I have so many doors
in an octagon room
with only one key
and more hidden somewhere
under the ceramic floor bored.

I thought I was building a wall
- a wall around all the things I hate
I must have been blind
must have been lacking concentration
when I spin in all directions I find
I built it around me.
& all that's left in here
is this damned devil tree
leading me into a lapse of temptation.

I have so many.
so many, but only one choice
one way in
no way out
hopefully my only door
leads to route: 'Erica's inner voice'
because I must have built it outside
with everything else
that made me - me.

I'm thirsty for knowledge
and sick of this overbold drought.
no reason to peak
I'm going that way anyway.
So I'll take a second to just breathe.
I'll Open the door
I'll step onto the platform
I'll dive deep with a perfect form into waves of obstructions
I'll overcome them all
& I'll to come face-to-face with me.