Tell Me Why By SweetEvil

Why are you up there?
Fly away, fly away.
Why do you sing to me?
Go away, go away.
Always there, you are.
Tell me why, tell me why.

When I turn around,
there you are again.
If I run away,
you're in front of me.
As I try to escape from you,
I'm always in your arms.

Where are you hiding now?
Stay away, stay away.
Is that you I feel reaching for me?
Tell me now, tell me now.
I feel your eyes on me.
Close them please, close them please.

I feel something emanating from you,
some foreign emotion.
I try to run,
but you're holding me close.
I open my mouth to scream,
and find that I sigh instead.

What's this thing you make me feel?
Back away, back away.
Is that fear that you cause me?
Say it now, say it now.
My heart, it flutters for you.
Tell me please, tell me please.

When I tell you that I hate you,
you whisper, it is love.
If I tell you it scares me,
you hold me tight.
As I search my heart so deep,
it dreams of you.

Why am I up here with you?
Let us fly, let us fly.
Why was I so scared of love?
Tell me why, tell me why.
I feel your hands so tender on me,
Hold me tight, hold me tight.

Okay, well, the people to whom I showed this poem were confused by it and had to ask me what it meant. So, in order to see if I'm really as confusing as they think I am, I decided to upload it here and ask your opinions. So, I implore you to let me know what you think of this. It's one of my very few poems that is not dark or depressing. Or maybe I'm totally off and it's the most hideous thing I've ever written... Geez, I certainly hope not! Argh! I wish they didn't have to do away with hit counting.. I'll never know if anyone even looks at this! Ahem. As always, feel free to email me if you do not want to leave a review at sweetevyl . Thanks!