-who is? who is?-

a killer, gorgeous and lovely

who is

a boy so gorgeous

with such precious of a smile

that could stop breathing

and all train of thought

epiphanies vanish

and unspoken words crawl back down

into the dimness of the vocal chords

that can't even make out a small, "Hello."

who is

a boy so lovely

with such delicate eyes

that could make me question

if I even returned those darling smiles

or not?

who is, who is

a boy

a killer, gorgeous and lovely

that could murder the glum

the gloom, the sadness

that has plagued my veins

and crawled itself,

cozy and warm

into my bleeding heart

smiles are inspired

and the aftermaths of a moment spent

with a smile

and a pair of eyes

rush forward, straight to the lips

that cannot contain back a grin

even if they think I'm crazy

and I, I'm not


who can be

a boy so beautiful

I have to watch him?

A/N: Guess who? This boy is so enchanting; he's stolen my senses away. Who is? Who is?