Early August

Pulling out her list, Morgan once again began to check off the items that were presently resting on her bed. "Toothbrush, check; books, check; straightener, check—"

"Querida, you have everything already."

Morgan glanced up from her list and glared at her boyfriend of almost a year. "Hector, this is important."

He rolled his eyes but continued to watch her antics through his mirth-filled green gaze. "You're moving thirty minutes south, I doubt you won't be able to come back and get something if you need it."

"This is college Hector, I want to be independent," she explained to him. The fact that they'd already had this conversation at least three times didn't seem to matter. She had gotten accepted into Boston College—her dream school—and she wanted to be completely self-sufficient.

Hector grinned at her. "I'll only be ten minutes from you at the most, will you be independent of me too?"

Luckily enough for the both of them, Hector had gotten into Northeastern, which was only ten minutes away from BC. Morgan had wanted him to get into the same school as her, but he had been put on the wait list for BC, and had been accepted into Northeastern instead, which wasn't bad if she thought about it. They would be relatively close to one another without being with each other all the time.

Putting her list down on her desk, Morgan went over to where Hector was sitting on the floor and plopped herself down onto his lap. "What do you think?" she asked coyly.

"I think that if your father wasn't home right now we wouldn't have all that stuff on your bed," he murmured and she couldn't fight the blush that attacked her cheeks.

Even though they had had done it a lot over the last few months, the mention of sex still managed make her embarrassed. On the other hand, Hector had no reservations about it. He was, to put it bluntly, uninhibited in bed.

Morgan leaned forward to kiss him on the lips. "You're nuts," she told him.

He nodded sagely. "Si, I am." He wrinkled his nose and then shifted underneath her. "Unfortunately, if you continue to sit like this on me, you'll be seeing my 'nuts' in less than five seconds."

Squeaking, she jumped up off of him, and reached for her list again. "You have a dirty mind," she said. "You need to get it out of the gutter now and then."

Her boyfriend only laughed. "It does."

"When?" she demanded.

"Cuando come," he told her.

Rolling her eyes, Morgan chuckled at him. "Okay, let me rephrase: You need to get your mind out of the gutter more than just when you're eating or with me."

"Impossible," he returned with a wink.

Morgan grinned at him. As cliché as it might seem, she didn't think she would have lasted the entire year without him. While they weren't always together (they did hang out with their separate friends now and then) they chose to be with each other more often than not.

He had brightened up what might have been a depressing year—what with her parents' divorce and what not.

She still hadn't really talked to her mom since that incident in the beginning of the year at PATT's. Mr. Kendrick had forced her to call for Christmas, her mother's birthday in March and Easter, but other than that she hadn't made any effort to contact her.

And to be truthful about it, Mrs. Kendrick hadn't really seemed to mind either. One day, when Morgan had gone out with Hector to Olive Garden for dinner, she had seen her mom there with some guy. They hadn't been able to ignore them, for as luck would have it the waiter put them in the booth beside where she and Hector sat. Morgan had taken the upper-hand of the situation, refusing to cower simply because she had been stunned at the difference of the mother she had known for seventeen years of her life.

Mrs. Kendrick had been wearing a short skirt (definitely shorter than she, herself had ever worn), a black halter top with pumps that had heels as tall as Mt. Everest. Okay, so not that high, but her own heels had been puny next to her mother's. Her date looked to be in his late twenties or early thirties, at least ten years her mother's junior.

Morgan had said hello, knowing her father would have been proud of her. Mrs. Kendrick turned to look at her only daughter—child—and looked as if she might throw up. "Oh, hello dear," her mother had said, "Didn't see you there." After that, introductions had been made but Morgan had still felt the cut at her mother's words. They had made direct eye contact, how could she have missed her? Hector had reached across the table and grabbed her hand, lending her support. Another minute, and conversation had ceased between the two tables.

Morgan hadn't seen her since.

She couldn't deny that it hurt that she could be so easily overlooked, but at the same time, she felt so lucky to be with her father. Life with Mr. Kendrick had been amazing—she was so glad that he was her father.

"Do you think my dad will be okay while I'm away at college?" she asked Hector abruptly.

He smiled gently at her. "Querida, he loves you. And he's already informed me that he plans on coming down every weekend for dinner with us. He'll be perfectly fine."

She nodded. "Good, I don't want to worry about him."

"I don't believe you'll have to," he said.

Hector watched his novia with something that bordered on the next level after love.

He still couldn't believe his good fortune. Though the year had proved to be something out of a soap opera with their friends, everything had turned out well in the end. He could safely say that he and Morgan would probably be living in an apartment with each other, either their sophomore or junior year in college.

He grinned at the thought of being able to be with her all the time.

"I'm glad that I moved here from Spain."

Morgan glanced up at him. "What?"

"It's true," he told her. "When I first got here last year, I hated it. I remember meeting you in Mr. Anderson's class. I didn't regret the move so much after that."

She smiled shyly at that. "I hope you don't, that was probably the life changing day for us."

Hector laughed at that. "I'm not thinking 'life changing', querida, nothing so dramatic. I'm just..." He paused. "I love you."

Morgan grinned. "I knew that," she said.

He looked at her with a seriousness she wasn't used to. "I really do, Morg. I-I was hoping...thinking, that maybe after this year if everything goes well—"

"It will," she assured him.

"That you might want to move in together," he finished in a rush. "It's just an idea of course, but maybe...and I know it's a whole year from now but—"

Lips cut his rambling short.

Morgan pulled back. "I love you."

And that was all she really needed to say.

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