Faces of Friendship

No matter what anyone might say,
EVERYONE needs a friend.

I'm lucky.
I've got many.

"You're not just searching for nothing, usually." TG
"You're scary. But we love you because of it." CC to BC
"Everyone. BE QUIET!" TB
"If you don't stich up for yourself, no one will." TB to NT

"I will. I'll throw a pumpkin at them." CC in reply

"No one came with me!" NT

They're not perfect, and they don't
expect perfection. Sometimes, you can
tell who your friends are by what
they say.

"I should be crowned." LC
"YAY! Adrien Brody! Heart!" ST
"I have ADD. I'm convinced." TB
"Wait! Hold on! I have a question!" JC
"You can only laugh if you did better than I did." LC

There will be arguments. There will be teasing. There will be laughter and tears.
There are differences and similarities.
Most of all though, there is the comfort
and reassurance that you have people with
many different faces who, though maybe not always,
understand who you are.

"What? Did we all fail?" LC
"I think she will be mad, but who cares?" JS
"Give me my shoe. Shoe. Shoe. Shoe." TB
"Shhh." BC
"I work HARD, but I get distracted." TG
"I love that book!" JS
"Blah." ST
"I don't even have that much work to do. I just don't want to do it." LC
"You can throw the sunflower seed for it and have it go fetch it!" LP on a butterfly
"Will you help me?" JS
"Go back to your little hole with a sign that says 'Do Not Disturb'. That's what my sister would say to me. CC
"I have the picture!" ST
"So we can do each other's opposite pages." NT to JS about some homework worksheets

They are your friends.

Written By EA

A/N: Something I wrote at the beginning of the year. And yes, those are real quotes that my friends said and that I just wrote down one day for fun. Their initials are next to their quote.

Dedicated to the super awesome Sophomore GirlGroup. Even if we don't hang out as a large group any more, we'll always have the memories of the sunny school days at the beginning of the year where a big bunch of us would sit outside by the tree and just hang out. (And sorry if there are some of you who don't have any quotes. Of course you're included anyway.)