Feed me iambs
So I can love in ups and downs
and not lose track of your eyes that are like puppets
To your smile, while I try and feel a gap in this stagnant
Sell me your bruises;
Too bad the wreckage and wounds of our hands
look alike, and the most worthwhile of things
are those buried deep near bleeding limbs;
So can we dig
upward for a while
before I am sent down back to
Vivify me tenfold
Until my pickaxe sweats and combusts
like lovers
and until we've gotten so low yet so far up
That we burn.
I trip- Both our hearts are of
Make of my progress a hindrance
So we can both drown engulfed into our success;
Whatever happens now
I hope it involves us lying on our backs in the pouring rain
Wondering how in the world we
Were brought down by an inch of