Caitlin Vandewater 4/26/07

English: Poetry Unit3rd

Three objects: my bed, my alarm clock, and my favorite pen

My Bed

Welcome confusion, as your enter into my realm,

The chaos that is my life.

I enter the house everyday with

People running to and from gathering knowledge

and throwing it away at the door.

Screaming, running, carrying on,

A million voices telling a story

And I find my escape upstairs

Crashing into the soft pillows,

Burying my troubles away,

Ignoring the chaos downstairs

Enjoying my escape from the world.

Alarm Clock

Rhythm of beeping,

Wakes me from my slumber,

Ringing just loud enough to

Wake only me. curse my light

sleeping, for I am the only one

to wake up at the slightest noise,

but being awake at quarter after

six is the price I pay for setting

my alarm so early thinking it

will help me clear my mind,

and as I stare at the bright

green letters of my alarm clock

I try to grip on to the last moments

Of my dreams and of my precious

Teenage beauty sleep.

Blue pen

Creative passion flows as

The ink touches the paper

Magnificent details, similes

And metaphors flowing from

my head through my hand and

my beautiful pen producing words

that soon become sentences, then

into a novel, where the characters

fall deeply in love but conflict

Is all around them, tempting them

And in the end they prevail. By the

Time I am done with my work,

The page is filled with doodles

Of monsters and shapes from unknown

worlds and the ink from my beloved pen

is smudging across the page revealing

my inner self confessing my darkest secrets

until the inspiration is gone and left for another

day, another chapter and a new story.