Author's Note: It feels so good to complete a poem after about a year's worth of absence. Actually that last poem I wrote was written for class, so it's been about a year and a half since I've just written something from the heart. I really hope this poem is satisfactory because I really have missed writing and I hope I still have it. I have been writing since 3rd grade and now I'm nearing the end of my sophomore year of college…I hope it isn't time to call it quits…I'll probably make several revises to this anyway before I left it alone for good.

I had to return, however, because in high school and even first semester of my freshman year of college, the way I coped with things was that I wrote. Things had been going decent for a while, but drama and stress has made an appearance, so it's time for me to go back to writing.

One thing about writing, you can make up your own words meaning I know that some of the words I used aren't in the Oxford dictionary.

Welcome Back

After Jesus Christ,

Writing is my true love

Because when I confide in those ink stained lines

I don't have to jump in the pool of realization

To find out they're just "Bullshit: the Superstar Sensation"

Or when I take comfort in the typed curvaceous indentations

There is no Betrayal Soda that sprayed in my face

After so called friends gave me the shooked-up case

In writing I can easily erase


Too bad I can't erase

The dumb ass little girl mistakes


When I glance in the mirror

The ricocheted image of the girl -

Lip Tip Jip

You know the girl who put her lip

On her guy's tip

And in the end got jipped

Erase the memory of my sistah

When I reached out to touch her

Discovering that mirage of friendship

A mirage of something that was never really there for me to grip

Like I grip

This pen

When I whisper my secrets to paper

I don't have to make-up my hickey of despair

Of trustin'/lovin' something/someone that was never really there

Appearance painted with Foundation De La Deception

Creating that falsified flawless perception

Traces of my lips

Stick and stain

Because vocalizing my vocabulary I won't abstain

From being victimized

In the daily assault

From the stab wound - "people aren't really shit"

My weapon, my protection is that I can speak and write and tell tales (realties?) about

Nappy headed boys with braids in their hair too long

Interested in Lip Tip Jib

Or ghetto girls, with ghetto behinds

Giving me incomplete puzzles

And expect me not to find the truth pieces

Truth is

Whether male or female

You can't trust none

In fact

Their sex organs blend into one

Hard ass thugs with pussies, hips, and breasts

Bitches with elongated penises to caress

My poems

You have no sex

So you never impregnate me

With promises and then neglect



You embrace me with open arms

Your arms embrace my uniqueness

My stubbornness

My individuality

Nonconformity –

Our relationship, it describes

Our love, nontraditional

So when we are intimate

It doesn't necessarily mean sexually

However, when do I expose myself to you

Complexion blotchy – cheeks dull – lips colorless –

Eradiated of trustfulness makeup set –


We make love with such intensity

That I'm out of touch with reality

Out of touch with reality - our offspring seems,

(Born freed from Foundation De La Deception

Eye shadow Duo - Skewed Perception

Treat Me Any Way And I'll Still Stay Lipstick Collection)


Etched with detailed precision

Of the way that I feel and this is how I deal

When the Foundation De La Deception is smeared

Uncovering the fact that no one keeps it real

With me

They killed

The notion of trust

But I trust that

You will always mirror my realness

As long as trust is a must

I crumble my outer layer crust

Swallow my pride

I am sensitive inside

That I relied

On tears I cried

To alleviate the hurt inside

Although I have been gone way too long

Our reunion won't be prolonged

A white page of silentness ready to be attacked

And Voice of Creative Expression, my lover, poking me, saying:

"Welcome back!"