Chris was beginning to think his mother was seriously nuts. She was flying around the house, talking so fast he could hardly understand her. All he knew was that his stepsister was coming to live with them, and it wasn't something he was incredibly pleased about. He had met her at their parents wedding, and she had come to stay with them a few times. She rarely said anything, and acted like she couldn't wait to leave. She was also a stuck up goody two shoes. And she was coming to live with them. Well hopefully she'd stay out of his way. And he was praying that she wouldn't cling to him in school, and attempt to get in with his friends. He sighed. Yea right, he was a football player, and was at the top of the food chain so to speak, what girl wouldn't want to get in with them. He hoped she'd at least not make a fool of him in front of everybody.

"Chris, why are you just standing there? They'll be here any minute, and this house is a mess." Just then he heard a car door shut. She was here. "Go help your sister get her things" Chris sighed again. Great, she probably had a ton of boxes too. All full of shoes too. He slowly walked to the door and was surprised when he opened it. Katrina was carrying in a box that was almost as big as she was. He could tell it was heavy by the way she kept adjusting it. "Here, I'll take that for you" he offered.

"Thanks, I got it. Just hold the door please."

Chris was to surprised to do anything else. Steve, his stepdad followed her carrying another box. He looked resigned. Katrina set the box down inside the door, and walked out again. Ashley, his mom met Steve in the doorway. "How was the drive?" she asked him worriedly.

"Other than to say which boxes were hers at the airport, she hasn't said a word. She's just like her mother when she gets mad," he sighed, "which unfortunately means we're going to need to be prepared for the blow-up"

Chris wondered at that. What kind of blow-up he wondered. Was it possible his stepsister wasn't the quiet little mouse he had originally thought? He walked out to see. "Hey," he said, as friendly as he could. Katrina looked at him, and adjusted the box on her hip. "Look, I know you don't want me here any more than I want to be here. So I promise to stay out of your way, if you'll do the same."

Chris stood with his mouth hanging open, as his stepsister walked in the house. Had she really, no, she couldn't of, but then suddenly it all made sense. All those late night whispered talks he had heard, the phone calls from Steve to his ex-wife, everything. He suddenly pitied her, she hadn't wanted this any more than he did.

Later that night as Katrina was finishing unpacking, her stepbrother, Chris came up. "Mom says to tell you dinner's ready."

"I'm not hungry now, thanks anyway" she replied softly. How could she even think about eating when she was miserable? Plus if she got desperate she still had a pbj in her bag. She had made it to take on the plane, but filled up on peanuts instead. She glanced up to see Chris still standing in her doorway. "Yes, is there something else you needed?" she asked, a little rude, yes, but she'd already given him his answer and figured that would be it.

"So about school on Monday..."

"What about it?" Katrina was so not looking forward to it. She had survived her freshman year of high school, and was looking forward to being a sophomore at her public school back home. Then out of nowhere she's told she's going to be going to school here, and attending private school no less, and wearing a uniform. She was not happy.

"Well, I guess, you know I have a bit of a reputation and, well you're not quite-" Chris paused, unsure of what to say. He had originally planned to tell her to stay out of his way, but that just seemed rude now. Especially since he now knew her moving here was not her fault.

"I'll stay out of your way, you stay out of mine?" Katrina asked, eyebrows raised. "I'd already planned on telling you that. I know that me being here is not your fault, and I hadn't planned on punishing you just because I got stuck here. One of us being miserable is enough." She grabbed her keys from the floor and calmly opened another box. She smiled. Inside was a huge frame of pictures that a friend had done for her. She stood up and set that next to the wall. She walked back to the box surprised to see Chris still standing there. "Is that it, or was there something else?"

"Yea, I mean no, that's it, so I guess I'll see you or something."

"Well we are living in the same house."

Chris had been taking his time to really study his stepsister. She wasn't very tall, she came to about Steve's shoulders, and he was quite short. Her hair was thrown on top of her head, and held there by some miracle, though it didn't look like gel. It was brown, but when the light hit it you could see some red, and across her face, was a thin chunk of blond hair, that she kept tucking behind her ear. Her glasses hid her eyes, but he had a feeling that was done on purpose. He didn't know anything about her body, because she was currently wearing a t-shirt that was at least a size to big, and it covered her entire torso, as well as her butt. Her jeans looked like they'd seen their better days, but those to were hanging on. Well it would be interesting to see where and if she fit in at all. At least she wasn't going to be bothering him. He turned and began to walk out the door when he tripped over something. Upon closer inspection it looked to be a child's shoe. "Hey I think you must have gotten one of your sister's shoes." He held it up so she could see.

"Hmm?" Katrina looked up. "No that's mine, just leave it there for now."

Chris just shook his head and walked out the door.