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Pure Angel
Chapter 3- The Fire of Rage

Sounds of yells and screams erupted from a house. This house wasn't any house... it was the house of Imetzu and his grandaughter Rachel... or as she preferred... Rage. They were the best martial artists in Japan.

The yelling was coming from a girl with black hair and fiery red eyes. She was attacking a man with gray hair and blue eyes with a sword. As she was bringing it down, he did a back-flip and kicked her sword aside, then pointed his sword at her. She smirked, then did several back-flips to retrieve her fallen weapon. He charged at her, however, he was too slow and she grabbed the sword and blocked his blow with it. Then, she jumped up and they both smirked. They threw their weapons aside.

"You have improved, Rage," he commented.

The comment was a statement, not made for flattery, however, it was all she would get, and she grinned.

"Perhaps it's because you're just getting slow, old man," she replied.

His smirk faded. "Let's find out, shall we?" he asked, then got into attack position.

She did the same. Then, he attacked. She was ready for him and blocked as he did a series of punches and kicks, almost so fast they were a blur. Then he punched her in the stomach, and she groaned, clutching her abdomen and backed up, doubled over.

"Cheater," she moaned.

He smirked. "Never underestimate the opponent."

She stood up. "Right."

Then, she attacked. Her movements went by quickly also, but he caughter her off guard again and flipped her to her back. She grinned as he was about to jump on her, and did a back-flip from there.

"I see your time in the States has made you grow careless."

She glared at him. "No, grandfather. I had to go to my parents' graves. It was the aniversary of their..."

"Death," he returned.

Then he grabbed his sword again. Her eyebrows rose and she followed suit.

"It seems that we shall practice this today, eh Rage?" he asked.

She made a sound in her throat, knowing he was goading her, but still angry just the same. Anger could be used as a tool, but it could also be your demise. Rushing headlong into battle was a way to get yourself killed, especially if your eyes are clouded by rage. So, she shrugged the deep anger inside of her aside and got into a battle stance with her sword.

His eyebrows rose. "Perhaps you have improved... you didn't fly at me with-"

But then she let out a desperate cry and lunged at him.

"Or not," he said, grinning despite his serious demeanor.

Her eyes were clouded by anger and her focus was off, so he easily flipped her. But she was determined, and landed on her feet. She HAD to show the old man that she could be as good as, if not better than, him. Anger, subsided, she no longer was rushing, but he was on the attack. He charged, but she was too fast for him, and dodged and kicked him in the jaw. He went sailing back into the wall, but quickly jumped back. He thrusted his sword at her, and she blocked. He jumped back with a grunt.

"Very good, Rage," he commented, this time his voice was filled with... admiration?

"Thank you master Kenton," she mumbled, bowing.

"You're almost to a- whoa, what is that?"

She looked up, shocked that he had interrupted himself, and saw that he was pointing to a silver machine. She glared at it.

"Could be evil," she muttered.

She walked out the door, Imetzu Kenton a few seconds behind her and approached the machine, sword drawn, ready to attack. As she got closer, she found that it wasn't silver at all... it was black. It was so unlike anything she had ever seen, she didn't know how to explain it. It was big, and there was a button and a door.

"Rage... be careful," the old man said.

A small panic struck her, and she faultered in her step. Then, realizing what she was doing... what kind of an emotion she was feeling, rage replaced fear and she pressed the button without further hesitation.


The door opened and light filtered into the machine... making its inhabitants blink in blindness. Angie looked up and saw a girl with angry eyes looking into the interior. Her hand grasped an antique sword. Devastation looked at her and made an audible gasp, she immediately pointed the tip of her weapon at his neck.

"What the...?" he asked. Then he glared at her. "Hey... will you stop that? I ain't your frickin enemy!"

The girl stepped back, shock written on her face, and the two inhabitants of the Gemini got out. Angie, still wearing her robes, and Devastation, wearing his now fitting T-shirt and jeans. They had aged another year. That meant that Angie was now 11 and Devastation was now 13.

Rage, the age of 12, stepped back, shock still written on her face. Her grandfather was the one who spoke up.

"Who are you, and where do you come from? What are you doing here?" he asked.

Devastation shrugged and looked at Angel. The small girl with silver hair stepped up and looked directly into Imetzu's soul.

He took a step back, shuddering.

Rage glared at her, wondering what the girl was doing. She couldn't be any older than what... 8?

At last, the small, silver-haired girl spoke, a smile tugging the edges of her mouth, but not quite forming.

"My name is Angel Chastity Skalia. I am 11 years old."

'There blew my hypothesis,' Rage thought.

"And this is my friend, Bryan, or Devastation, Lee Raymark. He's 13."

He gave her a startled look. "I-I never told you... my name," he muttered, "or my age."

She just looked at him in a calm manner.

Rage glared. "What do you mean you never told her your name or your age? Where do you come from? What kind of people are you?"

Imetzu looked upon the strangers with hostility as well. "Yes, tell us now," he demanded.

Devastation was once again left to look at Angel for help.

She sighed and started to talk once again. "I come from a different dimension on a machine called the Gemini. Devastation here, comes from a different dimension as well. His was terrorized by monsters, which is what, I fear, will happen to your dimension as well. We are here because this is where the Gemini led us."

Imetzu looked thoughtful for a moment. "What happened in your dimension to make you leave?" he asked.

A wry smile tugged at the edges of her mouth, still not quite forming. "My dimension was ruled by a man so aweful, he put Adolf Hitler to shame," she muttered.

Rage glared at her. She knew the girl was hiding something, but she wasn't quite sure what...

"Come and sit down inside, wanderers, and tell us of your stories," Imetzu said.

Devastation, grinning gratefully, followed the old man to tell his story. Angel hung back, hesitant.

Rage saw this and also hung back. When the smaller girl looked up, she glared. "What exactly happened to make you leave? How could you get such a machine... since I take it that it is yours?"

Angel nodded. "It is."

"Well then what happened?" Rage demanded.

Angel shook her head silently. "I-I... I... can't tell you," she muttered.

Rage was about to further question the subject, when a series of crashes sounded from below where they were, in the city of Tokyo!

"What the hell...?" she muttered.

Angel looked shocked. "It... couldn't be," she whispered.

"What do you mean?" Rage demanded.

Angel didn't answer.

Out of impatients, Rage threw her to the ground. "Damn it! Tell me! What makes that kind of explosion?!"

Imetzu and Devastation ran out of the house.

"What was that?!" Devastation asked.

"Something is destroying Tokyo, and I think our little friend, here, knows what's going on," Rage answered, pointing to Angel.

More crashes sounded.

"Uh, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but shouldn't we go down and try to STOP whatever is destroying the city?" Devastation asked.

Rage glared at him, making him squirm a little. "You're right," she answered. "Grandfather, we must go!" Then she took off down the hill, running so quickly that Devastation almost couldn't follow her movements.

Imetzu took off as fast after one fleeting glance towards the strangers.


Devastation let out a long sigh. "Perhaps we should go back to the... Gemini, is it?" he asked.

Angel closed her eyes and sat where she had fallen on the ground.

"Hello...? Is anyone in there? This isn't the time to be playing crazy, whacked-up, spiritual girl, ya know. We should be going! I don't want to face anything that would probably be worse than what we faced in my dimension."

There was no sign of movement, not even breathing, from her.

"Ooooooo-kay... I'm not going to let this freak me out. I'm smarter than that. There's probably a logical explanation for all this... I just wish I could think of one now!... Are you even LISTENING to me?"

She still hadn't moved.

"About your past... I'm sure it must've been pretty aweful, but I don't want a repeat of mine, understand. I... DON'T... WANT... TO... DIE!"

Suddenly her eyes popped open.

"Great, now we can go back to the ship. Angel...? The ship isn't that-a-way!"

She sighed as she stood at the edge of the cliff. "I know."

He let out a sigh of relief. "Ok... SAY WHAT?! Don't tell me you're going after them!"

She looked over the terrain for the easiest path to take down. "Then I won't," she replied.

"Ok, now I'm relieved," he said sarcastically. "Hello, we're talking about serious suicide here. They can handle themselves."

She jumped down from the ledge. "No, they can't."

He stared at her as his mouth fell open. "You can't possibly mean... no no no no no NO! I refuse to believe it!"

She looked thoughtful. "They're somehow made like Anger and Torment."

If his jaw could drop any lower, it would. "You mean to tell me that we have another Anger and Torment on the loose?" he asked.

She was starting on the path. "Worse."

Alright, so I have one of a few choices to make, here. One, I could go with you to go rescue people who don't even LIKE you. Two, I could go back to the Gemini, start it up, and have some more versions of Anger and Torment stalk me, because if they're here, then we know they would. Three, I could commit suicide and be with my family, not having to worry about this again. Four, I could run around, screaming like a little girl, no offense," he said, counting off his fingers.

"None taken," she said, her voice sounding far away as she had somehow made it down the hill quickly.

"Or five, I could do the right thing and... follow you, which is probably the best thing to do," he admitted, courage catching up with him. "So, WAIT UP!"

He ran down the hill, tripping quite a few times, but making it just the same.

She waited for him, and they entered the city, which was silent and desolate together. Surprisingly, they could find no bodies to show how many casualties there were. Then again, they couldn't even hear Rage or her grandfather either.

"So," Devastation whispered, "how do you know it's from the same creator?"

She didn't answer him, looking focused, then she opened a door. The building had Japanese writing on it, so neither one of them could tell what it sold. Inside, it was brighly lit, and it looked like some kind of small clothing store, only everything was painted in red, and it didn't smell like paint. It had a certain reek to it that reminded Devastation of... blood? He reached into his pocket and got a pocket computer and took a sample of it. It was wet and sticky. The analysis took a second and he gasped silently.

"Angie, it's blood," he whispered.

"I know," she answered, also in a whisper, then placed a hand on the railing that led upstairs.

They could hear two muffled cries. They sounded like Rage and Imetzu. Then they heard another female and a male. A door was shut and Angel slowly opened it. It creaked loudly. Devastation gasped and closed his eyes, waiting for something to blow the door down. Surprisingly, nothing did. When he opened his eyes, he found that he stood alone. He hurried to catch up to Angie, running inside the room, then caught his throat at the millions of mutilated bodies that he saw piled on top of one another. There was no way to get through to the other side, and the stench of the bodies was enough to make him gag. How did she get over the pile of bodies? They were piled to the ceiling! Better yet, how could so many bodies fit into one room? He made an angry sound in his throat, then pouded the wall. It was enough to trigger a switch that opened some kind of a door. He smirked to himself.

"Sherlock Homes, eat your heart out," he muttered, then made his way to the opening in the wall.

It was damp, dark, and smelled of the same stench. How did Angie know that everything would be in this place? Was she some kind of psychic? He shook his head, not wanting to know at the moment. He had another good question to add to his already growing list. Where was she?

He got to the end of what had to be a tunnel, then found himself face to face with a dead body. He gagged despite himself, for the body had been torn to shreds, then pieced back together, almost like some sick jigsaw puzzle, however, one strip on the face was gone, and a few worms were already burrowing in the open wound, rotting the body away. The scientific part of him told him to push the body aside. But the cowardly side of him, the one that he had been listening to ever since hearing the ever familiar explosions, had told him to go back now, before it was too late!


Angel walked into the room that Rage and Imetzu were battling the two strange people in. As the female... it looked like a female, saw her, she grinned, her grin showing blood stains and a small piece of human tissue stuck between the front teeth.

"Come to join the party, eh, girly?" she asked.

Rage turned around to look at the smaller girl, then got kicked straight in the jaw, her head snapping, and her body flying backward, into the wall that was inches from Angel.

The smaller girl's eyes widened in silent horror, and she knelt down to the fallen girl.

The girl's head was a little misshaped, and placed to one side, permanently. Her body no longer took in any breath, and the lady smiled malevolently at Imetzu, who was screaming bloody murder. Blood started to pour from her ears, and slowly, piece by piece, her skin started to fall off.

"NOOOOOOO!" Imetzu screamed, and he dashed toward the two.

They looked at eachother and grinned, no longer paying attention to the dead body of the girl who once called herself Rage... or of the other girl with the silver hair who ran toward the body.

Angel placed her hands on the other girl's shoulders and closed her eyes, deep in concentration. A white light seemed to glow on Rage's skin, making her seem like an angel or a ghost. The misshape of her head, slowly disappeared, as her head was snapped into place. Then, as if on command, her brain turned on, and she let in a deep gasp for air. As she was doing this, her eyes popped open, and she looked at the other girl as her memory suddenly returned with a loud crash. She remember the pain as her neck broke, then nothing... she had... died?

Her grandfather's body went hurtling into a wall, then, just as quickly, the male of the two pounced on it and ripped it to shreds.

Rage screamed in horror. Angie placed her head down in silent mourning.

As Rage saw her grandfather's body get mutilated, it was as if a spark had gone off in her head. She felt a deep fire within her and was unable to control it from coming out full swing. It surprised her tremendously that it actually did come out from her hands. It covered the man who revealed his name as Repulsion to her. Then, burnt flesh was smelt, for although these two were more powerful than Anger and Torment, their design by their creator made them not as able to regenerate themselves. So, the woman who called herself Hate screamed as the flames also consumed her. However, she was able to put them out, unlike the man who she had called brother.

Her eyes moved frantically around the room, then settled on the girl who was producing the fire. But how? Wasn't she dead? Then her eyes settled on the girl with the silver hair. Could she have brought the other one to life? Then, the flames consumed her once more and she gasped as the pain came rolling in on her body. How could this happen? She and her brother were the best creations of the doctor! Suddenly, a ray of light shone down and she felt herself being lifted up.

"Father!" she yelled happily.

It was at that time that Devastation decided to make an appearance. He was carrying some kind of gun, and shot it at her while she was still floating up. She blew apart once the bullet entered her body. Her smirked, then pointed the gun at Repulsion. He, too, blew apart.

Then, the light disappeared, and a male voice screamed swears at them. He had to be the creator.

Rage took deep breaths and calmed herself enough to stop the fire that had been burning on the floor. Then she looked at the corpse of her grandfather. She couldn't even make him out any longer. It was then, that she felt a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

She looked to see who had done it, and was confused to find out that it was the strange, silver-haired girl. The girl smiled compassionately, and for once, Rage didn't blow up at the compassion or sympathy. Then, Devastation walked over to them.

They silently walked out of the store, each one of them pondering their own question. Police sirens sounded. They were too late, but that was alright, because they probably would've died anyway. Then, the three walked back up to Rage's house. She invited them in, and they accepted, receiving a glass of water.

"You know," Rage said softly, "they're probably going to turn me over to the Social Service place. I don't want that, to be put into some adoption home... I just don't. My grandfather was the only one who really understood me. He was the only one who was willing to do what really mattered. He was willing to love me for who I was. And now I'm sounding sappy, but that's just fine, because I can pound you guys to a bloody pulp if you laugh at me. He was willing to teach me his martial art skills and for that I'll always be grateful. But that voice that we heard. It was so cold... and mean... and, well, EVIL. It set my blood cold. I KNOW whoever this 'father' of theirs is can and will strike again. And from what they told me and grandfather, they know you two. Therefore, I am going to go with you, and if you beg to differ... well then, I'll- I'll... I'll just have to hijack the machine!"

"You can come with us," Angel consented.

Rage smiled.

Devastation groaned. "Nooooo, I don't want weird pshycopathic girl to come with us! What if she suddenly decides to barbeque me?"

Rage's smile disappeared. "I was never able to do pyrokenesis before. And I was sure I had died. Angel, what did you do to me?"

Angel looked calm still. "I healed you, and gave you life. By doing so, you received a small part of me that coincided with your personality."

Rage smiled again, only this time it looked hesitant. "Thank you-I think. Well, at least I saved the day."

Devastation glared. "What do you mean YOU saved the day?! I was the one to blow the two of them to smitherines. Kaboom-splat-pow! It was awesome. I AM a genius!"

Rage glared at him also. "But if I hadn't set them on fire, you wouldn't have had the chance to blow them up! They were suspended for crying out loud! An idiot could shoot them!"

"Oh yeah?!"


"I don't think so!" Devastation yelled.

"I do!" Rage yelled back.

"No way!"

"Yes way!"





Angel's voice was quiet but it still grabbed their attention. "I wonder why this doctor or creator or whatever he is is trying to destroy all the dimensions... what could he possibly achieve...?"

The other two fell silent.

Rage was the one to talk. "I'm getting my sword. Let's get out of here! All this talk is creeping me out!"

"That's just because you know I saved the day!"

"No, you didn't."

"Yes I did!"

Rage hit him over the head, knocking him out. "No, you didn't," she muttered. Then she turned to Angel. "Would you mind helping me carry his body to the machine?"

Angel smiled. "Not at all."

Then Rage fastened her sword case around her body, smirking. "Good."

Not long later, they were in the Gemini, blasting off to a new dimension.


A shadowy figure sat on a chair, approving his new creations.

"Good, now rise. It was a good thing I found your bodies and mended them," he said.

John sat up, smiling. "I agree."

Q also sat up, only he had a groan. "My head hurts."

The figure shook his head. "Well at least I have one success. Now, go and bring me this girl with silver hair that you have told me about. I would like to meet her face to face."

Q and John bowed. "Yes Dr. S-"

"Nuh-uh-uh. You must never call me by my name."

Q smiled. "Yeah, because the bad guy never says his name until the good guy appears and goes *gasp* IT'S YOU!"

The doctor laughed evilly, making Q shudder.

"But I'm not bad," he said. "I'm doing everyone a favor, by destroying humanity before they destroy themselves, and benefiting in the process. Soon, my divine creations will fill every dimension!

John laughed also. "Good plan, sir."

Q looked ill. "Uh, sure, I think."

Then they were sent down to search and destroy all life on Earth.


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Chapter 4- Deja Vu

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