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Okay, I'll admit it, I'm a dork. I posted chapters two and three, and then deleted them because I didn't like them. Whatever, what's done is done, so yeah. I'm stupid, sue me.

"God Erin!" My other brother—the oldest one—yelled at me. "I can't believe you! We're trying to help you!" I rolled my eyes, like I haven't heard that one before. "Don't roll your eyes at me, you're lucky I don't tell dad!"

I wasn't afraid, I knew he wouldn't. Then he'd get in trouble from keeping it from Dad for so long. Haha, sucker. "Okay, sorry, won't happen again," I mumbled, hopping down from the counter. We were in the kitchen since that's where Andy hauled me in before calling Robert. He doesn't live with us, so he was a little peeved to say the least, that he had to come to our house.

"Andy, go get Carson"—my other brother, he's 19—"to watch her. I need to talk to you." I only felt a little bad for getting Andy in trouble. I was more mad that I didn't make it to Darek's apartment. He always gets me out of my crappy moods—or maybe that's just the drugs?

Now, don't think I'm some total druggie for no reason; that's totally not the case. It's when my mom died that I started smoking weed, and that lead to 'shrooms, and then cocaine and so on. It just felt so good to get high. I forgot all about my problems, and it seemed like my mom never even existed. Danny wasn't so happy about it; he was my best friend since I was 9. We were practically joined at the hip, he didn't even mind being picked on for hanging out with a girl.

But then it all changed when my mom died. I was only 14 so it was really hard. He tried to comfort me, but I thought the drugs worked better.

I was wrong.

Now I really regret it all; they didn't stop the pain, just prolonged the inevitable. Finally it dawned on me that my mom was dead; ironically enough it was a drug overdose. I never even knew she did drugs.

By the time I realized there was no real use for the drugs, I was hooked. I couldn't stop even if I tried. Danny tried to help me—still does—but it doesn't help. I knew eventually I'd get to Darek's and get some heroin. Even if I didn't have any money, he always seemed to like me.

I walked slowly to my room, thinking of another chance to escape. Carson was a much deeper sleeper than Andy, and for that I was grateful.

Once I was sure he was asleep I slowly removed the plain-white covers. Making sure I was quiet—our house is kind of squeaky—I moved over to the window. It was my favorite window because it's permanently opened.

By then I was already pretty skilled at the whole sneaking out of windows thing, so I—very stealthily, if I do say so myself—made my exit.

Right after making contact with the ground, I ran. Darek's house was only a couple blocks away, so it wouldn't be too hard, I was sure. But right when I crossed the street to the second block my arm was caught by someone. Not the best thing when you live in a bad part of town and are wearing booty short pajamas.

"Where're you runnin' off to, babe?" The man said in a raspy voice. I turned to look at him and nearly squeaked. He was huge, and not very nice looking at all.

"Um, to a friends house?" I didn't mean for it to be a question. It was stupid of me; giving him a chance to say, "no, you're not".

And that's exactly what he said.

"Yeah, I was!" My fear was slowly edging away, replaced by boldness. "I was going to a friends house," I repeated, stepping on his foot. Sure, I was barefoot, but I'm not very light, so I'm sure it hurt. Especially when he yelped out in pain, giving me a chance to run for it. Which I took. The chance, I mean. I took the chance.

After one more block of running I made it to Darek's, almost positive Creepy Guy wasn't following me. Shit. He was.

I banged on Darek's door about a million times before he opened it. I quickly pushed past him and was greeted by his dog, Pups. Original, huh?

"Erin, what the—" He was cut off by Creepy Guy banging on the door. He made his way to answer it but me, being oh so smart, grabbed his arm.

"He's mad at me, don't answer it!" Darek shrugged and walked into his kitchen. Only then did I notice his attire: boxers. Can you say yum?

"What did you want?" He asked.

"Heroin," I stated simply. He raised his brow. "Okay, I don't have any money but you've got to give me some! You don't know the trouble it took me to get here!" I told him my story about sneaking out, Danny catching me, Carson being in charge while Andy got yelled at, and then running off again.

"Danny? Danny Sellars?" I nodded my head. "That's my brother." My jaw dropped.

"No way!" He nodded his head. "How come I never saw you when we were kids?"

"I lived with our dad," he shrugged. "So… You don't have any money but you want drugs…" I nodded my head. "You'll have to give me something in return."

I already knew what he was hinting towards. Advancing towards him I whispered seductively as I could, "What did you have in mind?"

He grinned before closing the gap between us, smashing his lips onto mine. He was forceful and it hurt like hell, but I was going to get my heroin.

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