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Pure Angel
Chapter 2- Anger, Torment, & Devastation

A boy sat on a small hill in the state of Kansas. The wind ruffled his hair that was peaking underneath his Pepsi baseball cap. His blue green eyes looked across the grassland, bored. Recollections of his past still ran through his mind to this very day.


Just six years ago, it had all started, the arrival of Anger and Torment. Nobody really understood why the two creatures came here. Although they looked like normal humans, with brown hair and eyes, they weren't. No, they were far more powerful. Electricity shot from their eyes, killing thousands within a 10 mile radius of where they stood. They never showed any mercy. Even worse, when the armies of the world tried to destroy them, Anger and Torment acted as if it hadn't even been anything more than a slight wind.

The boy shuddered, grimmacing and thinking about his older sister, who Torment had eaten in peices. The thought sickened the boy. His sister, rational thought clouded by rage, had given in to the hate within her heart. She charged blindly, tears streaming down her face, and Torment had turned around, grinning darkly, and had grabbed her by the arm. He then proceeded to rip it off, still grinning. She had been older than him, by about 10 years, and his being only 7 made him stay, frightened, in the shadows. He still blamed himself to this day, recalling the force in which he had proceeded to rip of her other arm, then both of her legs. She screamed in agony, blood gushing everywhere. Torment seemed to grow stronger at this, and clawed at her until her body was nothing but shreds of bloody strips. The screaming had stopped long ago.

A different method had been used to kill his parents, however. They had died a year before Ashley, his beloved sister, had. Their killing had been just as painful. Only Anger had killed them. His mother and father were outside, having told him and Ashley to stay in. They were standing by the pool, outside the house. Bray, their beagle, was tied to a doghouse nearby. Then Anger and Torment swooped down, ready to kill their first victims. His father, Lucas, had stood tall, protecting Paulina, his mother. Anger grew angry at this gesture of love, and spat at him. The saliva had a type of acid in it that would burn on contact with skin, and, unfortunately, it hit Lucas's eyes. Blinded, he screamed and covered them, to find steam coming off the wound, and his eyes no longer there at all. Paulina also screamed hand hugged him. They both cowered when Anger came right in front of them.

"Oh, how precious," he said, grinning maliciously, "but it's so SICK! The thought of weakness & caring fills me with a deep contempt, so deep that I think..." His eyes searched the premises and fell onto the two figures watching from behind a bush. "I think I'll kill your children."

"NOOOO!" Lucas said.

Then he and Paulina rushed desperately, hoping that somehow, they could tear his aim from the children. He grabbed them both by their heads and pressed hard, causing them to scream with pain. Then he walked over to the pool and thrust both their heads under the water. He managed to hold them both with one of his hands, while the other one stifled a yawn, ignoring the thrashing as they desperately tried to get loose. Then, the bodies fell limp, and he grinned and let go, happily watching the bodies sink slowly to the bottom of the pool. After that, he jumped in after the bodies, and the boy and girl could see blood rising to the top.

Ashley looked sickened.

"Come on Bry," she whispered, "let's go..."

Anger jumped out of the pool, laughing and enjoying himself. He then set his gaze on the two fleeing figures. He was about to run after them, when a beeping had interrupted him.

"ANGER!" a voice yelled.

"Yesssss fatherrrr?"

"I've got funner things for you to do..."

Anger flew up, meeting with a similar figure, then, both grinning, they flew off. Ashly was trembling as she held on to her little brother. He squirmed, and she let go, still shocked at the events that had played before her. Bryan then proceeded to run to the poolside, ignoring his sister's protests. He stood by the edge, then screamed. There, floating in the water, were the heads of his parents, bobbing like some sick bobber for a fishing line.


The boy pulled his legs to his chest protectively. His eyes scouted the terrain. There was no sign of Anger & Torment. Then, out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a flash of something metallic. He ran down the hill, carrying a gray plastic case, which was banging against his too long red T-shirt, and his jeans.

As he was approaching the machine, he could see that the exterior was black, and the machine was quite large. He could only look in awe at it. It seemed as if some scientist planted it here... He shook his head, clearing out the irrational thoughts. No, what if it was sent by the creator of Anger & Torment? He glared at it and started trembling. Then he straightened up and took a deep breath. Whatever it was, he'd have to investigate, even if it was what all the people who died in scary movies did. He walked foreward more carefully, so as not to put the creature inside on guard. His mind was set on what he would do, there was no going back now... He walked up to the machine, now seeing that it looked new and shiny. There was a door on the side, along with a button. He pushed the button, and the door opened with a loud hiss. His eyes widened in fear, and he dropped the case. At last the door was fully open, and sitting right in front of him was a girl. She had silver hair it seemed, although it was impossible and didn't make sense. He didn't understand how she could be sleeping. He didn't even understand where she got the white robe from. Then she opened her eyes, eyes that were a light blue. The startling resemblance of her to Anger & Torment was too much for him to take. His rage took over, invading all rational thought, and he pulled his gun out of his pocket and aimed. Her eyes widened, then softened, making confusion register in his brain.

"Do it if you're going to," she said softly.

It reminded him of an angel's voice. He started lowering his gun, then shook his head and took off the safety.

"What are you talking about?" he asked, angry.

She looked at him, then cocked her head.

"Well, I thought you were going to kill me."

She didn't seem harmful to him. He dropped the gun on the ground, then stared at the floor of the Gemini. Her eyebrows rose at his actions.

"Why'd you do that?" she asked

He glared at her.

"You didn't seem to be of any harm to me," he said softly.

She grinned.

"My name's Angie, what's yours?"

He looked up.

"Devastation, my name's Devastation."

She held her grin.

"Well then, would you mind telling me where I am?"

He gave her a look.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, this is a-"

"Look out!" Devastation yelled.

Angie, (she took the name Daniel gave her in case you're wondering) looked up, only to come face to face with a man floating above her. She glared.

"And who might you be?" she asked, her voice suddenly making Devastation feel a very dark presence.

He looked at her confused, and she looked back at him. He could've sworn that he saw a flash of white flickering in her eyes.

The man looked at her, grinning, then kicked Devastation out of the way. Devastation went flying and landed on his right side, scratching his arm enough to make it bleed. Then the man stood in front of her, still grinning, and did an overdramatic bow.

"I, beautiful girl, am the one who is going to deliver you your death. My name is Torment."

Angie smirked. Devastation sat up from where he was.

"No," he whispered, "no way. I can't be the last one alive."

Suddenly, a thump sounded behind him. He quickly spun around.

"Anger," he hissed.

Anger smiled.

"Aw, aren't you precious! You remembered my name! Now I'll repay you by making your death 1% less painful. I'll double that if you do a tap dance for me!"

Devastation glared.

"Not in this life."

Anger's grin was now mocking.

"What's the matter Bry-bry? Afraid of dying? It's the same place where your BITCH of a sister went! To Hell!"

Suddenly, Angie appeared in front of him, startling both him and Torment.

"If I were you, I'd watch your mouth," she said. "Didn't your mother ever tell that if you say dirty words, you'll get your mouth washed out with soap?"

"My mother was a whore! Oops, better make that a dead whore! She was a hooker from the street."

Angie made a face.

"And to think, you could've become something better to make her proud of you. Instead, you're a cold-blooded killer."

"I'm my FATHER'S pride!" Anger said.

Torment was starting to become a little anxious.

"When can I KILL her?" he asked.

Anger glared at his brother.

"Not yet. I want to have a little fun."

Torment started pacing the ground. Devastation's eyes followed his movements. Anger sighed.


"But I'm BORED!"

"Go play with a squirrel."

"But we killed 'em all!"

"Well, then go play with a dog!"

"We killed them too!"


Torment cocked his head.

"You know, the girl has a point."

Anger rubbed his temples.

"NOW what are you BABBLING about?"

"You DO swear too much."

Anger picked up a rock and chucked it at his brother. He missed, of course. Torment giggled.

"Do you know how bad this makes us look?" Anger asked.

"No," Torment said.

"Perhaps I should explain it to you... IT MAKES US LOOK LIKE THOSE DAMN HUMANS THAT WE HATE!"

Angie blinked.

"Really. Well, I'm a human, do you hate me?"

Anger grinned.

"Sure do. I'm just having some sport before I kill off the last two humans in this pathetic world. Then we move to another one, along with Father."

Angie had an interested look on her face.

"Would you care to tell me more about your Father? Because, you see, I never had one."

"Too bad for you, maybe you can meet one in Hell!"

Torment started hopping from one foot to the other. Then he started whimpering.

"Please, please, please?"

Anger sighed.

"Oh, all right! I swear that sometimes you have the brain capacity of a three-year-old."

Torment smiled.

"That's a good thing, right?"

Devastation started laughing. Anger glared at him.

"Right, I almost forgot about you."

The laughter stopped immediately.

"Ah yes, if I do recall, I'd promised that I'd kill you last! Well, here we are, and you're the last one alive, except for that girl... how odd, I can't even sense a power level on her."

Devastation smirked.

"That's because she's from a different world."

"Space travel?" Torment asked.

Anger's eyes widened.


Torment smiled.

"'cause I'm special, and you're not!"

Anger made a noise in his throat.

"It's not space travel," Angie said, calming him down with her voice.

"Then what is it?" both brothers asked at once.

"Dimension travel."

Anger snapped his fingers.

"Of course!"

"Father did that!" Torment supplied.

"SHUT UP!" Anger ordered.

Angie cocked her head.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, our father came from a different dimension on a machine called the Leo!"

"Leo? Another celestial body?" Devastation asked, mind already thinking.

"What are you guys TALKING about?" Anger asked, clueless.

Torment smiled.

"Enough of that, I wanna play, and you're the perfect playmates!"

Devastation reached into his pant pocket and produced a round, small, metal object. Anger started laughing.

"And what is that supposed to do, little boy?" he asked.

Devastation grinned.

"It's supposed to fry you bastards all the way to Hell!" he said.

Torment gasped. Anger grinned.

"Sure, kid!" he said.

Devastation still held his grin.

"Well, from what I witnessed of you two, you aren't very suseptible to lightning, right?"

Torment shuddered.

"Don't remind me!"

Anger smacked him upside the head.

"Idiot. So, Bry, what makes you think that?"

"Never mind now. I call this an amebae. It has the power to litterally fry your brains out!"

Anger smirked, then snatched it out of Devastation's hand.

"Not anymore!"

Angie glared, then ran straight at him. He was, however, still focused on Devastation, and didn't pay attention.

"Anger, LOOK OUT!" Torment screamed.

Anger smirked.

"Now what are you blabbering about?"

No sooner had he said that, then Angie had snatched the small object from his hand.

"Hey!" he yelled.

"Angie, throw it here!" Devastation yelled.

Angie did, however, Torment intercepted it, and kicked her into the ground. She breathed hard.

"You MONSTER!" Devastation yelled.

Torment bowed.

"Thank you, thank you, now YOU shall be the one to DIE!" he yelled.

Anger glared at his brother.

"What are you doing?"

Torment looked down.


"It doesn't seem like nothing."

Torment looked up.

"Give me the amebae."

Torment did so. Devastation sneered.

"You guys are so stupid, you probably don't even know how to work that thing," he said.

Anger glared.

"Do too!"

Torment looked somewhat shocked.

"Anger, maybe-"

"SHUT UP, TORMENT!... Hmm, lets see here now. Ah-ha! There's a button right here!"

"Wait Anger, don't push the-"

It was too late, Anger pushed the button, and lightning shot out, electrifying him.

"Angie, DUCK!" Devastation yelled.

He threw himself on her, and they both hit the ground hard.

"NOOOOOOOOOO!" both brothers yelled.

Then the flash of light was over, and Anger & Torment stood, smoking.

"Ah crap," Devastation said, trembling, "they're not dead..."

"He he he he he... I think I'm extra crispy..." Torment muttered.

"Shut up, you blockhead," Anger moaned.

Then he grinned malevolently at the two figures before him. But that didn't last for long.

"H-hey Anger," Torment said, glancing up at the sky.

Suddenly, a gold light shot down and surrounded the two. The two brothers looked up fearfully.

"Yes father...?" Anger asked.

The twos' gaze darkened.

"Someone to replace us? But we're all powerful, we're the best!" Torment protested. "We're your best creations!"


The two disentegrated, leaving Angie and Devastation staring in awe.

"Uh, Angie...?" Devastation said as he saw a small shiny dot in the sky. "I think we should be going... somewhere... anywhere... you know, as in taking refuge?"

Angie was silent for a long time, glaring at the dot.

"Hello? Angie? Um, I'd hate to break you out of whatever you're in, but... THERE'S SOMETHING COMING RIGHT AT US, AND AS I AM A GENIUS, I'D SAY THAT WE'D BETTER TAKE COVER!"


Devastation glared, then forcefully took her arm.


The two ran as the object came closer and closer. They ran inside and shut the door. Devastation was gasping for breath, Angie was starting up a control panel.

"That... was... a close... call!"

"Uh, Devastation?"


"You might want to sit in a seat, it's quite a ride! Pleasant dreams!"

"Pleasant... dreams?" Devastation asked, sitting in a seat. "What on Earth are you talking about?"

No sooner had he said that, then his head fell back, asleep. Angie did the same, and the Gemini disappeared from that dimension.


Two figures, one male, one female but both pink skinned with yellow hair and white eyes landed on the ground where the ship had just been. The female flipped her braided hair, the male just glared, his hair cut near his scalp.

"Hate, Repulsion," a spine-tingling evil voice said to them.

"Yes father?" Hate, the female, asked.

Her voice shook with power.

"I know where they're going. It's time for a little vacation!"

Both figures just looked bored.

"Why did you let the geeks destroy this world? We don't get any excitement? There's no way to test out our powers," Repusion said.

Hate smirked.

"We shall soon enough," she stated.

That made Repulsion also smirk.

"Well then, let's go... I wanna kick ass!"

They flew away from the clearing on the now desolate planet full of no life.


So, what'd you think? I know it's not as good as the last chapter, but the next'll be better. Sorry I didn't get this out sooner, I was REALLY busy and my mom wouldn't let me on my computer.


Preview of next chapter...

A girl was fighting a man. The girl had black hair and fiery red eyes. The man had gray hair and blue eyes. They were both weilding swords. The girl made a desperate cry, and lunged at the man, but he flipped her over. She landed on her feet. Then he charged, but she was too fast for him. She dodged and kicked him in the jaw. He went sailing backwards and hit a wall, but quickly jumped back. He thrusted his sword at her, and she blocked with her own.

"Very good, Rage," the man said.

"Thank you, Master Kenton."

"You're almost to a- whoa, what's that?"

He pointed to a silver machine. Rage glared at it.

"Could be evil..." she said.

She held her sword carefully as she approaced the machine, ready to attack...