Hate is the world to come

Drives the lightness out with dark

Fills the mind with evil thoughts

Your body will only follow

It's coming soon

And will die quickly

So be warned by the signs

Of Hatred and Jealously

You'll find the light at the end of the tunnel

All you have to do and capture it

And the world will be safe

From Evil

Delly Bronze never had a normal life. She sometimes wanted one, but never got it. She wanted to feel needed—to be wanted by someone. But she felt used and only pain. Her boyfriend didn't love her, sometimes she thought, he never even liked her. The lies he told her came back to haunt her.

She was doing poorly which wasn't any different. She was never really good at school, never really liked it either. Her parents forced her to do her homework. Brought down the strict rules if failure.

By the time, Dell turned sixteen; she was giving up on life. On things she used to love, no she wasn't on drugs or anything. Everything she once loved to do, became nothing but bored games and wasted time.

What she doesn't know is that her life would change dramatically when she moves to a new town that already knows of her. Well, Bronze do have a record of family conflicts and some other things dealing with the past.

Meeting new boys, new friends and some new enemies, would it bring her deeper into depression and the brick of destruction or will it turn her world light again. In hopes of a fairy tale coming her way.

A.N.- Sorry for the shortness, but it's only a prologe. I don't know if the poem above will go along with the story, but if it does it does. If it doesn't, it doesn't. And yes, I did write that. No stealing it!

Oh and please, if you don't like it so far, don't reply with a nasty comment.

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