Thanksgiving was right around the corner, and Katrina was allowed to drive back to Michigan. The only problem was that she was a little delayed in coming home, due to an unexpected snow storm. So instead of driving back, she and Katie met in the park with Katie's siblings and built snowmen. They also went skating on the local ice rink. (It was a slab of concrete that the city had poured water onto. In the summer it was used for skateboards and Rollerblades.)

Only Katie had ice skates, so the Katrina and Katie's siblings skated in their sneakers. Unfortunately, the weather was clear the next day, so Katrina had to go back home.

A snowball hit her car as she was leaving, and she looked in her rear view mirror to see Katie grinning and waving. She waved back, and called out the window, "Just wait until the next time I see you, then you're gonna get it." Katie just stuck her lounge out and laughed.

Katrina was amazed at how you could tell where you were in the US by how much snow there was. By the time she got to Kentucky, there was hardly any snow. By Tennessee, she was rolling down her windows, and taking off her sweatshirt.

When she finally got to her dad's house, she grabbed a small mini cooler as she got out of the car, and held it carefully. Ashley was sitting in the front parlor, embroidering, when she walked in. "Hey Ashley is Chris here?"

"Yes, honey, he's in the backyard with the band. Why?"

"I brought back a little present for him." Her smile was mischievous, and her laugh pure evil.

She could here the band arguing as she got to the door of the barn where they practiced. "Hello." she called out, hiding the cooler behind her back. "Hey Chris, can you take a break for a minute, I have something for you."

Chris looked surprised. "Yea, what?"

"Oh it's a surprise, I saw it and thought of you, so I had to bring it back."

"Thanks, but we're kinda busy here."

"Oh I know, but trust me, this will only take a second."

"Yea sure what is it?"

"Well close your eyes and hold our your hand."

Chris looked at her, and decided it was best to get it over with. Plus he was touched that she had gotten him something. He closed his eyes and held out his hand. "Alright give it to me."

"Oh I will." Katrina pulled the cooler out from behind her back. Inside was a partially melted snowball, she took it out, and walked behind him. She put her fingers to her lips, and playfully glared at the rest of the band when they started to snicker. Then she dropped the snowball down Chris's shirt.

"WHAT THE- HEY WHAT WAS THAT?" Chris shouted. By now the whole band was in hysterics.

"Don't you like your present?" Katrina asked, faking innocence. "I remembered you said you'd never really seen snow, so I brought some back for you."

"Why you little-" Chris growled, and lunged for her, but she was to quick and leaped back, taking off running for the house, laughing the whole way. Chris felt his shirt, that was now quite wet, and felt a reluctant smile tug on his lips. She'd gotten him good, he'd have to admit that, she got him that time. The snowball helped clear the air with the band, as only laughing at someone else's misfortune can do.

They got back down to work, music once again flowing through the air.

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