Inside the silence of your mind,

Your soul hardens like a shell,

An Overture of the end,

And enters the coming hell.

The perception of the sky fades into darkness,

And the people start chanting,



Merciless pain has gripped itself around me,

Stealing my hope.

Like a noose around the neck,

He takes away what we need most,

With a hole in the rope.

You leave us here,

Your selfish pride constricts us,

These chains hold us back,

As our lungs fill with black dust.

Fear and pain holding me back,

My body and mind want to sunder,

Help me break from this prison you got me in,

Before this dying soul tears me from under.

Your begin to break down,

Your impulses fail,

Your reflexes die.

You cannot break your own chains,

No matter how hard you try.

The ground quakes,

The earth shakes,

You finally snap,

As your foundation breaks.