

He looked up and glared at her, then pulled out a knife. Her eyes widened, but she still said nothing.

"I'll give you to the count of 3 to say something..." he said, eyes dark with anger and frustration.


Daniel glanced up, deeply shaken.

"Angie, do it!" he urged.

She looked at him calmly.


"Angie!" he urged a little more forcefully.


Q walked up to Angel, who simply cocked her head at him. Then he cut her arm, letting a slow trickle of red blood seep down and grinned insanely.

"ANGIE!" Daniel yelled, but he couldn't do anything for fear of blowing his cover.

He watched in horror as Q brought the knife up again. Angel, surprisingly, looked quite calm.

"Still no voice, eh?" he asked.

He brought the knife down again, and made several clean sweeps with it, exposing more blood. He grinned, insane yet again. John suddenly looked up, frown on his face.

"Q," he said.

The other man looked up, startled, also coming back into reality. He stared in amazement at what he had just done.


John sighed.

"We were SUPPOSED to bring her back unharmed, remember?"

"Well... she-"

"Don't you dare say that she fucked with your mind... That'd be unbelievable. Why would she even... dear God, mother Mary," he muttered under his breath.

Everyone gaped at Angel as she looked down at her arm. The wound blackened, then disappeared before their very eyes. Then she looked back up and grinned. Q looked faint. John looked sick. Daniel looked as if he had just seen a miracle.

"Angie," he said, "how did you do that?"

John took steadying breaths, then said, "Yes, tell us."

Angel looked at him.

"Why did you swear?" she asked at last.

John looked angy.


"You swore. I thought that you said that you were a follower of God... Isn't swearing a sin?"

Everyone looked at him. His face turned red.

"Er, well uh, er, um..."

"We're here," Q said quietly.

John grinned.

"Well then, that's the end of THAT conversation," John said, then got out of the subway car.

Q followed after him, taking one last glance at Angel, then shaking his head. Daniel held out his hand to her, grinning shakily.

"W-well then, I guess that we're here, eh?" he asked.

Angel grinned.

"So we are," she said tranquilly.

He let out a shaky breath, then looked down at the child. Although she was eight, she seemed to posess some kind of power. He didn't know what to make of it, but it was strong. He was still unsure if it was good or evil. She cocked her head once again, almost as if she was reading his thoughts.

"Silly," he told himself.

She blinked.

"No, it's not," she said with emotion. "You are right, I do posess a power. I don't know exactly what it is yet, but I DO know that I can look at someone and see their soul and also mess with their minds, to some extent. I can read minds sometimes. I have the ability to heal myself, as you witnessed just a few moments ago," she said.

Then she cocked her head.

"I'm hungry, can we have some food?"

Daniel (or Maxwell) chuckled. Angel grinned up at him.

"Well, Angie," he said, reaching for her hand, which she gladly placed in his, "I know of the perfect place. We're on MY turf now, in Washington D.C.!"

He grinned down at her. Agent Q and John stopped walking at his outburst. They both turned around.

"What do you mean, YOUR turf?" Q asked suspiciously.

"I grew up here," Daniel said, as if it was the most obvious thing.

Q sighed.

"Right, I forgot. Mr. I-know-everything-about-Washington-D.C. Yeah, yeah. By the way, we're stopping at the coffee shop in the Underground, then continuing our journey on foot until we get into the Capitol Building. I'd bet that Angel there would like to see it," then he sighed, "but first... man, do I need a coffee!"

Daniel quirked an eyebrow, then grinned at Angel.

"Hey Angie," he said, causing the girl to look up, "looks like you really did a number on him."

The girl laughed softly.

"I guess I did."

***^_^*** (spiffy divider, isn't it?)

A few minutes later, they were at Joanne's Coffee Shop in the Underground. It was a building of stone and brick with no tell-tale signs of any real life, however, inside there was.

Inside, it was brightly lit with electricity. On the wall hung a picture of every President the U.S.A. had ever had. It started with George Washington, and ended with Alexander Hervak. Grinning, Daniel pointed out every President.

"Look, from that far corner is George Washington. He was one of the many patriots that fought in the Revolutionary War, or the starting of America. After him is John Adams..." he continued on, giving a brief description of all the Presidents.

By the time he had finished, a lady with curly grey and black hair came out, her face set in a scowl. She ushered them to a table, then gave them menus. Daniel grinned and sat back, watching Angel's confusion. Joanne waited patiently for them to order as she had no other customers.

"Angie and I will have the Cheeseburger and French Fry meal with two Sprites," Daniel said, calming Angel's anxious look with a smile and a wink.

John scowled at him.

"I'll just have a doughnut and a French Vanilla flavored coffee," he said.

Joanne nodded and scribbled on the pad that had appeared from the apron she wore. Then she turned to Q.

"I'll just have a... coffee. YES, a coffee, extra caffeine."

Joanne gave him an odd look as he started trembling.

"You all right?" she asked.

He looked up, startled.

"What? Oh, yes... yes... I'm fine, couldn't be better, eh heh heh heh heh," he said, grinning crazily.

Joanne sighed, then left, muttering about special agents not being able to handle their jobs. Agent Q lounged back and aimlessly tapped his fingers on the table. John watched his fingers, as they seemed to tap invisible piano keys. Angel and Daniel exchanged glances of humor as John's bored expression suddenly turned furious.

"WILL YOU STOP THAT?!" he shouted.

Q glanced up momentarily, then went back to tapping his fingers.

"I am a GOOD boy, I am a GOOD boy..." he muttered.

John's eyebrows snapped upward, then he looked an Angel, who seemed to be grinning.

"You," he said, directing Angel's attention towards himself, "leave him alone."

Angel sighed, and John stopped tapping and slumped backwards. John gor a feeling of butterflies dancing in his stomach until he heard Q snore. Not long after that, Joanne came back with the food, and Q snapped awake, almost as if he was a puppet being controlled by something. John's eyes narrowed suspiciously.

"Must've been tired," Q stated sheepishly.

Joanne still stood there, staring at him in awe. He frowned and gave her a if-you're-not-out-of-her-by-the-time-I-count-to-ten,-I-won't-hesitate-to-kill-you look. She fled with a look of fear. Then, humming, Q drank his coffee. All the others at the table sighed and did the same.

Daniel watched as Angel's eyes widened with appreciation as she bit into her burger. She had it gone within seconds, as if it was the best thing man had ever made. He had had better, himself. After a taste of Sprite, the carbonated drink was also gone within moments, as were the fries. Daniel gaped, then started devouring his own.

It wasn't long before they left, not paying Joanne any money because they worked for the Government. Daniel once again grabbed Angel's hand as they started walking through the pitch black tunnel. Q walked behind them with John in front, leading the way with a flashlight. The small beam of light didn't help the feeling of eerie fear within them all. After a few moments, they came to a ladder painted white.

"This is it," John said, grinning.

He grabbed Angel's hand and harshly yanked her away from Daniel. The old man looked up, surprised. The girl screamed.

"You two go the front way. I have to make proper introductions. Then we'll go to step B."

With that, he was gone, pushing Angel up the ladder in front of her. Q put his hand on Daniel's shoulder.

"Let's go, Danny boy, dont' want to miss the action!"

***^_~*** (heh, I love these dividers!)

Angel was forcefully drug down a secret corridor, away from the public. When they came out, they were in a room that was, for fear of using less acurate words, marked PRIVATE (note: no badness involved in that, there are a lot of doors marked PRIVATE in the Capitol Building, I've been there ^_^).

"Who is it?" a male voice asked.

The owner of the voice was lounging in a large leather chair, his back to the man and girl.

"Mr. President," John said.

"Ah John, I hope you brought me 'the one'. You KNOW what happens to failures. Failures make mistakes, and, of course I don't make mistakes, you people do," he said.

"Yes sir," John said, military style.

"So, is he here?"

"He, sir?"

"Yes, in order, the next one should be a boy... males always were the better gender."

"Sir, it's a girl."

The man stood up, his red-brown hair shining under the light. Then he looked at her, his brown eyes meeting hers, and she glared angrily. He smirked.

"Well, this is certainly a pleasant first. There's no crying, screaming, pleaing for lives. How... interesting."

John looked to the floor, avoiding the evilness that he could feel in the voice. The girl beside him was trembling with rage.

"So, I take it this girl is 'the one'?"

Alexander threw his head back in laughter.

"You expect me to believe... does she have silver hair?"

"I believe that it's natural, sir," John said, frightened.

"Odd... what a strange color... I wonder if it would make me rich..."

John cocked an eyebrow. The look on his face read disbelief.


"Never mind. We'll test her out-" he yelled, throwing a dagger at her before John even knew what happened.

John gasped and looked to the girl, who had caught the hilt with her hand, glaring.

"Well, well, well..." Alexander said, grinning. "So, girl, what is your name?"

Angel glared at him, refusing to talk. She placed the dagger in her white robe.

"What's wrong? Are you deaf, or just a mute?" Alexander asked.

She still didn't answer. His face began to get red.

"I DEMAND that you tell me who you are!" he yelled out.

Just then, the door opened, and Agent Q and Daniel stood in the doorway. Q was grinning, Daniel was relieved.

"Having communication problems with the bastard child, eh boss?" Q asked.

"How did you...?"

"Oh, believe me, I've seen way worse. If I were you, I'd kill her now, and end this incredible power. It's madenning!"

John aimlessly stroked his goatee, meanwhile, Alexander was looking as if he had just won a million dollars.

"Did you just say, POWER?" he asked.

Q looked a little confused.

"Yes, sir."

"And you want me to destroy it? When I can rule the world with it?"

"Well... now that you put it that way..."

"I DON'T THINK SO! GOODBYE PEST!" Alexander yelled.

Right before everyones' eyes, Q disentigrated. First his skin hung over, and fell off in clumps, then his blood ran out of his body, along with his vital organs and tissues and muscles. His brain, exposed to the air, fell to the ground. All that was left was his bones, which suddenly turned into dust and blew out of the room. His clothes had been peeled off with his skin. He hadn't even gotten a chance to scream or say anything. Alexander laughed maniacally. John looked green in the face, and bent over, as he could no longer keep the bile from escaping his throat, as he hurled. Daniel looked appalled.

"Dear God..." he whispered.

Alexander grinned at him.

"Did you really think that all I was into was Religion?" he asked.

Daniel didn't say a thing.

"I wasn't you know... I was after complete world domination. It doesn't matter to me if I rot in Hell for all my sins, just so long as I get to taste the Absolute Power," he said, then threw his head back and laughed more.

"You're insane," John choked out.

Alexander stopped.

"Oh, am I?" he asked.

He pulled out a gun. John's eyes widened as he reached for his, but was too late. The shot went through his chest, and out his back, blasting into the wall. John's face sat in a permanent scream as he looked at the wound, then collapsed. A few seconds later, his body exploded, sending chunks of mutilated skin and tissue, blood, brain tissues, and chunks of bone, scattering across the room. The debris hit everyone except Angel. She stood there, lost in silent horror, yet shielded from it at the same time.

Daniel frantically looked around the room, then decided that it was time to pull the plug on his greatest work yet. He pushed a button on his jacket, and a beeping pierced the room. Angel looked up at him, eyes wide.

"Daniel..." she whispered.

"Angie, you have to get out of here. This whole place is loaded with bombs, and is going to blow in 5 minutes."

"No," she whispered in horror. "What about you?"

"I have them on me too. This way, I'll get to see my loved ones again," he said, looking distantly.

"You're acting insanely," Angel said.

"Well, Angie, I promised your mother that I'd take care of you..."

"Well, take care of me!" she yelled.

"I don't want you to become involved in this suffering and torment. He must die," Daniel said, pointing to Alexander.

Tears ran freely down her face as she looked at him. Suddenly his face turned angry, startling her.

"DAMN IT, I SAID GOOOOOOOOO!" he yelled, startling Alexander out of his laughter. "You only have 3 minutes!"

"What?" Alexander asked, confused.

Daniel turned back to him, grinning. Angel broke out in a run, leaving the way she had come. The other way, agents had come to investigate the gunshot. Alexander looked in horror as she ran.

"NOOOOOOOOO! Agents, get her!"

The agents nodded and ran after her.

"There's something that you should know about me and her..." Daniel said, looking as the timer read 2 minutes.

"What could you possibly know?" Alexander hissed.

"How about my daughter Kayla Jacobson? How about the world famous scientist Amber Skalia? How about my REAL name, ass? Maxwell Jacobson?"

"No," the man whispered in horror. "I'm flawless... I never make mistakes... THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!"

Suddenly, and extremely loud beeping rang throught the room.

"One more thing," Daniel said as his counter read 50 seconds.


"That girl is Angel Chastity Skalia, otherwise known as Pure Angel. She's the angel of vengance! The Pure Angel! How about that for powerful? She's the daughter of Amber."

"NO FREAKING WAY!" Alexander yelled, going into hysterics.

"Yes, and you killed her, never knowing that her daughter was the one who you wanted. Sucks to be you."

Just then, the beeping stopped. Daniel looked down, then a smile crossed his face.

"Time's up..." he said.

There were loud crashing noises, as the whole Capitol Building went up in smoke and a giant mushroom cloud. The noise washed out one man's scream of terror. The onlookers watched in horror as they watched the whole thing. Angel climbed up a gray ladder that led to a drain cover, in the middle of the city. One of the agents grabbed her leg, but was thrown by the sudden shaking from the impact of the bombs. He lost his grip and she jumped up and ran deep into the city. Not that much later, she entered a subway, and was let on by pity from the driver. That drive got her all the way to the outer limits of the city. After that, the man gave her enough money to take a train to the Rockey Mountains.

***+_+*** (heh heh heh)

Not very many people could say that they were witnesses. She rode by herself, not talking to anyone, not paying any attention to anyone. The only time she actually spoke was to show the conductor her ticket (or is it passport, whichever). After she got into the mountains, she ran into a secluded cave, and looked at a big black machine. It could hold approx. 500 people. She pressed the key to start it, and sat back, feeling drained. The only friend that she had ever met had gave his life for her. Now she had nothing to live for, nowhere to go. Just a free spirit, hopeless and amounting to nothing. She fell into a deep sleep after her depressing thoughts. She slept for two years, not going to awaken until ten years of age.

A 12-year-old boy looked upon the machine in awe. His brown hair was covered by a Pepsi Cap, and his eyes were a greenish blue. In his hand was a case handle. The case was gray and plastic. He opened the door and looked down at a girl who slowly opened her eyes, which were a light blue, then he pulled out a gun and aimed it at her...

Stay tuned for chapter 2- Anger, Torment, & Devastation

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