The room was dark and fifteen carefully counted bodies were on the cold floor. Smells of rotting flesh could choke even the most un-pleasant of characters. Suddenly, the bodies began to writhe, waking up. The whites of their eyes had turned a blood red, as flaps of flesh stuck to the ground, outlining where they had been moments before. They crawled around the room, clawing at each other, screaming through the darkness. A small boy watched the events unfold, sheer terror imprinted upon his face. He tried to shrink away from the bodies, but they kept reaching for him. One got a hold of him, its fingers tightening about his throat. Before he could let out a sound, lights turned on, blinding everyone. A woman stood in the doorway.

"Welcome... to reality TV," she said through bright red lips.

An uncontrolled scream sounded through the boy's parted lips as the camera zoomed out, soaking in the full view of the scene. The woman smiled at the boy, all of her perfect white teeth showing, ready for TV. Tears poured down the boy's dirtied cheeks as he stared at her, his eyes glazed over.

The woman talked, so rehearsed, into the camera, "Welcome to Last One Standing!

A man appeared beside her, his hair combed neatly back against his head, the same cheesy smile engraved upon his face, "Where we push you to your Limits!"

"Now folks, don't think of this as just torture, things are sure to get zany and wacky!"

"Today we have a special little boy."

"He came all the way from-"

"Ireland - That's right, IRELAND!"

"And he will be a vital part of your first challenge!"

"That is...if he can make it to the next round!"

"You see, he will die in ten minutes if you do not help him."

From behind them, the boy sobbed, his face paling as he gasped for air.

The woman continued, "If he dies, you die!"

The camera then zoomed out, revealing scrawny woman, her naked body stapled completely to a wooden board.

"This is the boy's mother, and she is the only one who possesses the ability to save him. The only way she can save him is if you - the audience - help her..."

"That's right faithful viewers, and now it is your job to solve... the riddle."

"And the Riddle is this -"

"Meet me at the disco, because I am explosive. You will be my hostage in the beat... You haven't even noticed that I'm in your Cancer, what am I?"

"Alrighty ladies and gentlemen, there is your riddle."

The camera panned out to the confused people on the floor; they were clearly thinking.

"You will have three minutes on the clock to figure it out or both of these people die - time starts now."

Many people sighed, grunted, or started crying, but not a woman in the back.

A dark veil covered her face as her gaze drifted to the monitor. Everyone was still in a pool of confusion, but she refused to panic. A soft laughter came from her closed mouth, her lips upturning to a smirk. Slowly, the answer came soaring into her head. She tilted her head, looking to see if anyone else had figured it out. All around her people were groaning, some people were in deep thought, while others were still in shock.

The smiling man searched the crowd, his artificial voice sounding loudly, "It seems we have someone who may know the answer!"

The woman had a brief panic in her eyes, before she realized that all eyes were on her. Her eyes darted between the fake man and woman below, then to all the people around her.

Meekly she said, "Um... I think I know..."

"Well guess away Doll, there's only a small amount of time left on the clock."

"Well... it's from a Panic! song, right?"

"Mm, that's very good."

"It's- it's... N...Nitroglycerin?"

"Very good, young lady!"

Red lips parted and spoke, "But does anyone know where?"

A look of confusion fell over the young lady's face - as well as the many other faces in the crowd.

The woman with the red lips looked to the boy. Her lips upturned into a smirk as the camera view shifted to the boy then to the woman.

Eyes grew wide as she spoke again, "That is not a real boy. And not his mother. He is a robot filled with NITROGLYCERIN, while she is the door out.

The camera view shifted back to the girl in the audience as she spoke, "I-I don't understand."

Red lips upturned again, "This room will explode in one minute, unless you rip through this woman and open the door."

'Through the woman?"

"Through the woman, time starts NOW!"

Voices filled the room as a confused chatter came from the baffled crowd.

One muscular man broke through the crowd, towards the woman on the board who began to scream. Others watched, the confusion growing as something pierced through the muscular man's shoulder, causing him to stumble back from his feet. The two made for tv smiles were shining ever brighter.

"Oh yes, about that.."


Sheer panic stirred, as multiple people jumped from their feet, running toward the naked woman. Making disgusted faces they plunged their hands into the woman's stomach, whose screams were blood-curdling.

Shots fired through the air, knocking many of the people away from the woman. Everyone was on the floor, eyeing the door and eyeing what protruded from other bodies.


Old hands pulled a spear out of a body and began to carve the woman, whose screams were subsiding.

The only thing that flowed from her was the blood that surely filled the veins of any person. Panting, the man found the doorknob that had been in the woman's back. His fingers slipped across the handle as he attempted to grasp it - the door was locked.


The woman with red lipstick smiled, "It's a shame they got the wrong woman."

There were sounds of an explosion, and smoked fogged everyone's vision. A blood-curdling scream filled the air.

Red lips laughed, "Did you silly people honestly think that we would let ourselves get killed, just for TV?"

Comb-over leaned into Red lips, 'Well, obviously so, considering they killed an innocent woman."

She giggled and went on, "We'd love to stay and watch, but the timer really starts now; you have five minutes to figure this all out. "Muscle man flipped, 'this cannot real!"

TV smiles shined, before dropping through the floor and leaving everyone in confusion. The woman with the veil over her face gathered up her purse and things, squeezing past people within the crowd.

All of the tear-flooded eyes were on her.

"Stop her!" a man shouted, his finger pointing to her accusingly.

"POTATO- I mean, IT'S HER!" shouted a brunette lady.

"It is not - leave me be!" the woman squealed.

"GET HER!" came random shouts, as the bodies lurched towards her.

"Get off of me, you MORONS!"

The hands searched her body, searching for something...anything. A child below her bit hard upon her knee as she shuffled through the contents of her purse, "What the fuck?"

Eyes followed the hands, hungrily. A tampon fell from her hand, dropping onto the child's head. Hands lunged for the tampon, wondering of its secrets. A woman grabbed onto the tampon, instantly understanding what it was, before she threw it into the face of veil woman. Eyes followed the tampon flying through the air.


"POTATO!" came a call from the background.

Veil woman frantically attempted to shift their attention, "We only have a few moments to get out of here!"


Suddenly, veil woman dashed to the mutilated woman, trying her hardest to turn the handle of the door.


Her hands moved into the woman's stomach, attempting yet to pull open the door with both hands.


Veil woman let out an aggravated grunt as she turned to face the stupid female, 'WILL YOU SHUT UP?!"


Someone from the crowd shouted. "Hey, we've only got a minute left before we all die unless we get out!"

Bodies flew at the door as Potato woman was trampled with a final "POOOOOTATOOOOOO".

People began clawing their way through the mother's body, looking for some sort of key to unlock the door.


"Shut up and help us look for the key!"


"Where is the tampon?!"

Soon everyone was on the floor searching for the small piece of cotton. Someone shouted, "I found it!" A fury of hands reached for it, trying to dismantle the cotton. Something shiny fell to the floor.

Hands grabbed for the key and a disheveled looking businessman got it and ran towards the door. He fumbled with the key as cries of dismay were heard, 'Come on, open the damn door!" Finally he put it in and the wonderful sound of the door unlocking was heard. A cheering filled the room. The door was pushed open and everybody ran through the corpse of the woman, some having to really squeeze through the gore. After a good portion of the room had exited, veil woman's body exploded. Those who were free of the carnage continued to run towards wherever they were going, while burnt bodies were trampled; it was sweet pandemonium in this fight for survival. Veil woman's guts splattered everywhere, making the journey to the door a slippery one. Through screams and guts, the contestants made their way down a hallway and towards a room bathed in light and the scent of flowers began to penetrate the scent of death. The lighting was a bit blinding, causing them to squint, confusion passing over them once again.

Once their eyes adjusted, they realized that they were in a grand garden, and the TV smiles were a few feet ahead.

Red lips smiled her large, cheesy smile, 'It's good to see that at least a few of you made it past the first round..."

The camera circled around revealing eight people.

Each of them were stained with blood after passing through the bloodied doorway.

"And now you will be taken to your new homes!"

But only after you answer another riddle.

"What's black...and long?"

..."And can make you want to shout?"

The first guess was, "POTATO?!"

"I'm sorry, that's incorrect" Comb over pulled a handgun from his pocket, shooting the brunette woman through the center of her forehead. Or so he wished, but his fantasy was short lived when someone yelled the correct answer. Comb over looked to Red lips.

"A limousine!" had been the shout and there was a honk in the distance.

"Take a seat and they will take you to your new home - congratulations."