Because she's gorgeous and unique-

Not that stereotypical kind of beauty,

But one that's all her own.

She's not short, or curvy, or 'feminine'

in the sense that she's girly or chic.

She doesn't buy into the standards,

that tell her she's too pale, too awkward,

or that her hair's too short.

She seems so comfortable in her own skin.

At the same time, I have to admit

That I don't know what to make of her-

She's not forthcoming about herself, personally,

And I can see secrets in her expressions

that make me wonder who she is.

She gives hints at being opinionated-

A feminist, maybe, from the way she behaves

and the manner in which she respects herself.

Her musical tastes, I can't decipher-

Post-punkish, indie, psychedelic-

The way she dresses is simple,

Conservative, boyish and clean cut.

Clothes neither tight nor really loose,

Hanging over her tall, thin frame

As if to conceal instead of accentuate,

though self consciousness doesn't

really suit her. I admire her.