Yeah... I really don't know why I wrote this. It was just in me, wanting to get out. I was listening to that song too much. Listening to it, trying to figure out it's message, and then it hit me: it was about death. How wonderful. My favorite song was about dying.
On a happier note, I like this freestyle-type writing. It just works.


Release, o sweet release
I surrender, I give up
May the ocean's great waves take me
May majestic seas release me
May the ocean rain its storm of raging horses o'er my head
May the sea take my life from me
May the broken ocean steal me
May the mis'ry of my life wash from me with the flowing tide

Take me away
Take me from this black sand I stand on
Wash me from where I stand on this beach
To somewhere far from my old life
Could I fly away
Could I fly to someplace safe
Could I fly to a distant land
Might I just be free

Set me free
Take the chains from 'round my wrists
Let me jump into the churning waters
Let me pass into never
Send me elsewhere
Send me far away from here
Send me flying
To this distant world

Rush of ancient water
I feel its power in my skin
I can taste the salty water
As the waves come crashing over
I am drowning, I am sinking
I can feel my release
I am drifting
I am sailing far away

Release, O sweet release
I surrender, I give up
I am taken by the ocean
I am free