Too good

Did you ever feel you found the perfect person

The one you wanted, exactly like that


But what if he's too good for you

Too good to be true

And you know it's real

Not just a fairy tale

Not prince charming

But flawless

Not one thing to change

Exactly why he's not for me

And never will be

It's not a dream

He's there, he exists

Still, you will never have him

Says a voice in my head

And I want to shout

I want the voice to walk out

I want I say it can be real

But deep down I know

The voice is right

And I will no longer fight

I will accept destiny

I will accept he's too good for me

Just like an angel for me to see

But not to have

Never to have

He will never be yours

Repeats the voice

And I have no choice

But to hear it

I know, I know

I don't deserve perfection

But can't I dream?

Never will be…

Never will be…

I hear echoes of your voice

My music is so loud so I won't hear you

But no matter what I do

You sound here

Never will be…

Just too good…

Leave me alone!

Let me dream

Let me have a moment

Before I say goodbye

Before I star to cry

'Cause he's too good for me

And we are not meant to be