I didn't know it was going to end up like this, I really didn't. How was I to know that saying "yes" and smoking a bowl of weed would lead to this?

What, might you ask, is "this"? Me. In bed. With my brother.

NO! Than sounded way bad. We're just sleeping. He's only in bed with me to make sure I don't sneak out of the house. Why would I sneak out of the house, you ask. To get high. Not that I want to. But… heroin has a way of growing on you. I guess you could call it an addiction.

But that word just sounds so… official. I'd like to think of it as a phase. Which is why I've decided to get out of the house. And go see my dealer. His name is Darek, he's a senior at my school, and he's hot. He's actually really nice too. My brother's obviously don't approve of him. But they never approve of anyone, they're a little over protective. All five of them. Yes, you heard—or rather read—right, five! I have five freaking brothers, and one of them is at the moment laying in my bed. Without me, since I'm kind of slipping out the window. But let me tell you, he's cute when he sleeps. He almost looks like he's seven, rather than seventeen.

I'm lucky I live in a one story house. It's one of the perks of being poor. Since my dad has the worst paying job with the worst hours. He's got work from 5 pm to 6 am, and that works out perfectly for me and my little "phase".

I was doing really good with the whole sneaking out thing, but then, right as I step my foot onto the ground—

"Erin" Shit. It was Andy. My brother, the one who I thought was still asleep in my bed. But not, he was wide awake, sitting up… In my bed.

Instead of staying and facing his bright red face yelling at me, I ran. I couldn't wait to get to Darek's apartment and get some heroin. I couldn't wait to get high. I couldn't wait to get out of my freaking neighborhood, away from my brothers.

I ran and ran until suddenly, I wasn't running. I was in someone's arms, my face in their chest, and my feet weren't even on the ground anymore.

I struggled. You can't even believe how hard I struggled. But he was too strong. Not surprising. I'm not small, but I'm definitely not strong. I'm too lanky; being 5'9 and 140 lbs will do that to you.

When I finally stopped struggling, I just sat there. Well obviously I wasn't sitting, I was more hanging. It was kind of awkward, actually.

"So," he said slowly. I finally decided to look up at him. Once I realized who he was I gasped. "Where exactly were you going?"

"I, um," I stammered. "I was kind of—"

"Erin!" I heard from behind me. It was Andy. Ah… Saved by the bell.

"Come on," he grabbed my wrist and lead me towards the house. "Thanks for grabbing her, Danny!" He yelled over his shoulder.

"No problem!" Danny shouted back. "Tell me how she's doing. You should probably check her into a rehab vicinity or something like that."

I growled under my breath. Stupid Danny and his stupid perfectness.

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