Life and fear parallel once again,

Ready for the darkness to begin.

High enough for you too see,

How it died and is now a part of me.

Shadows in the night begin to kindle,

The illusion of a nightmare,

Binding and blinding,

Our bodies quiver and tremble.

Obscure visions between dreams,

Fear rips through into reality, it seems.

Life begins to shiver in the ice,

Fear grasps it within its vice.

Fading into oblivion,

I'm begging, help me break free.

This prison traps my thoughts and dreams,

Clutched within fear for no one to see.

These clouds above cut the light,

The day becomes night.

How could this happen, all this hate and pain?

You've trapped us all with your domestic reign.

I can't escape it,

This box you've caught me in, mysterious,

This rising claustrophobia,

Is making me delirious.

Please help me I need to escape,

Before this delirium takes me to my fate,

Help me as I drop to my knees,

Begging you to stop my insanity.

My head spins into nothingness,

My sanity drowns in self-centered fear.

I foresee that it's too late,

The psychotic visions deep inside your mind.

You've crossed between dream and reality,

You've stepped over the line.

This transparent life I had,

Satisfies your impulsive designs.

So start digging with your shovel of death,

Just allow me to take in one final breath.

I see your smile for you have exceeded your goal,

Please do me this final favor,

And bury this dying soul.